Introducing the World’s Smallest Warrior Cat

has recently been captivated by the Warrior Cat book series.  She read the newest copy I got for her cover-to-cover already.  She even likes to pretend she’s a Warrior Cat, which makes for some interesting dinner time moments.  The other day she came home from school carrying her latest creation:

Her imagination and creativity never ceases to amaze me.


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39 thoughts on “Introducing the World’s Smallest Warrior Cat

  1. This is so darned precious. Make sure you keep this for years to come and it will be a treasure for the future!! I LOVE it!!!!! Thanks for the invitation to view her marvelous creation.

  2. Thanks fantastic! I love it when kids find a book series that just captivates them (I worked as a librarian for 6 years)! Yea for the Warrior books 😉

  3. I have a granddaughter that loves doing that too. We should get those two together. Bri is 11 yrs. old now, and loves working with her hands. Your Princess has a great imagination.

  4. That’s really well done, she’s very creative, and good with her hands too :).

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  5. It is amazing that she is able to work in such detail at such a small size. My oldest daughter makes figurines but she is much older than PN. That is beautiful.

  6. So cute I love it. She is wonderfully and creatively made warrior cat. You actually made me smile at this warrior cat. By the way thanks for the following links that you have been shared. Looking forward to check out of those.

  7. I was all…that’s not so tiny…and then i saw the picture of it next to the nickle (that is a nickel isn’t it? I blame my Canadian-ness if it is not)

  8. My daughter and I read the Warrior cats also (she’s 9). I like the little Warrior cat that your daughter made — it’s so cute!

  9. Very cute! Tara loved that series too! One of the few times that she was really into reading regularly! We have quite a collection of them! I was more than happy to buy them if she would read them!