The Crazy Old Man

I’m sure some of you regulars are wondering what I’ve been up to since I’ve been away from my computer a lot more than in front of it.  In spite of the fact that my dad had a very serious stroke three years ago, and last year ended up with water on the brain and brain surgery, he’s still as stubborn as can be and isn’t letting the fact he doesn’t have 100% mobility slow him down. 

Case in point – he created his own fire pit in his back yard in MacGyver style, digging a hole and using half of a cement sphere (or it might be some sort of iron or steel) he got from a guy to create the ‘bowl’ area, then added rocks around the edge to keep any fire in the pit contained.  Since he made it much larger than a regular fire pit, he needed to get some sort of grill that would fit – so an old semi truck radiator grill was the perfect solution.

Except my parents have to move that grill thingy every time they want to burn something in the fire pit, so my dad decided he needed to cut it in half to make it more manageable for the two of them.  In order to cut it, he needed to bring it from the backyard to the front of the house where his blow torch is housed in one of the garages, so naturally moving it with his old tractor that he’s converted the scoop into a forklift seemed like a bright idea.  To him.  

Of course there’s a couple of non-working vehicles in the way of the big gate exiting the backyard, so a little creative maneuvering was in order:


This is what his old tractor looks like:


And this is the grill he needed to cut:


The hubby and I were a bit concerned when my dad was walking around inside the garage with the flame lit looking for something:


Thankfully he didn’t set the garage or its contents on fire, and got to work cutting the grill thingy:


Once he finished cutting it in half, he drove the two pieces back to the back yard and we put them to the test by having a burn pile, including this old glider swing that had seen better days and my mom wanted it gone off their deck.  Seemed fitting to turn it into a hot seat:


The mission was successful, the house or garage didn’t end up on fire, and the eye sore was burned to ashes, so it’s all good.  Life can certainly be entertaining when you’re in limbo waiting for one house to sell so you can buy another – especially when you happen to have a Crazy Old Man.  I’m just sayin’.

Thank you from the bottom of my for not abandoning me while I’m unable to make the visits I so want to do – it’ll happen at some point, but it might not be until we’re finally in our own place with our own internet connection and not all inhabiting the same room that gives no chance of quiet surfing time.  At least it’s only temporary!!



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12 thoughts on “The Crazy Old Man

  1. Oh man. Sounds like quite the project and your dad sounds like quite the character. Good luck with the house situation. Hope you get into a place of your own asap!!

  2. Ha!!! Reminds me a bit of my father-in-law who still mowed his property using the tractor and gang mowers even when a stroke weakened one of his arms. Sometimes it’s best to avert your eyes. LOL.

  3. Okay, that is absolutely the most enormous fire pit I’ve ever seen.

    I have a crazy man in the house too – keeping a fire extinguisher on hand at all times is a must.

  4. Sounds like a solution Nick’s dad would have come up with in the same situation. Yes, we deal with crazy all. the. time. So much so that crazy is sort of looking normal. Scary thought, that.

  5. Just don’t know why I try anymore to get my stupid pic up there – it hates me. So does my computer! It’s now in the Computer hospital. Yes, working off my laptop, but I’d much rather have my tower back. There’s gremlins in there, and they invited all their relatives too this time, and probably some friends & neighbors. Yep, pretty bad this time for sure. I just hope I didn’t put any in this silly laptop…. no no I didn’t mean silly… I meant nice lap top… nice, very nice! Sometimes ya just gotta do what you gotta do. Glad it turned out okay for your Dad too, and all is well that ends well!