Annoying Colds Cause Foggy Brains, Punctuation is Necessary, and Craig Morgan is a Hero – Random Tuesday Thoughts Rebel


Random Tuesday Thoughts Rebel begins in 5…4…3…2…now!

Don’t get too close, I have a cold.  Or, in cold-speak, “I hab a code.”  At least it isn’t a full-on sinus infection, just an ordinary regular run-of-the-mill annoying cold.  Is it wrong that I kind of wish it was an actual sinus infection?  Only because then I could get antibiotics to kick it to the curb within a matter of days, instead of having to impatiently wait for it to run it’s course. 

You know, the major foggy brain, with random sniffling and coughing that sounds like I’m trying to cough up a lung, topped off with a pounding sinus headache that almost crosses over into migraine territory.  Fun times.

Speaking of fun times…  Princess Nagger and I rounded up a big pile’o’boxes this weekend so I can get busy with the purging and packing.  We’re debating on if we want to have a dumpster dropped off in our driveway again to do a big ginormous purge. 

The hubby’s worried that the paved driveway won’t handle the weight of a dumpster, so he was thinking about having it dropped off way out back next to the barn.

I’d prefer it to be put right next to the house so I can literally toss stuff from the attic window directly into the dumpster – I could get a lot more purged in a much shorter time if I didn’t have to schlep the boxes and piles of stuff to be purged down 2-1/2 flights of stairs and down the driveway. 

I’d much rather just heave it all out the window.  Or rig some sort of slide or chute to go from the attic window to the dumpster, just to make sure my aim is never off.  That makes more logical sense, doesn’t it?

Speaking of logical sense…  Punctuation is absolutely necessary to make any sign more logical.  Case in point:


There really are no words.

Speaking of no words… There was a really cute hanging out on the door last week, so I quietly snuck up on it to get a quick picture:


Pretty cool, no?

Speaking of cool…  There was a crash on I-40 in Tennessee this past Sunday involving three tractor trailers.  Craig Morgan was returning from a show in Texas and his bus was just a quarter-mile away when the accident happened, so he and two crew members ran to the scene to help. 

Morgan assisted emergency responders, extinguishing a small fire and caring for the drivers of the vehicles.  Fortunately, those involved came away with only minor injuries.


Apparently it’s not the first time he performed heroics – a few years ago he pulled two children out of a burning home and extinguished a fire.  He’s just one cool dude – and an amazing artist.

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25 thoughts on “Annoying Colds Cause Foggy Brains, Punctuation is Necessary, and Craig Morgan is a Hero – Random Tuesday Thoughts Rebel

  1. Glad the wreck didn’t cause major injuries. Can’t say I know who Craig Morgan is. Hope you get to feeling better soon. I’ve been on a purging kick this week. Having a yard sale next weekend and I’ve been doing some serious decluttering.

  2. Feel better – nothing is worse than a spring cold! What a great story about Morgan helping…. Some people really are heros!

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  4. I’m sorry you have a cold! I know just what you mean about wishing it was something worthy of antibiotics. Hope you feel better soon!

    I love your idea of a chute right from the attic to the dumpster. How great would that be? Talk about making things easy. Seems like if he wants to put the dumpster in the back then he can bring the boxes out there for you. Ya, I know how that works 😉

  5. Wow…Craig… some people are just meant to be amazing, aren’t they? 🙂

    Sorry about your cold… if you can, eat a tablespoon of honey with cinnamon mixed in it… it’ll help… AND its yummy. Do it twice a day.

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  7. Lucky no one was very hurt in that accident!

    I would much rather have the dumpster right next to the house, too. Much easier to purge!

    Sorry about your cold. Hope you feel better soon!

  8. Whoa, stand back… stand back… Code is in session!!! ~snicker~ Awww does duh beebee hab a code??? Ewwww I hate summer colds. Hope you shed it quickly my friend. Whoaaaaaaaa what a crash! So glad no one was hurt. Is there anything more precious than a baby bird. You put the most interesting things in your blog! Thanks for sharing, and chicken soup & a hot totty for you! GO TO BED! I say it calls for a nap!

  9. that sign scares me just a bit…ha…if i see them i may run the other direction…oy on the wreck…does not look like a pleasant one at all…as if any are…hope you feel better soon…summer colds are blach….

  10. We have a couple of nests around our yard this year. Those baby birds are noisy little things. It will be cool when the baby birds become fledglings though.
    Good luck with the purge–hope the cold gets purged as well.

  11. Wow that really is a purge if you need a dumpster! My husband would love if if I purged that much stuff, though I don’t know if we have that much stuff to purge; moving all the time is sort of a natural purging cycle.

    That sign is too funny!

  12. My daughter, Rachel has a cold too! Just in time to start her summer job as a camp counselor! Hope you feel better soon. Colds should not be allowed to happen in the summertime!

  13. I hope you feel better soon! Having a cold sucks.
    That is so awesome about Craig Morgan, we need more people like him!

  14. Wow! I hadn’t heard that story about Craig Morgan! A real-life celebrity hero, by the sounds of it! Glad to hear everyone walked away from the accident without any serious injury.

    Hope your cold clears up soon! Nothin’ worse than a summer cold…bleh! Hang in there!

  15. Cool, I’m #13 — my lucky number!

    I love the idea of purging junk out the window into a dumpster! I’m not moving, but I’d still love to get rid of all the junk in my house. And I love your dove picture! Lucky shot!

  16. My allergies are making me feel much the same. Yucky!

    I like the idea of tossing from the attic window. I need to get purging myself. We did a bunch during winter, but it wasn’t even close to what we needed to get rid of. I think the bookshelves are next this weekend.

    That was pretty awesome of Craig Morgan. There’s some great country folks out there – you don’t see that in other music genres as much.

  17. As they say, punctuation is the difference between knowing your **** and knowing you’re ****.



  18. I think a chute out to the dumpster sounds like a good idea. I had to laugh at the poster without punctuation. Definitely needs it. 🙂 And that’s pretty cool that guy helping out like that–especially for it to happen twice in his life! The photo you posted looks like it would be from a movie about a hero walking away from some crime scene. Hope you feel better soon!