Easter Egg Decorating Fun Part One

Easter Egg decorating has been hit-and-miss over the years – the ‘miss’ part being when I boiled a dozen eggs and we completely forgot  to decorate them.  Last year we remembered, but ended up doing them the night before Easter, which wreaked havoc on bedtimes (read: late bedtimes equals a very sleepy Easter Bunny having to hide eggs and set up the Easter baskets well after midnight making sure both kids were sound asleep).  Ahem.

This year we decided in order to make sure we didn’t have the same missed opportunity like 2011 or extreme egg decorating too late the night before Easter, we’d do them early.  Since this past weekend flew by way too fast, meaning we’d either now be on the forgetful track, or the procrastination late night Saturday track yet again. 

In order to thwart either of those, we decided to do not one, but two evenings of egg decorating – only because the hubby teaches night classes on Mondays and Wednesdays, and since Princess Nagger was nagging to decorate sooner rather than later, we figured we’d get them done now.  Of course that meant that to make the double-night double-mess worth it, I needed to boil double the eggs – two dozen this time instead of one.  We’re going to have boiled eggs coming out of our ears.  But it’ll be worth it.

Since Princess Nagger had a snow day Monday (yes, in case you missed it, we had an unexpected spring snowfall!) but it wasn’t sufficient ‘playable’ snow, we decided we’d get our Easter Egg decorating done then, and she could have her fun decorating with the hubby last night.  She set up the Easter egg dyeing cups in a row and we got to work:





After some issues with some of the decorating kits and eggs cracking under pressure, we were quite pleased with our final creations:


A little bling, a few funny hairy monsters and even a couple of Minecraft inspired creations, and our egg decorating bonding time was a fun success. 

We only ran into a couple of snafus – reminiscent of a few years ago when I posted about one decorating kit that was a major fail, the foil wrap kit that fizzled:

While I opted not to go with the foil to make some pretty golden eggs, I thought maybe the paint-on gold would be the ticket this year:


Ignore the coffee splatter on the front – the Absent Minded Professor tends to be a bit messy when he’s still in a fog.  That kit? Total waste of money.  The ‘paint on’ gold is super thin, takes forever to dry, and just looks terrible:


Major fail. The egg on the left was undyed – the egg on the right I thought maybe dyeing it yellow first would enhance the ‘golden’ look. As you can see, I was getting frustrated with how thin the gold was going on to the egg, so I decided to use one of the included (and pain in the behind) ‘droppers’ to just drop it on the egg and let it drip down. Into a mess, naturally. Ah well, we still had fun with our decorating, that’s  what counts.

Last night she had a repeat performance decorating with the hubby – I’ll share those pictures next week.

Do you decorate eggs?



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44 thoughts on “Easter Egg Decorating Fun Part One

  1. It’s so odd that that fancy ones fail so often. Ah well, good to know. And your other eggs came out awesome. I love the hair do’s LOL

    We colored our eggs already too. 🙂

  2. We’ve tried all those weird kits for the eggs, and have come to the conclusion that the regular ones that you just soak and dye are the best. Love your eggs with the hair! They are fantastic. We will be dyeing roughly 4-5 dozen eggs on Saturday. There are seven of us in the house, and we will eat them up in about 4-5 days, too.

    • I agree – the regular ones are the best! The hairy ones are our favorites, too – so fun! 🙂 With 7 people in the house, you definitely need 4-5 dozen to make the mess worth it! 🙂 I might end up boiling another dozen since Little Dude hasn’t had a chance to do eggs yet – luckily both kids will gobble up the eggs quickly, so it’ll be worth it! 😉

  3. I can;t believe I completely forgot about decorating eggs!! I guess we will have to do it this Saturday at Grandma’s….oops!!

    Love the foil eggs.

    • That’s usually how I am, Jennifer – I forgot to get supplies the last couple of years so we forgot one year, then did them late the night before Easter last year. I figured the third year should be the charm. 😉

  4. Such lovely you eggs! I envy your effort and your girl time–three boys? They’d rather EAT them than paint them! lol

  5. You have inspired me to decorate some eggs this year! Bob might be a bit young to dye them but we can paint them and add sparkles! Not sure if it would work on egg shells but a good tip would be to add PVA glue to your paint. It helps it stick. Thanks for the inspiration! x

    • Glad to inspire you, Charlotte! LOL! If Bob seems to be wanting to color the eggs too, you could use a wire whisk to hold the egg in – helps keep down the mess on her fingers enables her to be involved. 😉 Your idea of you dyeing them and having her help paint and add sparkles is brilliant, too! 🙂 Thanks for the tip – I’ll definitely do some testing with PVA glue added to help it stick! 😀

    • I have a feeling that’s why I ‘forgot’ one year and waited until the last minute last year. 😉 Though I must say, the mess wasn’t too bad this time, maybe because I didn’t have Little Dude involved in the process yet. 😉

  6. Looks like PN had fun decorating and you had a mess to clean up. I never went in for the fancy kits. Too expensive, too much work, and not fail safe. Plus, my boys didn’t really like doing it so it was all up to me.

    • LOL! I have to give PN credit – she actually (willingly, and with minimal eye-rolling) helped me clean up – and we both decorated 7 eggs each. She’ll decorate 6 more on the next dozen with the hubby (and possibly 6 more with another dozen with Little Dude… *maybe*). 😉 The fancy kits are definitely not fail safe – not to mention I’ve never gotten them to actually work like they should or are advertised. I’m sticking with the basics next year. 😉

  7. Yikes! Thanks for the reminder. We only have brown eggs in the refrigerator – certainly not going to work for egg decorating.

  8. you just made me want to decorate eggs myself! How fun! The smell of vinegar all over the house – true sign its Easter 🙂

    I love the “creepy” egg – haha!
    My favs are the ones with the faces!

  9. Love your eggs! I miss decorating eggs, even with the mess. And isn’t it frustrating when a kit doesn’t work as well as it should?

    • I used to love dying eggs when I was a kid. We typically spent Easter at my grandparents’ house so all my memories of the event focus on their kitchen table and the glasses we put the dye into. (The same ones my Grammy drank gin from) I haven’t done it too much in the last few years since my kids don’t seem to like hard-boiled eggs. But this year, I got a kit and it’s tie-dye so we’ll see how it goes!

  10. Man we have not mastered the art of not cracking the shell. We always end up eating pink, blue, orange, and yellow boiled eggs. My 4 year old is convinced that he’ll get coloured poop if he eats them.
    I do love the mustache. Nice touch.

  11. Very creative egg decorating! I don’t know. I kid of like the gold eggs. I like the yellow enhancements you added. 😉

    We’ll be decorating eggs tomorrow. Like you, we once missed an egg decorating activity due to an over scheduled spring break. I don’t want to do that again!

    Thank you for wearing purple yesterday. Love you and PN to bits! xox

  12. augrgggghh I GIVE UP!!! I JUST CANNOT GET MY PIC IN THERE!!! 🙁

    Anyway, no, sad to say I don’t color Easter eggs here anymore. 🙁 Can I borrow your PN to come over, and color mine? hehehe She did a fabulous job. They sure come up with the wildest stuff for eggs nowadays! Whatever happened to the waxed crayon to write names on the eggs? HAPPY EASTER to all!!!

  13. I love these kind of holidays that build tradition each year. I see everyone’s pretty eggs and those on Pinterest and always think I need to do those. Then I remember I have a 2 year old and he has the attention span of a … 2 year old 🙂 and I have time to build these memories

  14. Wow!!! I loved the pictures of the decorated eggs. With such sweet and beautiful description, one can soak up the spirit of the Easter in a great fashion. Thanks for sharing the pictures. I truly respect your art.

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