10 Things To Smile About While Reminiscing in a RTT Rebel and TTUT Kind of Way

It’s Tuesday already – literally, as it’s after midnight and I’m just now getting around to writing this.  I miscalculated on how long it would take me to bottle 60 bottles of wine.  From start to finish 6 hours.  The … Continue reading

A Summer Beauty Interview by Princess Nagger (brought to you by Venus) – and Your Chance to Win a $50 Visa Gift Card!

You’re in for a treat – Princess Nagger is interviewing me today about my Summer Beauty Tips! PN: “I bet you’re regretting bringing those cheap disposable razors on vacation, aren’t you?” Me: “I sure am – how did you figure … Continue reading

I’m Another Drunk Chick that’s White and Nerdy ‘Cause I’m A Blonde that’s Stuck Like Glue on a Country Man Online

Hard to believe that July is already coming to a close – where is the time going?  Don’t answer that, I  probably don’t want to know. The next few days are going to be crazy trying to wrap things up … Continue reading

Let the Eye-Rolling Begin!

Fifteen-and-a-half weeks.  Just fifteen-and-a-half weeks and my baby girl will reach a milestone birthday that starts her in the double-digits.  Which means she’ll become a Tween.  I’m not sure I’m ready for that phase. How could time have passed by … Continue reading

Does Your Dog Have the “It” Factor? GUND’s Top Dog Contest is going on Now!

Did you hear? GUND is having their first ever “Top Dog” Contest from July 16 (I know, it’s already started – I’m late to the party myself since I just learned about it yesterday, so we can be fashionably late … Continue reading

Spontaneous Comedic Moments

  I have a dry sense of humor – sometimes it takes a minute to ‘get it’ when I proffer a zinger, but when the light bulb goes on, laughter ensues. Usually.  Sometimes the crickets are chirping, but I can … Continue reading