Scramble Brainy Friends, Dandelion Volcano, Obsessive Song Search…The Usual Mishmash

I tend to have an advanced vocabulary, as evidenced by the plethora of verbiage that tends to spew forth from my mouth.  But I suck at word games. 

At least that’s what I’ve discovered after the sovereign Elle from Blue Monkey Butt and the inimitable Impulsive Addict have proven after they’ve gotten me hooked on playing Scramble With Friends over the weekend. 

They have been seriously kicking my butt.  Big time. 

But I’m a glutton for punishment, so I keep playing.  And losing.  From the brain freeze I experience each time I see that two-minute timer, to the mixture of letters with words begging to be discovered, to my clumsy fingers on the touch screen, I haven’t been able to come close to their competitive scores.  At all.  But I’m now addicted thanks to those two, in spite of my lack of ability to envision any semblance of words even cross-eyed. 

But I’m having fun.  Even as a loser. 

If you want to feel like a winner, find me on there (StacyUncorked, of course) so you can kick my butt too.  Or maybe, just maybe, I’ll be lucky to find another brain-freezer and finally be a winner.  Or at least have a better comparable score.  Any takers?

Remember the pretty new driveway we had put in last November?  Here’s a memory refresher:

That’s the view looking towards the house from the barn.  In case you were wondering.  With all the excessive warm summer-ish we had ( until this week, where Old Man Winter is apparently having the last word), since the driveway used to look like this…

…stubborn pesky persistent dandelions started growing through the pavement, especially towards the front of the driveway.  About seven of them right down the middle.  The biggest one looked like a mini volcano – with a sprout of green poking out the top.

I had every intention of getting out there and taking pictures, but the driveway guys were too reliable and came out Friday to it, totally thwarting my blog fodder.  If any more sprout up, I’ll be sure to get out there and take pictures before calling the driveway dudes.

Do you ever have a song get stuck in your head when you hear it play on a show you’re watching?  That happened to me last week when I was watching Hart of Dixie.  At the very end of last week’s episode a great song started playing called “Once I’ve Done It” by someone I’d never heard of, April Geesbreght.  Of course I did a fanatical search trying to find it, but it’s not available anywhere.  I found her on ReverbNation, Facebook and Twitter and have now officially begun to stalk her to see when she’ll make the song available for purchase.

I love how some shows will find unknown artists and utilize their songs.  It makes it fun – albeit frustrating sometimes if you can’t find the info you need – to discover new artists with some amazing music.  Here’s hoping April’s song is available soon, I’d love to listen to it again.  And again.

That’s a wrap for this week – feel free to link and hop around to all the other awesome randomizers – they’re always so entertaining. Thank you all again for keeping the random alive. I couldn’t do it without you.  And to my Talk To Me Tuesday friends, you’re welcome to link up, too – that way I’ll be sure not to forget to stop by and scope you out.  You know what I mean.

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27 thoughts on “Scramble Brainy Friends, Dandelion Volcano, Obsessive Song Search…The Usual Mishmash

  1. Oh my gosh, heard that song too and loved it! I hadn’t tried to find it yet and actually had forgotten until I read your post. Now I want to hear it too. Thanks. Haha!

  2. I love scrabble but am really scared of getting hooked and then getting nothing else done… Great post, great hop – Thanks for hosting and have a great week.

  3. Songs stuck in my head??? OH MAN YES!!! Lately when I wake up in the middle of the night and can’t fall asleep, not only am I plagued with thoughts of what I have to handle the next day, I get random (and very random) ones at that stuck in my head – last night it was the time warp…

  4. I was really into Words with Friends for a while but two of my friends gave it up for Lent and I got out of the habit. I’m doing Draw Something a lot more. And I do love finding music by new folks, especially if they are relatively underground. Happy Tuesday!

  5. I’ve been avoiding Words with Friends. It would totally suck me in and I’d get nothing done.
    Dandelions are terribly persistent plants.

  6. The driveway looks awesome. mine needs to be redone. and I play words with friends and I lose 95% of the time but I get sucky letters!!

  7. I love playing Scrammle, IA and I go back and forth as far as who wins, I gave up playing her in WWF! I’ll look for you…

    This has been a weird winter hasn’t it? It’s chilly here today, in Florida terms that is. Those darn dandelions, they are so annoying and persistent, a real neuscence!

    Thanks for linking up with us Miss Stacy!

  8. So…last night, I posted my RTT post, came here to link up, and got totally sidetracked trying to download Scramble With Friends, which seems to be incompatible with my vintage iPhone, and forgot to link! I also never commented! Clearly, I don’t need any more games anyway!

  9. Ok, that SITS thing gets in the way of me reading your blog. Is it just my stupid computer or does it do it to everyone?

    HAHAHHAHA! You blogged about scramble! I’ve been playing for a while. You’ll be kicking my ass before long. Between my husband and my bestie, I win some and lose some. But isn’t it addicting? I have a constant need to play it. I just can’t always play it with Emma around. She tends to reek havoc on my games on occasion.

    I love your pretty driveway. Much better than the dirt one, huh? I’m glad they fixed your problem. Yes, take a pic next time!!! =)

    Thanks for linking up! xoxo

  10. Oh I’ve been playing a similar game called words wirh friends…very addictive and so much fun!
    Thanks for the link up xxx

  11. I’m all about the verbiage too, but totally suck at word games. They’re not natural! When speaking, the words just come out, but when I have to think about them, they just flutter away.

    Dandelions are evil. I hate them with the passion of a thousand nuns.

    Weather. What a PITA. I have to say it was about 7 million degrees when we were in the States last week and when we got back to Frankfurt it was 40 degrees. Who can keep up?

    If you don’t have it, you need Shazam on your phone or tablet. When you turn it on while a song is playing it will search and find the artist and title for you (if it’s available). I pink puffy heart it.

    BTW, I always (ALWAYS) have a song stuck in my head. It’s quite annoying to be honest.

    Oh, and you totally need a crown on your wino version button too. It’s a nice touch. Don’t you feel like a queen when you drink wine? I do. Especially when it’s made by a certain bloggy friend. 🙂

  12. I have had Tim McGraw’s song Better Than I Used To Be stuck in my head for a few weeks now. I am always walking around the house singing “I ain’t no angel,I still got a few more dances with the devil” Or part of a Luke Bryan song where I am bouncing around the house singing “Girl you make my speakers go boom boom”

  13. I’m a word game loser too. I never do well at those games. Have you heard about that drawing game app? Everyone seems to be into that too. Not me. It’s just one more time sucker-upper.

    I love hearing and discovering new artists. TV shows and restaurants are great for that. When you track her down online, you should share her for MM.

  14. There’s a lot of songs on Kids Place Live that showcase music that isn’t available for purchase or difficult to find. John has made it a personal mission several times to find Sprite’s favorite songs.

  15. Oh I always forget to add your button- need to start remembering. Your house looks beautiful.. I have always wanted to live in the country but then I am more of a city girl at heart.

  16. I will Scramble with you, and you will have a string of wins! I am awful, even with my phenomenal vocabulary. I lose at all those social games. It’s embarrassing. But I can’t stop. Even worse is Draw Something, where I know I draw like an embryo. But so addicting.

  17. Wow- your driveway looks great!
    My in-laws had one of those old driveways and it was such a pain in so many ways. I have to wonder if the people who bought their house ever got it fixed.

    Have a great rest of your day!

  18. Oooh, dandelion volcanoes!? We have words with friends, but I will ask someone more knowledgeable than I (under 15) if we can have that too!

  19. I also feel like I have a pretty good vocabulary but when I play Words with Friends with certain people I never get the right letters to land on the right squares and I always lose. Argh!

  20. I am completely addicted to Scramble With Friends (after everyone I played in Words With Friends deserted me, saying I win too much. Losers). I get the brain freeze too but I usually do pretty well. I have one friend who I’ve only beaten a handful of times; usually she kicks my butt. This of course transfers into MUST PLAY AGAIN.

    When I go to lunch, since my phone doesn’t work at my desk because the government is hell bent on being able to monitor my entire life (they’re reading this right now!), I’ll send you a game request. And then it’ll start. MUST PLAY AGAIN.

  21. I love playing scramble. By the way nice photo shown above, I love it. Thanks a lot for sharing!

  22. Fantastic looking driveway, Stacy! I’m sure you’re thrilled with your decision to get that work done! Wow – what a difference, huh!