Dreaming of Big Fox Ears

If you’re a regular reader, you already know that has fox ears she likes to wear every time the mood strikes her (along with the fox tail that came with the fox ears):


Don’t  call them rabbit  ears or she’ll snap at you – she already lamented about the kids at calling them rabbit ears when she clearly is a fox, not a rabbit.  Ahem.

She tends to leave them laying around when she’s not wearing them, and I thought it was hilarious her cat Blackspot took a nap on them making it look like he was dreaming of sporting big fox ears:


I kept having to around to try to get the angle to show his pretend fox ears, so he woke up, stretched, looked like he was laying claim to the ears:


He looks so content, doesn’t he?



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66 thoughts on “Dreaming of Big Fox Ears

  1. Bunny ears? Blasphemy! No self respecting cat would where rabbit ears! Nor would PN!

    Cute pictures!

  2. Well, I really dig the ears both as rabbit and fox! I have to to say that Blackspot sure seems like a great cat (and the ears sure look awesome on him). 🙂

  3. What fun! My daughter has a panda hat she got in China and wears when ever she can – and she’s a teen 🙂

  4. Perhaps he is dreaming of having huge ears like me! We Somali cats have been compared to foxes (and ugh, squirrels!) in our appearance!

  5. That is just too cute!

    I am so glad my daughter isn’t the only one who insists on wearing her Halloween rabbit (I mean fox) ears and tail all year long. She was running around just the other day with them on.

  6. She is awesome. And I made a mental note not to call it rabbit ears. It’s funny how defensive they get when it comes to things. The other day I said “Oh that’s a lovely picture of a person”…and holy hell…it was a “DOG!!!”. He’s four. All of his drawings look the same 🙂

    • AHAHAHA Kimberly! That’s funny!! I had the same trouble with Princess Nagger’s drawings when she was four – it’s funny how even when you decide not to make a guess and ask them what it is, they’ll be all disdainful with “don’t you know what it is?!” You can’t win. 😉 Thanks so much for stopping by! 🙂

  7. I love it when kids are imaginative and just are into having fun! That cat is so adorable and I betting spoiled.

  8. Do. NOT. Tell. PN….at first glance in your RTT post I thought these were ahem…rabbit ears, but clearly I was mistaken. I see NOW the deception my eyes played on me. These are without question – fox ears!

    Cats are so silly. They’ll lay on anything. And, Blackspot does look like he is trying to wear them. lol

    Thanks for hosting some WW fun!

  9. Thanks for hosting!

    Love your blog! Would love for you to link up on A Peek Into My Paradise T.G.I.F. Link Party on Friday!


  10. Random coincidence made the perfect picture! So cute!
    Love when kids run around in costume without feeling self-conscious at all. As adults, we lose that ability. Maybe we all secretly want to run around with fox ears on, but it’s just not socially acceptable!!