Cowboy Take Me Away and Fall Into Me so we can Soak Up The Sun Before He Cheats

Hello fall – you are my favorite season. Bring on the cooler weather and the changing leaves accompanied by the brilliant sunshine and crisp air that makes spending time outside much more pleasant than the entire summertime stretch. Now to get rid of this pesky cold so I’m not foggy brained and enable the ability to take deep breaths of the crisp clear air that represents fall.

This week’s theme for Monday’s Moves Me was going to be Favorite Songs – I had a whole post written and songs selected until I noticed it had been changed.  At least I’ll have a post all ready for when we do do Love Songs.  This week’s theme instead has been selected by one of our Spotlight Dancer’s Becca, who is also our honorary co-conductor this month.  Her choice is songs from the year of your child’s birth (or if no children your pet is considered part of the family). 

I chose songs from Princess Nagger and Little Dude’s birth years – a couple of these songs I’d forgotten all about, so it’s nice to revisit them.  Let’s start off with great song that happens to be the very first song Taylor Swift learned how to play on the guitar.  Here’s Dixie Chicks with their 2002 hit “Cowboy Take Me Away”:

Next is a group I’ve always liked who started off under a different name, then the year Princess Nagger was born (2002) changed their name and released this song that reached #3 on the Billboard country charts and was the band’s highest chart peak in the U.S. until their Number One hit “Moments” in 2007. Here’s Emerson Drive with “Fall Into Me”:

Next is a fun song that I’ve always attributed to summertime fun – here’s Sheryl Crow with her 2002 hit, “Soak The Sun”:

And finally, to honor Little Dude’s birth year of 2007, you’ll all be very familiar with this superstar artist, here’s my girl Carrie Underwood with her 2007 mega-hit “Before He Cheats”:


Have a great Monday.

Now on to the particulars of Monday’s Move’s Me:


I have the supreme honor and of being a co-host with the inimitable Xmas Dolly and her cohorts in crime, Lorie of The Shewbridges of Celebration, Florida, Callie from JAmericanSpice, Cathy from Cathy Kennedy’s Blog and our very special co-conductor for the month of September, Becca of Everyday Life.

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The awesome Run DMT also hosts Monday (who graciously helps out with our hostessing every time we need it, and who I had the of meeting in person at BlogHer – she’s even more adorable than I imagined):

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15 thoughts on “Cowboy Take Me Away and Fall Into Me so we can Soak Up The Sun Before He Cheats

  1. Cowboy Take Me Away…. I haven’t listened to the Chicks in so long. And Soak Up The Sun use to be a favorite! I do believe its time to pull out the old school play lists (which means digging into the cd box!)

  2. love love love the Emerson Drive song it’s one of my favorites and of the Carrie Underwood song is great they love video to it she totally wrecks his nice truck brilliant
    Come Say HI

  3. Emerson Drive is new to me, but I love their style! Sheryl Crow is one of my favorite female vocalists so I really dig this song pick. I goofed up today’s theme, but I had fun finding my choices all the same. Apparently I missed Marie changing the theme somewhere along the way. Crazy, yeah I know! I’m just special like that sometimes.

  4. Now the lead singer of Dixie Chicks she sure lost the weight in this video. I think she looks good both ways! The next luscious song you have there nope new to me, but the spot they chose to video that song. That water looks awesome overhead etc., and then I don’t know if I ever saw any of her videos, but love all her songs. Da girl got it goin for sure. Love this video! I WANT SUMMER BACK!!!! Oh well, it sounded good, and then there’s our girl Carrie! Thank you little Dude for being born in 2007! WOO HOO! Every woman loves this song & don’t say you don’t cuz I’ll call you a liar! GET DOWN CARRIE – TELL IT LIKE IT IS! WE GOT YOUR BACK GIRL! WOOOOOOOOO

  5. Great choices. I love all of them. I do have a soft spot for Carrie. I wish I would have honored both the girls… is not too late..I think I should do that. Mine is here

  6. These are great songs. The only one I didn’t know what Emerson Drive. Today actually felt like fall around here. It was nice to some relief from the heat.

  7. Not a Sheryl Crow fan except Soak Up The Sun and her duets with Kid. Cowboy Take Me Away and When He Cheats. Oh, Yeah!!!

  8. So I wasn’t just dreaming. This week was supposed to be love songs. I saw the change late last night ten minutes before my post was scheduled to go live. I really hustled to find some new songs quick! Your are great! You did a great job getting some new songs quickly, too.

    I love fall, too. It is the best season in the desert. Los Angeles starts getting hotter, while we cool down. It’s a little hot out today, but with the water cooler on, and the fluffy clouds outside, it feels like fall. Have a great week!

  9. These are great songs! What I do like the most is fall into me by emerson drive. The lyrics of it are absolutely great! Though it’s pretty hard to pursue somebody who’s not ready yet to be into a commitment. It’s just a matter of having courage so you can have what you really want.