Favorite Stores, Unanswered Prayers, Halloween and Supernatural: Friendly Fill-Ins for Friday Fun

It’s time once again for some Friday fill-in , the perfect way to wrap up the week and kick off the weekend! 

From Ann of McGuffy’s Reader:

“The are four fun and easy statements to complete. Ellen of 15andmeowing provides the first two statements and the final two are offered by myself. We try to make sure they will be fun to both answer and share. On Friday, the linky will be posted at or about 12:00 AM. Please come back, link up, and share your thoughts!”

And away we go! Here are this week’s statements with my fill-ins:

Week 22: October 7, 2016

1. My favorite store is… Hmmmm….there are so many favorites for so many reasons, like Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, JoAnn’s Fabrics, and all other stores that make me lose track of time when I’m perusing their aisles to either find what I’m looking for to do specific crafty projects, or simply to get inspiration on what to be crafty with.

I also have to say that is a favorite, too. I’m not sure what it is about that store, but every time I go in there, I end up buying a cart full of cool stuff. I have a feeling it’s something about that logo – it mesmerizes you and messes with your practical brain waves so you buy more stuff.

But you gotta love a store who painted their cement balls into balls:


2. An unanswered prayer I am thankful for is… I’m not quite sure how to answer this, so I’m going to answer it in the form of a song:

Annnnd, you’re welcome.

3. At , I… hang out at the house handing out lots of candy to the deluge of kids while the hubby walks our kids around the neighborhood to get their own stash of candy. I don’t know about you, but I’m probably as disappointed as the neighborhood kids are when I run out of candy. I better get lots of extras this year. Especially since has decided she’s going to wear the Corgi head I made for her Halloween excursion last year to help hand out candy:


4. I try to avoid the supernatural, because I don’t want my sleep interrupted at night by weird dreams, and I’d really rather no ghosts follow me around.

Unless it’s Casper. Because he’s friendly.


That’s a wrap! Hope you join in the fun! Check out the other Friendly Fill-Ins participants and join in if you feel the urge for some fun!



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6 thoughts on “Favorite Stores, Unanswered Prayers, Halloween and Supernatural: Friendly Fill-Ins for Friday Fun

  1. Thank you for participating in the fill-ins, great answers. I love all those stores too. The Target near us didn’t paint their red balls- that is really cool. I love the costume- you are talented. Have a nice weekend.

  2. There are very few ghosts that I would want to have following me around. Those that I would want around me, I would feel sad for, though, because it would mean they were not at peace. I would dearly love to see my grandmothers and daddy again, but the time will come for that some day.

    That is probably one of my favorite of Garth Brooks’ songs. 🙂

    Have a great weekend!