First (Kiddie) Roller Coaster Ride – Team Nagger or Team Little Dude?

A couple of weeks ago we went to my dad’s company picnic at a cool place called Remlinger Farms, Northeast of . The were extra excited, especially since they heard there was a for them to ride on.

As they were standing in line awaiting their turn, both were talking about how excited they were to go on this roller coaster. The hubby and I decided to let them go without adult supervision – mostly because the hubby really doesn’t like roller coasters (I’m pretty sure his fear of heights has something to do with that, although the diminutive size of this particular roller coaster might not have been an issue).

I was going to ride with the kids, but since since that left an odd man out, I suggested they ride together – it would, after all, be both of their first time, and I would have a chance to take pictures to commemorate the occasion.

reluctantly agreed – you know, being stuck in a car with and boy germs and all.

After we escorted them to the gate, the hubby and I hurried back through the crowd to find a good vantage point for picture taking. I found a great spot to catch them on two different sections fairly clearly. First time around, here they come:


Look at Little Dude’s face, though:




And so it continued… second time around:

Third time around:RollercoasterFun6RollercoasterFun6aRollercoasterFun7RollercoasterFun7a

Fourth time around:RollercoasterFun8RollercoasterFun8aRollercoasterFun9RollercoasterFun9aRollercoasterFun10RollercoasterFun10a

Final lap:RollercoasterFun11RollercoasterFun11aRollercoasterFun12RollercoasterFun12a

I couldn’t stop giggling at the look on his face, especially with Princess Nagger’s expressions being polar opposite. Once the ride finally came to an end, we met them at the exit:

Princess Nagger (bursting with excitement): “That was awesome!!”

Me: “Was it worth the wait?”

PN: “Yes!!”

Me (to Little Dude): “So, how’d you like your first roller coaster ride?”

Little Dude: “Hated  it!!”

I suspect he won’t be going on any roller coaster in the near future, no matter how small the ride actually is. Princess Nagger, on the other hand, can’t wait to move up to the larger ones.

Are you Team Nagger (love roller coasters) or Team Little Dude (hate ’em!)? 



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10 thoughts on “First (Kiddie) Roller Coaster Ride – Team Nagger or Team Little Dude?

  1. I know precisely how Little Dude feels. The very first time on a roller coaster I was an inch from fainting dead after getting off. How on earth did I get talked into getting on such a contraption? Oh yeah, my uncle egged me on to do it! HE said I would love it. What did he know? I’m a big scaredy Cathy! I did brave a few other incidents with roller coasters after that, but thrill seeking just doesn’t rank very high with me. These days I keep my feet on solid ground. Great photos! Happy #WW, Stacy!

  2. Turbo loves roller coasters and high intensity rides. Bruiser hasn’t had the opportunity to go on one yet, but I have the feeling his opinion will match Little Dude’s.

  3. I have to say, the kiddie roller coaster is more my speed than the full size ones! However, as I’m a full size person of a robust build, I don’t think I’d fit!

  4. Oh I think PN has the bug! 🙂 Little Dude, i’m so with you! I once waiting in a line up walked right through the cart to the stairs leadinng “out!” of the ride.

  5. I use to love roller coasters and I probably screamed the loudest. Since I was diagnosed with my back problems I cannot go on them anymore, but my husband does he loves them. They’re in his blood, and when I see his face when he comes off them I feel like I was riding too. He’s such a big kid. Him & Princess N. would have a blast!!! LOL I’m sure Lil’ Dude will try again when he gets bigger. Thanks for sharing such wonderful pics… Poor lil’ guy! Give him a hug for me too! Thanks for stopping by… oh and I fixed your button. it wasn’t working, but it is now! 🙂