School Spring Pictures and a Visit from 2093

was Princess Nagger’s spring pictures – we had picked out a new dress to do double duty for her recent play that she could wear for these pictures, too. 

We were joking around about the fact that seeing the pictures of her in the dress both for her play and when she was getting ready to go to on picture day, that if we compared them, it would be like looking at her visiting from the future – specifically 2093.

So here we go – 2013:


And from the year 2093:


Let’s get a little closer look – 2013:


And 2093:


She’s growing way too fast for my comfort level.  But I know she’s going to make the cutest little old lady when that time comes.

When I was taking quick pictures before heading out to wait for the bus, I asked her to ‘strike a pose’.  This was her reaction:


Of course that was also accompanied by an “Oh Mama!!” 

At least I know I’ll get a ‘pose’ when the official pictures come back.  Oh, and she said if anyone wants to go for a in her time machine, you’re welcome to do so.



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54 thoughts on “School Spring Pictures and a Visit from 2093

  1. Well, I sure would like to know what the heck I’m doing wrong that I can never get a pic to come up. It asks me if I’m done I say yes and poof no pic. grrrrrrrrr Anyway “Oh Ma”, is probably the same answer every blog Mommy gets when we chase our kids down with the camera, but she’s is gorgeous as usual & love the dress and matching tights. I always put my girls in those to in the winter & of course Christmas day. It’s just dressy I think. Your comparison sure made me laugh!!! She’s a hoot!

    • I forgot to tell you that sometimes the pic won’t show up until you refresh the page – I noticed that with the same sort of linky on another blog. 🙂

      The tights definitely do add a mode of ‘dressiness’, don’t they? 🙂

    • I’ll have to check, but I’m pretty sure the time machine goes backwards, too. 😉

      I’m not sure why the 2093 nanna didn’t also strike the pose – I might have to hop in the time machine and go ask her! 😀

  2. The Princess is just too funny! I giggled.

    I must say though, she’ll be an adorable old lady 🙂

    And beautiful she is Stacy.

  3. Adorable! And of course, no matter how old they get, they will still be putting their hands over their faces with the exasperated “oh mama!” at us. 🙂

  4. She now has no worries going into old age, knowing she’ll be absolutely adorable at any time in life. : )

    I’ve never seen such a cute gray-haired ol’ lady.

    Excellent dress, and she looks great for picture day. 🙂

  5. Stacey, I had to come back here after reading your comment on my posts for Corks for Cancer. What do you mean you might have to start saving them? Your whole blog header is about the vino, I would of thought you had millions my friend!LOL!

    • In Princess Naggers words, “I know, right?!” I’m a pack-rat (as some of my borderline hoarder-ish rooms will attest) but one thing I don’t keep? Used corks. But you can bet I’ll be saving them now! 😀