Farewell to Friday for a Temporary Hiatus

This week sure flew by fast, didn’t it?  I’m sure it has something to do with officially being on Summer Break, the hubby’s whackadoodle schedule, and me trying to figure out where in the heck to start the massive purge and pack I have looming before me before our move this summer.

It’s a madhouse around here, I tellya.

To that end, this will be the last Friday post I’ll be doing for a while – you regulars know that I usually post Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, along with the occasional weekend review/giveaway – something has to give since I can’t be spending all my time parked in front of my computer when I have so much stuff to take care of before our big move. 

I’ll still be posting Mon/Tues/Wed – since I co-host Monday’s Music Moves Me, host Rebel, and have a weekly linky for Wordless/Wordful Wednesday, I’ll keep those going through the madness all summer long (which will also help my sanity levels).

But I have to give up at least one other day so I can focus on the cleaning/purging/ craziness, hence Friday getting the temporary ax.  And there may be a few times I’ll be phoning it in on the other days, but please bear with me and not to worry, it’ll only be temporary. 

Once we get out West, all bets are off and I’ll be back harassing you regularly, I promise.

This is undoubtedly how I’ll be spending any and all free time:


Hopefully it will be followed by moments like this:


Meanwhile, I thought I’d leave you with this funny video of ‘Cat Boarding’ – it’s not what I expected and totally cracked me up.  I think you’ll crack up, too:

That’s a wrap – don’t forget, if you have fragmented or random thoughts more than once a week, you’re always welcome to join me for each week as well. Have a great weekend!



Friday Fragments brought to you in part by Mrs. 4444’s (and be sure to roll your tongue when saying that):




More Friday Follow Fun:


Let Them Eat CakeBericeBaby photo 79396fe0-1f8b-44f8-a90e-f8ca7bfa801e_zpsa74bcc3b.jpg





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15 thoughts on “Farewell to Friday for a Temporary Hiatus

  1. Isn’t moving fun? NOT!!!!! I feel your pain…yes the glass of wine or better yet, champagne would be perfect! Start the day with that and you won’t care!! Ha

  2. Well, I totally understand the lack of time. I hate moving. Also, whenever you do the actual move & you need a hiatus from Monday’s let me know. I got your back on that one! 🙂 HA Your Cat reacts like he does it all the time or it’s a look of SAVE ME! bwahahahahaha Have a great weekend my friend & speaking of Monday it’s FREEBIE week! Hugs!

  3. Woa, you are moving? How did I miss this!!?? I know I was busy with family, but I need to back up and read about this.

    Hey, take all the time you need!! We move regularly and it never gets any easier. Purge, purge, and purge some more. If you don’t want to unpack the junk, then don’t move with it. This became my philosophy after only 2 military moves 😉 Some of us are more thick skulled than others 🙂

    Have a great summer and I hope you survive it all!

  4. Oh, my, I think a break is in order for sure and I don’t see how you can still blog on M,T & W with all you have on your plate. Guess that’s youth for you! :o) Good, good luck with the move and I do hope it is smooth sailing all the way. Thanks for stopping by today, it’s always good to hear from you. Blessings!

  5. That video of the cat was funny! I will also be having a temporary hiatus by the middle of the month, right now I am just posting as much as I can because I will be away for about 3 weeks.

    Enjoy the summer, and I do hope you drink some champagne after the unboxing.

  6. Well….at least you’re going to be keeping busy!!! But all I can think of ’bout now is “Go West Young Man”. OH, never mind. See you when you have time to return.

  7. How well I remember the horrors of moving cross country from IN to WI nearly 3 years ago now. You have my empathy.

  8. Loved the cat boarding video. Too funny.

    I wish you well with the moving process. Hope all goes smoothly.