Another Winter Storm Dud and some Funnies

Winter Storm Nemo completely missed us, so we were excitedly looking forward to Saturn paying us a visit the other day.  We watched the news and checked the weather map frequently, and this time we were sure we’d actually get snow (finally) before winter came to an end. 

We were expecting and anticipating 6-10 inches, based on the forecast and the trajectory of the storm.  This time we were directly in its path, and could potentially see a foot of snow.

It started snowing as promised around 4am (I know this, because I was rudely woken by one of the cats and decided to go peek out the window).  The phone rang at 5:18am to alert me that Princess Nagger’s school was closed for the day, so I just knew, without looking out the window, that it must be snowing pretty good by now.  Little did I know. 

I turned the 5:30 alarm off so everyone could sleep in – which we did, until 7am.  I have to admit, I was disappointed to see that we still had about the same amount of snow on the ground as I saw at 4am.  We had hoped to ultimately get the kind of snow we got in 2010:


But instead, this is what we ended up with:


There was more snow on the ground earlier in the morning – I figured I’d better get a shot midday before it was completely gone.  As you can see, it started off as snow, but quickly turned to just plain old ordinary gray rain.  It kept trying to make up its mind, switching back and forth between nice snowflakes and big rain drops.  Worst. Dud.  Storm Ever. 

Maybe we’ll get lucky and actually end up with winter snow when we finally move back to Washington State.  Of course Murphy and his Law continuously follow my every move, so chances are once I move back, they won’t get the snow they’ve been getting there since I’ve been in Pennsylvania.  That makes my aunt even more anxious to have me move back – you know, so my presence will eliminate any future snow.  Ahem.

In case you missed my post on Tuesday, Princess Nagger did a great job as granny in her play last Friday.  In fact, she was the only one who actually memorized her lines, so she was the only one on stage not carrying her pages to read from.  She was a natural.  Makes a mama proud.  Here’s the cute little granny:


To read more about the play, you’ll just have to check out my Random Tuesday Thoughts post.  I’ll wait.

My bloggy buddy Mary (aka Kyooty) posted this image to my Facebook wall for Princess Nagger – we both got a huge laugh from it, so I thought I’d share the laughs:


Made you laugh, didn’t it?  I think of it every time I make the bed, now.

This other funny was floating around on Facebook too:


That’s it for this week – I’m looking forward to getting back into the fragmented fun and catching up with friends old and new. If you have fragmented or random thoughts more than once a week, you’re always welcome to join me for Random Tuesday Thoughts each week as well. Have a great weekend!



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61 thoughts on “Another Winter Storm Dud and some Funnies

  1. Sorry about the dud!! Wer haven’t had snow either and me, for one, am glad!! I no like the snow. Sorry Princess…hopefully you get some snow!

  2. See, now I left MI to get away from the snow and it follows me. We’ve been dumped on a couple times since I moved back to VA, and I hate every minute of it.

    I saw your post about Nagger. Good job to her!

    And I didn’t post anything for RTT, because I am so scrambled I can’t even get my shit together to do THAT! Maybe next week.

    • At least you didn’t have to worry about being disappointed, eh Carrie? 😉 I’ve pretty much written off winter and am now embracing the coming spring – as long as we actually get spring temps this year, instead of August heat instead! 😉

  3. I am so ready for spring – In WI we have so much snow to melt I don’t think we will see the snow till June.

    • You guys did get an overabundance of snow, didn’t you? Sorry the directions were wrong with the snow fairies and they didn’t spread the love a little more evenly! 😉 Thanks so much for stopping by, LuAnn! 🙂

  4. Well, we did get your ten inches, and it’s melting all around us. The weatherman says it should all melt by the weekend, and then they said this morning 40’s weather and nothing but rain this weekend so bye bye snow. Have a great weekend my friend, and I can just picture you as a T-Rex making the bed. Is that how you see yourself? LMAO Love PN’s pic. I saw your Post of her – fabulous!

    • The sun is very nice – I probably wouldn’t have been as bummed about the dud snow storm not bringing snow had the sun been shining instead of the rain falling. 😉 Today was certainly an awesome spring-like day full of sunshine, though! 😀 Thanks so much for stopping by, Lynn! 🙂

  5. We were supposed to wake up to snow yesterday and had none. Woke up today to six inches on the ground and falling fast. We’re at about a foot now which is seriously ridiculous. I love it in January and February, but not October or March!

    I love the T-rex thing…I saw that too and now its stuck in my head. Have a great weekend! Visiting from Friday Frags.

    • It is a little unusual in October and March, eh Joyce? 😉 I kept hoping when I saw others mention the storm was a day late that we’d get luck, but alas that wasn’t the case. 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by! 🙂

  6. It’s happened again – someone wanting snow that I would gladly let them come and take from here.
    Nice little granny – more women should go with the natural gray look

  7. The winter storm sure was a DUD! My boys were so mad when the woke up and there was no snow. They thought for sure they’d have a snow day and get out of school. DOH!

    • Princess Nagger was happy she still got a snow day (they made the decision when it was actually snowing and looked like we’d really get some this time – though I bet in the future they’ll tread a little more cautiously since she really could have gone to school). The worst part is looking so forward to it, then being greatly disappointed – your poor boys!! Thanks so much for stopping by, Tami! 🙂

  8. Poor t-rex 🙂

    Look at granny – so cute!

    We had ‘snow storms’ like that before – they’ve called off school expecting lots of snow & then everything clear up… talk about an angry mob of parents!

    • That t-rex just looks pitiful, doesn’t he? He needs a maid! 😉

      I giggled at the ‘angry mob of parents’ – I hadn’t thought of that aspect, but it’s so true! I didn’t get much done that day that’s for sure! 😉 Thanks so much for stopping by Rebecca Jo – it’s always nice to ‘see’ you! 😉

  9. Oh, I’m so thankful we don’t get snow here in Florida! Since I’m a native, snow and I would surely not get along! But sorry you didn’t get it since you so wanted it! 🙂

    What a cute little granny!

    Love the T Rex bed maker and he’s welcome here anytime if he will make my bed every morning!

    • You know, when you put it that way it makes sense! I was born and raised in Washington State, so snow days were a very rare thing (snow, even – it was usually too warm for snow. If you wanted to see or play in the snow, you’d go play in the mountains!) 🙂 But on the rare occasion we’d get a good snow (and got the day off from school) it was like white gold to us kids! I think I’ve held onto that perception ever since – hence the wishing and hoping. But if I grew up in Florida – or any place that had abundant sunshine, I’d totally think differently. 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by, Nancy! 🙂

  10. She makes an adorable Granny!!

    Wow, that was a dud storm. We got one really good snow this year here in SC, and I’m okay with that. I’m a warm weather kind of gal.

  11. I’m sorry the snow is playing with you.
    You made me laugh so much about your aunt wanting you there to eliminate the snow from appearing! Too fun!

    And your princess makes a lovely granny and I’m so proud of her too for memorizing her lines! That’s how you do it girl!
    congrats to her! Best ACTress in the house!

    Funny jokes.
    Have a great weekend girl. I hope it snows!

    • The snow fairies just haven’t gotten it right this year, that’s for sure! 😉 And yeah, my aunt keeps nagging me to hurry up and move back so the snow will stop for good. 😉

      She does make a lovely granny, doesn’t she? I’ll pass your kudos and compliments on to her – that will make her day! Thank you! 🙂

      Hope you’ve had a great weekend, Callie! I’ll ‘see’ you tomorrow! 😉

  12. Wow, you once had 2000 followers? I can’t even fathom that amount!!! I got excited reaching 70 😉

    Oh, be so proud of your daughter!! Even high schoolers had to be fed lines during performances!! She looks great!

    Those pics are so funny!!! Now I am going to chuckle to myself every time I make the bed. I am short with short arms too, so I can relate.

    • I did, Kay! Crazy, eh? Sometimes I think I should move back to Blogger just to have them prominent again. 🙂

      Thank you so much for the compliments on Princess Nagger – I’ll have to tell her what you said about the high schoolers needing to be fed their lines, she’ll be all smirky with pride. 😉

      Thanks so much for stopping by! 🙂

  13. so proud of PN and wow 2000 followers i’m struggle to keep up with 575 how did you visit everyone i can’t even. oh and love the cute bird cartoon to funny

  14. YOU CAN HAVE OUR SNOW! man, I have had more than enough. my little dog is apparently only potty trained when the snow is shorter than she is. Then it turns to ice snow, and her little legs get stuck. Meanwhile everything is icy and dangerous. You can have it! I’ll def visit again!

    • AHAHAHAHAHA! I’m sorry to be laughing, but you gave me such a hysterical visual, Jen!! I had a dog like that – and our current dogs love the snow, but hate the rain. They stand on the back porch and look at me like I’m a horrible mommy sending them out to do their business when it’s raining, so they end up only going so far as the back patio instead of out in the yard. When it snows they’re running around like crazy dogs – you’d think they were huskies instead of shelties. 😉 Thanks for the laugh, though I’m sorry you got stuck with all the snow! 🙂

  15. She is soooooooooo darned cute in her play wardrobe as Granny. I love that photo. Darling. And awesome smile. Hey, I personally would love the fact that the snow storm missed me. I’m a total wuss when it comes to driving in that kind of weather…icy streets, crazy drivers, etc.

    • Awwww! Thank you so much, Anni! She’ll be quite happy to receive all that awesome praise! 🙂

      You do have a point about all the crazy drivers – I’m confident with my driving, but not so much about others. 😉 Thanks so much for stopping by! 🙂

  16. Wow, that was the result of a snow storm — lol. Congrats to your daughter, and I love the chicken “tweet” cartoon.

  17. Do you have any the “How does a dinosaur” series from Jane Yolen? They are some of my favorites and I keep them around even though my children are too old now. The photo reminds me of them.

    Sorry about the snow… living in the south, most of our storms are like that… still earns us days of no school because then the rain freezes and they don’t have the equipment to sand and salt the roads effectively.

    • YES! Those are books Princess Nagger has absolutely loved from toddler days – they’re hysterical! And you’re right – that cartoon definitely does remind me of those! 🙂

      See? You sort of have the best of both worlds – not too much snow, but still ‘snow days’! 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by! 🙂

  18. Good job cute little granny. Way to make your momma real proud.

    PS. in our area, we had too much of snow already. Spring. Now. please.