The Many Faces of Princess Nagger

Tomorrow is a very special day.  It happens to be Princess Nagger’s birthday – she turns the big one-oh. 10 years old. An official Tween.  Double-digit status – there’s no turning back now, is there? 

I thought in honor of her milestone birthday, I’d do something a little different today – a progression of the years of Princess Nagger:

Often people would tell me when she was younger to cherish the moments because they grow up so fast.  They weren’t kidding. 

Has anyone seen the pause button?


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36 thoughts on “The Many Faces of Princess Nagger

  1. Quite the expressions that young lady has! Especially the third photo (“Get that camera out of my face! And oh btw, YOU’RE #1!~)

    Hope she has a great 10th birthday, and you guys get a dry basement soon! Happy WW!

    EdT. would like you to read…WW: Merry Thanksgivoween!My Profile

  2. It’s always cool to look at photos of your kids as they age. When Ell graduated VPK, they asked us to send them one for each of his years (so 5) but seeing all his classmates age was so funky.
    Claire would like you to read…Toasty and warmMy Profile

  3. Ohmygoodness she is just lovely! I can tell she has a wonderful personality.

    I need a pause button too……………………for my kids and for my wrinkles….
    Vikki would like you to read…Lung Cancer BitesMy Profile

  4. I love this progression of photos! Happy Birthday to her, she is a gorgeous girl! I can’t imagine my little guy being 10 years old, but I know it will fly by just like the past 2 years did!
    Christy Ann would like you to read…WW: Sneaky (w/ Linky)My Profile

  5. Happy Birthday, she is adorable! The boys will be 2 soon and the past few years have seemed to have flown by too. I loved all the photos you shared, what a cute idea!

  6. Happy Birthday to that adorable child and when you find that pause button let me know where you found it will ya! What wonderful memories! I think I like the one where she cut her bangs didn’t she. All my kids did that believe it or not! Ohhhhhhhhhh the joys of being a mother! Have a great weekend.
    Xmasdolly would like you to read…Aloha Flashback Friendship Friday!My Profile

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