Pond Star


Muscle-headed Link spends a majority of his time in the Summer House.  But now that spring has sprung, he likes to spend his days out by the pond, trying to catch fish or frogs.  He hasn’t caught any fish, but he has snagged a couple of frogs during his outdoor excursions. 

He’s created a little pocket in the plants surrounding the pond and spends his time just basking in the sun and waiting for his chance at snagging any wildlife that might cross his path. 

Ignore the excessive weeds and the new pond filter the hubby had set up but not buried as of yet (the weeds have since been removed, and the new pond filter buried and working wonderfully to make the pond crystal clear):


If you look towards the center of the shot, you can sort of see Link laying in his protective ‘pocket’.  Here, let’s move in closer:


Sometimes I think Link thinks he’s a dog – whenever either the hubby or I are working out in the backyard and Link happens to be out with us, he follows us around like a puppy, periodically meowing at us for attention.  Which he gets, of course.

Do you have any dorky pets?



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28 thoughts on “Pond Star

  1. Does an assortment of stuffed critters and a pair of Uglyworms count as “dorky pets”?

    Happy WW!

  2. we have two gerbils. I think they actually are little personifications of my children. They act exactly like them – and NOT like gerbils! it’s crazy! 🙂

  3. You’ve got the same annoying spiky weed that I have. They drive me nuts. Your garden still looks wonderful, as usual. I did have a kitty who loved to sit in the garden. There is now a cat sculpture there in her memory. Have a great Wednesday!

  4. I recorded the new show and I’m really looking forward to watching.
    Your photos and your cat are adorable.
    My dogs are pretty dorky and quite annoying. I love them to pieces any way.
    Happy Wednesday!

  5. Boy he’s a good looking cat. Your garden is also very nice. Thanks for hosting this Wordless Wednesday.

  6. Well now, I love your cat Linky, he is great and I would love to have him share his photo on my cats page Cats Cats Cats Then join me in the WW too!!

    Our cat gets out attention as well, I spend alot of time taking him outside, he has just found our tree and loves to explore!! Hope you can stop by!

  7. Link is such a silly cat! 🙂 Love the captions.
    My bird Poko is a real dork too. I’m pretty sure he thinks he’s human sometimes.

  8. I love it! I am a huge cat fan to and do the same though they don’t have bubbles over their head and they sounds more like my voice when talking. lol

  9. Happy Friday my friend, and have a great weekend! Where you at? Oh, bet your packin’! Well, don’t forget to take a break now & then!!!

  10. Why go through all the trouble of setting up a pond?Cats are afraid of water.Just set up a gold fish bowl,for it to stare at.