The 5-Dollar 100 Year Old Dragon

Me:  “I need some ideas for Wordless/Wordful Wednesday for tomorrow, and looking through some old posts, I think I have a great idea.”

PN:  “What is it?”

Me:  “Well, I found where I posted about your 100th day of school in Kindergarten, and how you drew a funny picture of yourself of what you think you’d look like when you turn 100 years old.  How about if you draw a sketch of what your perception is now, four years later?  I think it’d be hilarious to do a comparison, don’t you?”

PN:  “Do I have to draw something?”

Me:  “Well, no, but it would sure help me out.  How about for a dollar?  Would you draw it for a dollar?”

PN (with a total look of disdain):  “A dollar? Only a dollar?” (scoffs)  “How about ten dollars?”

Me:  “Nice try, but I will up it to five dollars.  That’s my final offer.  Will you do it?  You can take creative license – draw whatever you want, you can even make yourself a if that will inspire you to do it.  Five bucks.”

PN:  “Really?  A dragon?  Well, OK, maybe I will.  Sure, that sounds good, I can say that when I was 17 I stole some treasure and was turned into a dragon.”

Me (trying not to laugh):  “See?  Now you’re putting a great and interesting spin on it – get busy.”

Here’s her Kindergarten picture from four years ago of what she envisioned herself to look like when she turned 100:


Yes, I did have to get on what appeared to be three rows of boobs – those are actually wrinkles on her neck.  Ahem. 

Here’s her interpretation four years later of what she’d look like at 100 years old (you know, after she steals some treasure at 17 and is turned into a dragon):


Doesn’t she make an intimidating 100 year old dragon?  Worth 5-dollars, don’t you think?



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35 thoughts on “The 5-Dollar 100 Year Old Dragon

  1. You may want to tell her as a 100 year old dragon, she may have trouble with the men and she may snack on her friends. lol

    She definitely has great artistic skills for someone so young. If she keeps this up, then I’m quite certain you won’t be able to commission her next job for only five bucks. =D

    Thanks for hosting WW!

  2. Fab post! I too wondered about the ‘boobs’. I thought that maybe they were scales and even all those years ago she thought she would turn into a dragon! :o) x

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  4. I must say her artistic talents has really grown considerably! She’s quite good actually for a child of her age. I think that was a Five Dollar bill well spent!

  5. She truly is such an amazing artist! And incredible how much her drawings have changed in just a few years, shows how quickly kids grow and change at this age; especially when they turn into a dragon 😉

  6. Holy cow that is awesome! I want to be a 100 year old dragon.

    What happens if you steal treasure when you’re 30? Oh, wait, I think it’s called embezzlement then…

  7. That’s REALLY impressive for someone so young — I couldn’t draw anything near that well! Love the story too 🙂

    Thanks for linking up with Good Girl Gone Wife!

  8. Hi
    Looks like you have a budding artist there. I love kids drawings I can remember when drawing when a kid and you totally emerge yourself in what you are doing and go where the picture is you are drawing in your head. Fond memories.

    Thanks. Lee