Doing a Happy Dance Thanks to Maytag! #MaytagMoms

For once in my life, I am speechless. Literally and figuratively. I’m sure you’re wondering why, right? Well, it’s because I now have major in my kitchen:

And the new dishwasher that was patiently waiting in our living room for installation:

Has now replaced this old monstrosity:

and is now nestled in its new home:

That’s a whole lotta happy going on over here, isn’t it? Did you know… For over 100 years, Maytag has designed dependable to accompany your .  I am absolutely in with each and every appliance. I used to avoid hanging out in the kitchen as much as humanly possible, even though I to cook – but it was always frustrating how unreliable my previous were, which made practically everything a challenge.

Like the , whose ice and water dispenser simply stopped working.  Instead of feeding water into the ice maker, it would run down the inside of the freezer instead.  The fridge itself was losing its ability to keep things cold – or have super cold spots that would freeze fruits and veggies – even though it was only 9-1/2 years old.  And the stove was terribly unreliable since the oven was hit-or-miss on its uneven heating.

Picture that happening on (which it has) making the ‘when’ part of eating a little iffy, since each year the turkey would finally be finished cooking outside the ‘expected’ time (either early or late – and once really really late). I can’t wait to take the new oven out for the ultimate test drive on Thanksgiving Day and actually get to relax for once.

And don’t even get me started on my old dishwasher – it (and the stove) came with the house. We had no idea until the appliances arrived for installation that the old dishwasher was at least 20 years old or older – no wonder I had to wash all the by hand before putting them in the dishwasher. Now that I have an awesome reliable Maytag dishwasher, I save so much time during clean up after fixing meals for my family.

The appliance that stood out first was the refrigerator – I’m loving the , the extra , and having a freezer on the bottom vs. my old side-by-side that wasn’t conducive to storing any large-ish items. I’m discovering just how pitiful my old appliances really were now that I have some that actually do what they’re supposed to, the way they’re supposed to.

Over the next few months I’ll be highlighting each of my shiny new appliances, singing their individual praises and the special features I will be getting ultra familiar with that currently have me in awe of their greatness. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, be sure to visit to check out all their cool appliances.  You can also connect with Maytag on Facebook or Twitter for lots of great promotions including sweepstakes, twitter parties, and more.

When do you depend on your appliances the most (e.g. holidays, every night, when entertaining, etc.)?



I wrote this post participating in a Maytag Moms Dependable Kitchen Ambassador program by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Maytag. I was provided with a Maytag kitchen appliances set, including a refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, and range to facilitate my post. See my Disclosure Policy here.

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13 thoughts on “Doing a Happy Dance Thanks to Maytag! #MaytagMoms

  1. We have the French door Maytag too (swoon!). Our other appliances are builder standard stainless GE. My neighbors microwave has already been replaced after 5 months. Not happening with the Maytag!!

    • I am LOVING the french doors, Andrea – it’s like a whole new world! 🙂 We’ve replaced our microwaves many times over the years – I’m looking forward to having one that’s actually reliable for once! And the dishwasher is a dream come true! All of the appliances are, really. 🙂

    We had pretty good stuff when we bought our house (and now I’ve probably jinxed it). I dont’ know what I’d do without a dishwasher and microwave — probably starve 🙂

  3. Hi Stacy, I remember my wife get angry so much because our dishwasher gets damage and I can’t buy another one right away because I didn’t have my salary yet. Almost one week that she’s so angry with me. Don’t want to happen again! 😉

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