Silly Bunny Sunglasses, Fried Snowman Head, (Kevin) Bacon Love: RTT Rebel

Whoa.   Today’s the last Tuesday of April?  How’d that happen so fast? That ‘pause’ button would be a handy thing to have, if I could ever find it.

For that matter, getting the rest of the moving boxes unpacked so I could find all the missing parts and pieces of my life would be kind of handy. Ahem.

Yes, I’m still slowly getting boxes unpacked, but lost my momentum when came down with Pink Eye followed by my week-long suffrage of Pink Eye followed by ’s Spring Break followed by Little Dude and the hubby’s Spring Break – modus interruptus was in full force.

And yes, I realize I’ve finagled ‘modus operandi’ into my own terminology, but let’s go with it, shall we?

The Easter Bunny left Little Dude bunny sunglasses in his Easter basket – he decided he needed to wear them  to school yesterday:


The most hilarious part of all was watching him walk into his school yesterday with them on – he kept turning around as he went up the walk and waving to Princess Nagger and me… it was all we could do not to burst out laughing because he looked simultaneously adorable and dorky.

I told him to make sure he’s wearing them in the pick-up line after school while he waits for the hubby to pick him up – happily, he did.

Speaking of happy…  Since Saturday mornings are the least rushed, I usually make a big breakfast for all of us – good thing I bought a giant pan so I could cook all the eggs at the same time:


You’ll notice the front of the pan is absent of egg yolks while the back of the pan is full of them – Princess Nagger prefers to just eat egg whites (more power to her!) so I put the egg yolks from hers with the eggs for the hubby and Little Dude so they get extra (since they can ‘afford’ the extras). It’s a little tricky flipping them, but I manage and everyone’s happy.

Now all that picture needs is a smile on the bottom of the eggs… Wait, if you flip the picture upside down, you get that smile:


Kind of looks like I was frying up a snowman’s head, doesn’t it?  Creepy!

I forgot to share this when it happened, but better late than never, I say. Kevin Bacon was a guest on the Tonight Show last month, and his entrance was hilarious:

I love Kevin Bacon.  Princess Nagger loves bacon, so she loves Kevin Bacon by default, simply because of his last name – that, and she loves saying “I love bacon!!”


That’s a wrap for this week – you know the drill, link up and join in the , everyone is welcome – or not. Be sure to visit your fellow randomizers so they don’t feel so lonely.



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After 20+ years in the Corporate World and years of infertility, Stacy was surprised when Princess Nagger made her miraculous appearance - deciding to forgo the career and stay home was a no-brainer. As if her hands weren't full enough, 8 years later she and her husband added Little Dude through adoption, adding a whole new dimension (of crazy) to their family and even more sleepless nights. When she’s not refereeing kids, dogs and cats, she loves to write, hence the reason she decided to start her little blog, and because she never got a baby book to mark milestones, this was the next best thing. She also enjoys doing reviews and giveaways for products she or her family would willingly use and can stand behind. She loves to cook and try new techniques to turn ordinary into extraordinary. Crafty by nature, she takes on a lot of unique projects and enjoy seeing the end result. Her favorite, of course, is making her award winning wine out of fruits and grapes. Experiments with water currently underway.
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7 thoughts on “Silly Bunny Sunglasses, Fried Snowman Head, (Kevin) Bacon Love: RTT Rebel

  1. I thought the smiley face eggs were cute, until you said the snowman head frying thing. Now I’ve changed my opinion, haha

    The bunny face, def. cute! 🙂

  2. Little Dude is the cutest! I think you have the most adorable kids… and I love how they are so comfortable with themselves…

  3. Little Dude looks cute in those sunglasses. Why don’t you separate the whites from the yoke for PN? I like both parts of the egg. Oh that’s a good video with Kevin Bacon. He has a good sense of humor. I like the taste of bacon, but I don’t like what it does to the body. That being said, it’s rare I have bacon in the house.

  4. Bacon is a big hit in our house. Kevin Bacon less so, but still appreciated. Those glasses are something Bruiser would wear to school in a heartbeat.

  5. Love those eggs! I can never ever get my eggs to work frying more than one at a time. I’m odd. I do though make scrambled flat as my boys say. The Bacon was cute but well everyone is aging. Why can’t the stars stay the same age?

  6. I love those bunny glasses they are so adorable!

    Unpacking is probably a little difficult with everyone around. I know I never get anything done unless I’m alone and then only if something shiny doesn’t distract me. Not being alone was a big reason I didn’t get Random this week. J-Man was sent home sick on my day off then didn’t go back until today.