Affordable Holiday Shopping at OshKosh B’Gosh – plus a 25% off Coupon! (#OshKoshBgosh #MC #sponsored)


I’ve always loved OshKosh B’gosh – not just because the name of the store is fun to say (I mean c’mon – say OshKosh B’gosh three times and I dare you not to giggle!), but because their clothing lasts through kids’ roughhousing ways! 

For some reason I always associated OshKosh B’gosh with strictly infant and toddler clothes, but they have sizes up to 12 years old, which makes this mama happy, since that means that Princess Nagger can still be stylin’ with OshKosh for at least a couple more years. 

Not only are their clothes stylin’ and long lasting, but they always have such great prices and there always seems to be a great sale going on.  I was blessed with a $100 gift card to go crazy thanks to Mom Central, so off we went to see what we could acquire for both kids.  Of course Princess Nagger couldn’t resist trying on a fun mask (and begged me to buy it, but I was on a mission for clothing):


Little Dude didn’t care to look at clothes, he was more interested in trying to find a mirror to admire himself in when he discovered they had a Lego table set up in the middle of the store to play with:


Since Princess Nagger is old enough to pick out her own style, I let her choose her favorites:


Of course the kitty shirt was a must, for good reason:


She had her eye on a pair of boots, but we decided to save those for a future trip, since I wanted to make sure we had enough to buy Little Dude some new duds, too. 

Since we’ll be paying a visit to the jolly red-suited dude in the coming weeks for pictures, I wanted to make sure Little Dude had something dressy-ish to wear for the event:


I think the plaid shirt and red fleece-lined jeans will be for his visit with Old St. Nick, don’t you?  He absolutely loved the Christmas Tree shirt (as he called it):


My mental math was way off, since the addition in my head put us over the $100 limit – except that because of the awesome sales they had going on, I ended up only spending $77.85 – and I didn’t even use the 25% off coupon I could have, because I forgot to print it out and bring it with me (and by the way, you can print it out and use it, too). 

On top of that, I also earned $10.00 in B’gosh Awards that I can use on my next purchase of anything $10.00 and over – even if that purchase is only $10.00.  So you can bet I’ll be going back to use that, plus the $.15 balance of the gift card, and this time I’ll be sure to print out the coupon to make the savings even better!  I love OshKosh B’gosh!

I think I’ll be sneaking back when the kids are in school and picking up their annual Jammies that’s a tradition for them to open on Christmas Eve.  I’ve got my eye on this for Princess Nagger:


Of course the robe is a must because it has ears, and you’ll note that the mask might look familiar.  Little Dude would love these monster jammies:


They would suit him perfectly, and I like that they’re versatile with both a short sleeve and long sleeve option.  I am so looking forward to my return trip – and all the subsequent ones that will be sure to follow!  Be sure to utilize the 25% Coupon (and don’t forget like I did):


You can click on the coupon image to download for printing – it’s good for in store or online purchases until December 31st!  

As you do your holiday shopping, I recommend shopping at OshKosh B’gosh to see their wide selection of clothes for boys and girls size newborn to 12.  If you don’t have a store near you, you can always shop online at  

Feel free to follow them on Facebook for more ideas and discounts, or stalk – I mean follow – them on Twitter or Instagram.

Do you shop at OshKosh B’gosh?





Note: I participated in an Influencer Program on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for OshKosh B’gosh.  I received a gift card to facilitate my shopping trip and to thank me for participating.  As usual, all opinions are my own and not influenced by outside sources.  See my disclosure policy here.

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