Easter Fun, Forgetful Mind, Minecraft Craftiness: Random Tuesday Thoughts Rebel

I trust you all had a Happy Easter – we certainly did, and I decided for the first to be immersed in the revelry instead of behind the lens of my camera, so I didn’t get any pictures of the crazy fun morning.  But you just have to be,  right? 

Besides, the kids didn’t quite get their mess cleaned up in the living room, so taking pictures of the fun would have included the mess, and that’s something I’d rather not share, thanyouverymuch.

I had to get really tricky with finishing the since I didn’t quite get them all done before Princess Nagger got home from school on Thursday, and she was off on Friday.  And she’s usually my permanent shadow when she’s home. 

So Saturday night after Little Dude was in bed and while Princess Nagger was busy with her bath, I told her I was going downstairs to flat-iron my hair (since flat-ironing my hair in the upstairs bathroom while she’s taking a steamy bath would be a futile prospect). 

I was able to successfully finish the baskets and get them re-hidden and flat-ironed my hair before it was to help her wash her hair – I’m pretty sure she didn’t notice that it took me three times longer than normal to flat-iron my hair.  Ahem.

In other news…  You know how when you lose something you retrace your steps to try to find it again?  The same goes for when you think of something brilliant and it’s usually when you’re falling asleep or in the shower. 

Yeah, well I had a brilliant thought I wanted to share with you as I was in the shower this morning – only when I finally remembered to sit down and write it out, for the life  of me I couldn’t remember what it was.  I just remembered it was brilliant.

Sorry, I couldn’t retrace my steps – it’s hard enough to get one  shower in a day, no way would I have a chance to steal another.  I’m sure if it was truly important it’ll come back to me (most likely when I’m falling asleep tonight…Murphy’s Law.)

Special Day…  Hubby’s Birthday happens to be today – he took a vacation day so he could truly enjoy his day.   I had to make sure all his gifts were wrapped and any surprises taken care of while he was at work last night since he does tend to hover a lot and I didn’t want to ruin any surprises I have in store for him. 

I’ve always joked that he was really born on April Fool’s Day but didn’t want people to think him a fool, so he doubled down and picked today as his birthday instead.

Minecraft rages on…  Remember how I mentioned that Princess Nagger has been nagging me to get her a Minecraft Steve head?  Here, let me refresh your memory – this is what it looks like:


I just didn’t see spending $25 plus shipping for a painted cardboard box.  So I did what any crazy person would do, I made one myself.  When I mentioned to Princess Nagger I was going to make one, she had the audacity to question my crafty skills.  She even told me that if I would make one, it would totally be lame.  Nice, huh?   So I proved her wrong:


Apparently she changed her mind about my crafty skills – and she loved it so much that she fell asleep on the couch wearing it:


She even took it to school yesterday and wore it whenever she had the chance – and exclaimed “Best day ever!!” when she got home.  I’m betting she’ll not question my crafty skills in the future.

That’s a wrap for this week – link up and join in the fun, everyone is welcome, random or not. Be sure to visit your fellow randomizers so they don’t feel so lonely.



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41 thoughts on “Easter Fun, Forgetful Mind, Minecraft Craftiness: Random Tuesday Thoughts Rebel

  1. Happy birthday to your hubby! Glad you had a good Easter. I must say, you did a pretty darn good job on the Minecraft project. Very closely resembles the original.

  2. Oh I am so on the same page as you. I couldn’t sleep last night…I kept coming up with ‘brilliant’ creative ideas – which of course I think about this morning and just want to kick myslef…THAT’S what kept me up? LOL…. dropping off to sleep or showering – that’s where I do my thinking.

    Great post – glad you had a great holiday and hope your week only improves!

    • We need to figure out how to get in that relaxation ‘state’ like we’re in when showering or falling asleep – maybe we’d be more creative with our thought processes (and not forget what those thoughts were). 😉 Have a great week Meryl!

  3. It sure gets harder to be sneaky the older they get. Except for husbands. It gets easier. Or at least with mine. He’s so easy to surprise.

    Seriously, great job on that Minecraft Head. It looks awesome and I would totally want you to make one for me if I liked Minecraft. I can’t believe she fell asleep in it. How comfortable can it be? Kudos to PN for wearing it to school. She’s such a cool kid!

    • LOL! That is so true, Elle! The older the kids get, the harder it is to be sneaky – but the husband’s? Much easier as they get older (and more absent minded by the day… *snicker!*)

      Awwww! Thanks! If you liked Minecraft I’d make you a head, too. 😉 I was surprised when PN fell asleep wearing it – it can’t be comfortable, I mean it’s a box!! 😀 I love that she has no fear about what other people might think of her – she is one cool kid! 😉

  4. That is very crafty–creating a Mine craft Steve head would beyond my meager craft skills!

    Happy birthday to your husband!

  5. First thing I thought of to make that Minecraft mask was paint chips from the DIY store. Is that what you used?

    • Oooh! That’s a great idea, Michele! I actually printed out pages of the patterned pixels and glued them to a box (though it might have been easier to paint the darn thing – or use paint chips from the DIY store!) 🙂

  6. What on earth is this Minecraft thing??? I keep seeing bits of it and can’t understand it. Oy. Finally get a bit of time to catch up on reading, blogs, and Minecraft seems to be the big rage. Maybe I should tunnel back under.. 😉

  7. Minecraft is an obsession here too. The other day I told Turbo he couldn’t play becasue it’s kind of boring to watch someone play Minecraft and what does he want to do instead? Watch Minecraft videos on You Tube. Just as mind numbing in my opinion.

  8. That is a near perfect replica! Awesome. And I have to say Princess Naggers interests make me laugh every time because in the toy industry they are still trying to reach her age group with dolls and she’s so far beyond all that! I love it!!

    • LOL! Thanks, Rachel! And you’re so right – she’s so far beyond the stereotypical toy industry doll-pushing… in fact, she wasn’t much of a doll girl even when she was younger – she lost interest very quickly and preferred/prefers ‘cool’ stuff that she has to use her brain to play with. 😉 I sure love that kid! 😀

  9. Your’s looks just as good if not better– especially since you didn’t have to pay the price. You do have crafting skills, good job! Hope your husband has a great birthday.

  10. Awesome job on the Minecraft Steve head! I wouldn’t want to pay $25 either.

    My grandfather was born on April Fool’s and every one teased him for years about being the biggest joke in the family. 😉

  11. Good for you for stepping away from the camera to just soak up the moment – it’s something I have trouble with, yet I’m making myself do it more often. Take less pictures, and BE in the moment. 🙂

    Glad to hear it was a great Easter for you & yours!!

  12. You’re a pretty awesome Mom! I have no idea what Minecraft is but apparently it’s all the rage! You should totally make some of those and sell them to PN’s friends! haha!

    • Awwww! Thanks Whitney! 🙂 Minecraft really is all the rage it seems – at least that’s what Princess Nagger keeps trying to tell me. 😉 I suspect that PN will be trying to commission me to make some for her friends – for *her* to make some money from…heh! 🙂

  13. “A Minecraft Steve head”? That’s a new one on me. My grandchildren are still little ones. Guess I have a lot to look forward to.

  14. LOL, I love the Minecraft Steve head! And don’t feel bad, I finished the kids’ Easter baskets at 3am the night before, and the house has been a mess for….. Weeks? Lol.

  15. Come on! Show us a mess or two to make us feel better about ourselves! Awesome Steve, just awesome…buy yourself something fun with the $$ you saved. I am randoming on sundays this month (lest you thought I had left you!)

    • HA! Nice try, Andrea – I’ll never reveal the mess that is currently residing in my house! MWAHAHAHAHA! Well, I might if I get it all cleaned up, then I can do a ‘before’ and ‘after’ shot. But I don’t see that ‘after’ shot happening any time soon…heh!! Never too late to get random! I’ll be stopping by and scoping out your randomness shortly! 😀

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