Roboraptor Fun

If you’ve been reading me for a while, you know that Princess Nagger has a thing about dinosaurs.  All dinosaurs almost all the time – with a few detours to dragons and Warrior Cats.  But she always migrates back to dinosaurs.  She’s still debating on if she’ll become a when she grows up – it’s between that or the next Taylor Swift.

A couple of weeks ago she was all excited that he had found a on eBay that she really, really wanted, so I decided to go ahead and get it for her as an early present.  I snagged it for way less than it originally cost brand new (way less), though I have to say I was extremely disappointed by the way the seller packaged it to ship.  The box wasn’t big enough, so it had gaps and bulges all over:

The tail was even sticking out of one side of the box:

When I opened the box, this is the sight that greeted me:

No padding, just shoved in the box.  The roboraptor was too long for the box, so in addition to its tail sticking out of one end, his head was twisted to the side:

There were some air pockets thrown in almost as an afterthought – the large raptor, remote and smaller raptor made the journey with no protection just rattling around in the box:

Crazy, right?  Luckily it turned out OK after I had to tweak the poor thing’s neck chiropractor style so he wouldn’t look like a dinosaur version of Quasimodo, and the contacts in the battery compartment since the batteries had been left in too long so they leaked.  It also appeared there was cake or pudding residue inside.  Ew.  After all that, though, Princess Nagger was thrilled with her new friend:

It’s really cool – it has a ‘friendly’ mode and an ‘attack’ mode.  It does all sorts of things, makes all sorts of sounds, and can avoid walking into walls when you give it free reign.  In spite of its rough mode, it works great and has entertained Princess Nagger for hours.  She wants to do a video to show you all how cool it truly is, so we’ll have to work on that for you.  Any special requests?


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26 thoughts on “Roboraptor Fun

  1. I hope you got a good deal on that thing, because that is disgraceful how the seller shipped that. I hope you left feedback too.

    Thank goodness it arrived in one pudding piece and PN loved it. How could she not?

  2. Oh, you have GOT to be furious. That seller should be ashamed. It is amazing that the toy still works. Your daughter is one lucky girl.

  3. Looks like she’s very happy with her new dinosaur. My son has one similar and likes playing with it. That’s a very poor way of packaging!

  4. It looks like PN is enjoying her new critter – if you have kittehs in the house, a video of one of them meeting this thing would be awesome! (in “friendly” mode, of course!)

    Happy WW!

  5. How cool is that! I am with PN I would love to have a toy like that! We have little lizards that run around in the gardens, I think it would be cool to plant the toy, wait for a lizard to get close and then chase it with ROBORAPTOR! LOL!

  6. Wow, how lucky that it works at all after such a rough start. She sure looks like she’s enjoying it though :). Happy birthday to your sweet paleontologist-in-training!

  7. Geez, I hope you gave the seller a negative review for that packaging. Horrible!

    Anyway, I would love to see the video of it working. I like dinosaurs a ton too. In fact, I wrote a story about a pet dino once. ha ha At the Science Museum in St. Louis, they have a huge raptor that moves right in the middle of the building. I will try to find the story and photos for Princess Nagger.

  8. Totally glad it made it okay, what was the seller thinking??? All’s well that ends well, and thankfully it ended well. Your daughter looks thrilled. 🙂

  9. Hope she enjoys the Dino! My daughter just took her remote- controlled dinosaur for show and tell– for the letter D. But that packaging was terrible!

  10. I’m so glad that turned out well, because wow, that was ridiculous! I hope you made a complaint on ebay!
    As for the roboraptor… It looks so neat, I am not surprised she loves it!

  11. I am so glad it works but I can’t believe how it was packed. How lame. Glad Princess Nagger isn’t letting the bad packing bother her.

  12. That is one happy child. I cannot wait to see the movie, and knowing Princess Nagger she will make-up some story/play I’m sure. I can hardly wait!!! Have a great weekend.

  13. I bet she is still having a ball with that! My nephew had one and loved it. Glad all turned out well, that was the worst packaging I have ever seen!

  14. Heh…ALL OF YOU, I KNOW THE PACKAGING IS TERRIBLE! But, hey! It works right? That’s all that really matters to me :3 And what i absolutely LOVE about Roboraptor is the fact there’s a Guard mode. NOW I GET TO SCARE MY CATS WHENEVER THE HECK I WANT! >:3

  15. Worst. Packing. Job. Ever.

    That’s TERRIBLE! I can’t believe someone thought that was adequate “padding”.

    And people don’t understand why I don’t like my boy playing tackle football! He’s worth more than any toy, certainly more than this ole dinosaur. 😉