Lord Help Me, It’s Getting to be Time for “The Talk”… Still looking for the “Pause” Button

The one thing I don’t look forward to being a mom of a daughter is having The Talk.  No, not that talk.  I’m talking about the monthly cycle talk.  That talk.  Period.  Though that ‘other’ talk isn’t far behind the period talk.

Where’s that pause button?

Growing up, my mom didn’t talk openly to us girls about that time of the month.  In fact, my older sister freaked out when she started her period, ran from the bathroom screaming “I’m dying! I’m dying!”  Bleeding from her unmentionables threw her into panic mode, naturally.

My mom took her into the bathroom and showed her where the feminine products were kept, not really explaining what changes my sister was experiencing and what was happening.  I was glad I had an older sister who went through it first, so I wouldn’t go into when it happened to me.

I always wanted to break the cycle and make sure that I always keep an open line of communication with Princess Nagger so she doesn’t have to go through the changes that will be happening sooner than I wish they would.  Where the heck is that pause button?

Now that Princess Nagger is 9, we’ve started talking about what will be happening as she grows into womanhood – especially since it’s not uncommon for girls to start their period when they’re 8. Is it just me, or are they maturing younger and younger?  In fact, we’ve recently had to discuss possibly getting her a training bra – which means the other ‘womanly mode’ is not that far behind.  Again I ask, where on god’s green earth is that pause button?

I’m happy to announce I’m honored to be a U by Kotex Ambassador.  I’ve been an avid user of Kotex myself over the years, and this opportunity couldn’t have come at a better time, considering Princess Nagger’s journey into seems to be on the horizon (still looking for that pause button).

I remember wearing the regular pads my mom had on hand when I was a tween, and just knew everyone around me knew what was going on with me, because I felt like everyone could tell I was wearing something so bulky – you know, because I felt like I was walking funny.  Because I probably was, being that I was self-conscious and all.

I wish they had these products when I was a tween:

What I love about the new tween products are that the pads are designed specifically for 8 to 12-year-olds and are 18 percent shorter and narrower than other Kotex pads.  Since Princess Nagger is way more petite than I was at that age, she won’t have to worry about being self-conscious when her time comes.

They’re also sold in glittery boxes decorated with hearts, stars and swirls (which are also printed on the pads themselves) to make that time of the month slightly more fun.  Though when the box’o’goodies arrived in the mail, Princess Nagger’s enthusiasm was hidden by a whole lot of eye-rolling.  I bet when the time comes, she’ll be very happy she’ll have fun products to use vs. the boring old stuff I use.  I’m just sayin’.

I am happy to be participating in this important campaign and while I’m not looking forward to Princess Nagger growing further and further away from being my girl, I am looking forward to working with the Kotex brand.

Whether or not you have had the talk, are contemplating the talk, or simply know that  it is in your future (since we can’t seem to find that pause button), stay tuned for helpful information for your tweens and teens.  This should get interesting.  For more information, feel free to visit U by Kotex for Tweens and Teens.

If you have daughters, have you had The Talk yet?  If your daughters are gown, how did your talk go?



I wrote this review while participating in a Brand Ambassador Campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of U by Kotex Tween and received products to facilitate my post and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.  All opinions are mine and not influenced by outside sources. See my Disclosure Policy here.

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19 thoughts on “Lord Help Me, It’s Getting to be Time for “The Talk”… Still looking for the “Pause” Button

  1. We are ten months into the adventure here. The harder I try. To be open and cool, th Elmore that girl looks at me like I am the devil! Last month I took to writing her a note instead of speaking out loud to the glare!

  2. Eek! There was a box over where I was typing and I didn’t see the typos! Oh, and I meant to include that I found some tween products early on, but for the past four months, no more luck!

    • I was wondering who ‘Elmore’ was… 😉 You’re getting the devil eyes? Are they also accompanied with the eye-rolling mode, too? That’s what Princess Nagger has been doing whenever I bring up the subject – eye-rolling devil eyes! 🙂

  3. Hi All, (hi Stacy – love your blog:)

    My daughter is now 18 years old and although she’s my only daughter, we took in a foster child 3 years ago (well, she wasn’t a child really, just a young teenager going through some difficult family stuff who needed stability, love and safety). So I’ve done the ‘talk’ twice….I’ve always kept an open line of communication open to all my children – I’ve even had the ‘talk’ to my 3 boys (who are currently 12 x 2 and one 20 year old now) as they will have to live with the hormonally challenged girls and their paraphenalia:) The ‘talk’ went well (some eye rolling) but seriously I spoke to them about my experience (I was subjected to those horrible pins in the granny underpants that were the ugliest things I’ve ever seen!) and what works for me and the choices they have. I allowed the girls to experiment by using different things until they found something they were comfortable with (both girls use U by Kotex tampons and pads – they love the feminine packaging and the sizes suit them down to the ground…so glad things have changed since my day). The boys were embarassed but grateful in the end as they now understand why the girls cry at the drop of a hat, forget things and yell at them for strange things – it gets them used to being married one day!:) I also hope its taught them to be a bit more sensitive to us emotional females and to appreciate what wonderful creatures we are:). You go Mama!…

    • Awwww! Thanks, Sherry! You know, I didn’t even think about having the talk with Little Dude (of course he’ll have to wait a few year for that – at 4 he has trouble enough comprehending normal every day stuff…heh!) but that’s a great idea – that way he’ll understand the emotional volcano that will be transpiring in our house. 😉

  4. My mother didn’t talk to me either. I learned things from our classes at school but I needed more. I actually got my first period when I was spending a month in the summer with my aunt. She never had children. Gave me the products but there was no discussion either.
    You will do a fine job with Princess Nagger. I wish I could help you with slowing down time!

    • I think our mom’s (including your aunt) were part of that generational time where you simply didn’t speak of such things. Thankfully we survived, right? 😉 Thank you for the sweet encouragement! 🙂

  5. You are too cute. Not a lot of fun with my daughter … seemed to think that gave her carte blanche for ‘life’ completely. Ugh!
    Have a great weekend ~
    TTFN ~

    • Uh-oh – I hope that when Princess Nagger hits that mode, she doesn’t figure it gives her carte blanche for ‘life’ completely… they sure can be a handful, can’t they? Probably why men just shake their heads and mutter “Women.” 😉 Thanks for stopping by, Marydon – have a great weekend! 🙂

  6. I was glad that school helped with that TALK. Tara and I had always been pretty open about stuff.. being a family of just the two of us girls
    I love the U by Kotex products for Tara… that’s what she has used since day !

    It is so much fun…. I keep chocolate on hand to feed the PMS Monster!

    • I’m laughing at the “keep chocolate on hand to feed the PMS Monster” – I better stock up, or at least buy stocks in Hershey or something…we’re going to need it if she ends up inheriting my PMS mode! 😉 Have a great weekend, Martha! 🙂

  7. Ahh I totally freaked out when it happened to me! My mom had never talked to us about this and I had recently studied about cancers and bleeding at school and when I saw myself bleeding, I was sure I am going to die! I did not tel anybody and cried for a day or so until mom eventually saw stains on my cloths and told me what was happening! Oh God it was so hard!

  8. I found that a bottle of wine beforehand helped tremendously…so much so that I went ahead and knocked out both talks in one. Ahem, you know the Aunt Flow & S-E-X talks. My oldest was probably 9 at the time, but luckily she didn’t actually start until 13. Now I’m procrastinating buying that bottle of wine for the talk(s) with my 10 year old. Secretly, I’m just hoping my oldest talks to her. LOL.

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