Link and Zelda in Feline Form

Every so often I’ll actually be able to snag a decent picture of our – you know, when they’re not running away from the or hiding out in some convenient cubbyhole taking one of many catnaps.  The other day I was going to get a shot of Link who was lounging in Princess Nagger’s Desk chair all curled up with his paw covering his face, but the hubby’s booming voice and the perpetual busybody foiled my plans.  I did snag a decent shot of him anyway:

He looks a tad annoyed, doesn’t he?  I think I’d be annoyed if my was interrupted, too.  Our other cat, Zelda (you can tell we got these when Princess Nagger was obsessed with The Legend of Zelda, can’t you?) was minding her own business when Princess Nagger decided she needed a little decoration:

She didn’t seem to mind her fancy ‘scarf’ decoration – she ended up walking around with it on for the better part of the day.  Maybe she needs to step up and join Oreo on Meow Monday, don’t you think?


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27 thoughts on “Link and Zelda in Feline Form

  1. My tortoiseshell roommate, Binga, is also pretty tolerant of things my human decides to decorate her with. Me? I’m more like Link – annoyed by much of life!

  2. Love that last pic especially – if it had a thought bubble, the thought bubble would surely say “Just wait til I get my claws into your new fancy sofa.”

    Happy WW!

  3. Woops! Number 10 needs to be deleted! For some reason it put up last weeks link.

    No, he does not look thrilled with the dress up game!

  4. What a patient cat, but I guess a scarf is better than a dress. My cousins were always trying to dress their cat in baby clothes. Never a win.

  5. My cats growing up would never let us do that. I did have one for a while that would let me wrap it up like a baby and put him in a stroller. The rest, we were lucky if they would wear a collar. Dumb Dog on the other hand? She’ll wear a full on outfit. She’s a diva like that!

  6. You know both of my sons are huge Legend of Zelda fans and love cats, right? They’d adopt Princess Nagger as their little sister in a heartbeat.

  7. Link is beautiful and Zelda all fancied up looks very smart and fancy!

    I have a small little something for you over at my place.

  8. I like cats when they’re someone else’s. I didn’t know you had any! What grand photos though. I guess I have bad memory that I can’t get out of my head. We had one and I had very expensive luggage that was given to me, and the cat decided to use the big one for a potty and you can’t get the smell out. I was infuriated and still am. Oh well. Such is life.

  9. Love the nickname! !! Anyhoo, I’ve been on Mars for two months but I am back now – hope your summer is going fabulously! BTW, if you get the chance to stop in and see what I have posted I would love your input – mabye you could even ask your readers … I know a nuber of them bought my book after you reviewd it and would be interested in their opinions. “Talk” soon!

  10. Link and Zelda?!

    OMG – They are easily the most brilliant pet names – cats or otherwise – that I’ve ever, ever, EEEVVVEEERRR heard! What a brainwave! 🙂

  11. I agree! I’m a uber video games nerd so the fact that Link and Zelda are their actual names! Dang, that’s cool! I called my newest kitten Dexter because I love the TV and you can tell he’s gonna be trouble! 😛