May Day Weather and Spicy Racks

Happy May Day…  Or whatever salutation is appropriate for this first day of May.  When we were kids, we used to make paper cone vases out of construction paper and fill them with flowers (from my mother’s garden, naturally) then leave them in various neighbors front doorknobs, ring the bell and away.  Does anyone do that anymore, or is that another thing of the past?

Speaking of May, you know that chant 0;April Showers bring May flowers” – I guess this year it’s sort of on a delay since we didn’t get much in April, as obvious by the August heat we had instead.  I guess we’re kicking off the week pretending it’s a combination of April and May based on what’s coming up:

Personally I love a good thunderstorm – it’s like getting our own personal light show.  The hubby and I will even sit out on the porch and watch the action.  I know, we were made for each other since we’re equally crazy.

Speaking of crazy, we’re planning a road trip to Seattle in June.  2 kids, 2 dogs, and 2 insane adults for 2 weeks.  It’s going to be an adventure.  We’re planning to alternate the route there and back – the Northern route and the Southern route.  Any suggestions on what we should stop to see along the way between Pennsylvania and Washington State?  I’m plotting our course now and figure I’ll throw in some touristy stuff to keep it interesting and fun.

Speaking of fun, Sunday night’s episode of GCB was extra hilarious when the women decided to prove the men wrong when the men declared the BBQ Invitational to be “no girls allowed.”  They formed their own team and called themselves 0;Spicy Racks” (a play on words, obviously), complete with matching T-shirts:

The women won, of course.  This was the next-to-the-last episode for their freshman season – I for one am hoping this show will be renewed for next year.

That’s enough mediocre randomness for this week – feel free to link up and hop around to all the other awesome randomizers – they’re always so entertaining. Thank you all again for keeping the random alive. I couldn’t do it without you. And to my Me Tuesday friends, you’re welcome to link up, too – that way I’ll be sure not to forget to stop by and scope you out. You know what I mean.

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35 thoughts on “May Day Weather and Spicy Racks

  1. Never heard of GCB until just now. Sounds interesting. It’s supposed to get nicer weather here again this week. I sure hope so. I’m not a fan of the cold. Hope your trip goes well in June!

  2. It is funny you mentioned that you like a good thunderstorm… It is raining and lightening here this AM too and I just told my husband the same thing – and that I was in the mood for a rainy day…

  3. We’ve had tons of rains this year already and I can’t wait for the weather to start getting warm again. We still wear our winter jackets here in Germany but the last few days have been lovely. Hope the month of May Brings us Sunshine.
    Happy May Day!!!

  4. Oh man, good luck on that trip. We’re driving from Florida to Chicago at Christmas with the kids (thankfully without the dogs) and I am somewhat dreading it. Happy Tuesday!

  5. Let me give your trip some thought. I should be able to come up with something interesting. Making short tourist stops along the way should hopefully kept the whining down to a minimum.

  6. Love your randomness! I’m also jealous of your weather (temps) regardless of the rain…we’re in the 40’s and raining here today 🙁 Getting connected on this blah Tuesday morning 🙂 New follower!
    Life with our Family

  7. Sounds like a fun trip, good luck, can’t wait to read about it! Also, we’ve had 3 days of rain, feel your pain!

  8. The heat is something else. Yesterday it reached 89. Oh my! Too hot for me and I was certain we would get a good thunderstorm last night, but that never materialized. Perhaps today we’ll get some much needed rain.

    We like to watch the lightening, too. But, we don’t go outside to do unless we’re already there. For instance, if we’re in the mountains and we’re getting this sort of activity then it’s an amazing thing to see high up especially in the evening hours – so dramatic and beautifful. We haven’t done this in a long time, though.

    Your upcoming road trip sounds great. I’m sure y’all will have a blast. It’ll be nice to read all about it when you return. =D

    Thanks for hosting, as like always!

  9. We got spectacular thunderstorms in Texas, and I miss ’em – not that we don’t get them here in Ohio, but not like we did back home. Of course, we also got hail and tornadoes, so I guess it’s an acceptable trade-off. 🙂

  10. We may be just as crazy. We have a road trip to Michigan in August–gas prices permitting. We are heading through Wisconsin and the upper peninsula so we don’t have to deal with Chicago traffic. If you figure out any magic road trip tricks, do share. The only thing we aren’t doing is taking the dog. Good luck. Do stop and see something in Wyoming–Devils Tower is a good one along I90. What other routes are you taking?

  11. You could always stop in Mid Ohio on your way 😉

    We didn’t get much rain in April but making up for it the next few days. We had a pretty good storm last night that knocked out the dish for a bit.

  12. Blargh. Completely forgot about RTT until I saw your post come in my feed reader and just don’t have the mojo to do it this week as I had to put my cat down last night. So on that happy note, Happy May Day and may many non-pilfered flowers find their way to you!

  13. You aren’t the first one to bring up the whole May Day Celebration. I remember it being a much bigger deal when I was a kiddo. It was always nice though.
    Good luck on your road trip. Sounds like memories (for better or for worse ) in the making.

  14. I used to LOVE May Day. I used to run as if my life depended on it to catch the neighbor boy for a kiss. It did not happen.

    And GCB? Hilarious! I’m not speaking to Charter On Demand, because it doesn’t have this week’s episode. I’ll have to watch it on Hulu.

  15. We’re suppose to be in the upper 80s for the rest of the week. I may have to de-cheap myself and put the a/c on. Well, at least I’ll be able to breath…..

    Have a great day!

  16. Wow! So the Iowa (I think that is where you went) trip didn’t put you guys off from big long car trips, and you are going even further?!?! One car this time? It seems like a lot of the thunder storms we have had most recently were at night, and almost too loud to sleep! I like plain old rain to sleep by.

  17. The weather has been crazy! I am hoping for a day like today on Saturday when I have to spend the afternoon/evening in Philly!
    I never heard of the May Day flower in the cone tradition. The most we did was a May Day pageant in school!
    You need to think of a catchy name for your trip! That is going to be crazy!

  18. K, I gotta check out this GCB show! And seriously, 2 weeks??? 2 kids 2 dogs?? You 2 definitely are 2 crazy adults!!

  19. If I wasn’t so afraid of thunderstorms, I would actually find enjoyment in watching the lightning, but in Florida, it gets a little too close for comfort.

  20. I bet that is so much fun to watch a neighbor find flowers on their doorstep.

    I love a good road trip every now and then. I think the family grows and learns from these. I mean we have to be together cooped up for a long long time in a moving vehicle.
    Good luck/fun etc.
    My hubs would know waht you should stop and see, I’m cluelessly along for the ride 🙂

    I’m still so so on GCB maybe because first I got bad news and then I only saw one episode, so I’ll try again and form my own opinion. I guess it will be a season finale for me.


    2 weeks with 2 kids, 2 dogs and 2 crazy adults? OMG! I’m looking forward to hearing all the details!!!

    GCB was GREAT! I love that show!

    Thanks for linking up with us! You know I love you even though you’re starting to kick my azz in scramble! 😉

  22. I have a love/hate thing with thunderstorms- I like them, but kids freak out- so not as enjoyable.
    That will be a long roadtrip! It seems like I just pinned a site where you can put where you are going and it will show you good places to stop- if I find it I will let you know.
    And oh I was bad and forgot your button again- dang! Next week for sure!

  23. Our weather hasn’t been very nice this week either! But I guess after a hot weekend in the desert, I can take a few cloudy days. Your road trip sounds fun! And very adventurous, ha. Love that you and your hubby are “equally crazy,” too cute!

  24. The weather yesterday was crazy.. It was so hot yet it is raining and I can’t even understand what happened..

  25. Thanks for hosting and allowing me to link up! Your road trip sounds awesome! I can’t wait to hear all about it!

    I tried to watch GCB, but being a native Dallasite, it was too over the top for me….. 🙂

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  27. Spicy racks! LOL I think I’ll watch the On Demand episodes this summer and catch up on the GCB. If you’re not watching Once Upon a Time or Grimm, you should watch those shows this summer when you’re trying to fill the void until the fall season starts up again. PN would LOVE Once Upon a Time. My girls watch it with me.

    We haven’t had much rain either, but I’m not a fan of rain. And after having the house hit by lightning last fall, I’m not a fan of the light show either anymore. I got a jolt from the stove as I was cooking dinner when the lightning hit. It was so scary! You know how experts tell you to avoid TVs, phones and showers during a storm? They aren’t kidding!

  28. Ok I’m gonna be honest…that road trip sounds like a nightmare! You are a very brave woman my friend!

    I have yet to see that show, I guess I need to find the time to watch it huh?

    Thanks for linking up with us, sorry I’m so late getting by…busy week.