Cat Tales – Center of Attention

Day two of the New Year – how’s 2013 treating so far?  I’m hoping this year doesn’t fly by as fast as last year did. I’m just sayin’.

To start the year off right, I thought we’d have a little fun at Blackspot’s expense (Princess Nagger informed me that his name is spelled as one word vs. two.  I stand corrected).

A little while later…

Do like being the center of attention?



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31 thoughts on “Cat Tales – Center of Attention

  1. Glad to see Blackspot found the way out! Did he get in through the hole where PN could pet him? LOL!

    Happy New Year, Stacy!

  2. My cat would not have stood for this – they would have demanded attention – and brushing – stat! Sheesh, they are bossy.

  3. Cats know they are not only the center of attention but the center of the universe. At least when they feel the desire.

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  5. This was our one kitty Olivers first christmas with us. He REALLY loves boxes! And Bags. We had to keep checking everything before we threw it out to make sure he wasn’t in there, and that he didn’t hide one of his toys in it!

  6. The only center of attention in our home also has four legs. Well, unless The G Man is over, then it has two. But that’s okay, because G absolutely *adores* Scooter – too bad the feeling isn’t mutual, although Scooter doesn’t seem to resent the Human Puppy as much as he used to.

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  8. Haha! That’s so cute. The cat fits the part of being an adorable stuff toy. Baby Butterscotch is the name. And it’s FurReal. That’s so funny. Thank you for sharing.

  9. This is a cute and hilarious post. I had a cute smile on my face while reading through this post. The cat is so adorable. Thanks for the share.

  10. Blackspot reminds me of Alex – and since I didn’t know him as a kitten, I picture him acting just like blackspot!