Wrapping Christmas

Holy cow this week went by fast, didn’t it?  Forget about the week, this year has gone by fast.   I’m almost done with my Christmas shopping – usually I try to have all of the shopping done by Thanksgiving so I can spend the weeks leading up to Christmas wrapping presents and enjoy the season.  I still have a few things to pick up, mostly waiting for my sister to give me some ideas on what she’d like (hello, Kimn – where’s my list?) 

I’m a big online shopper – it’s much easier for the gifts to arrive incognito on my doorstep so curious little eyes don’t see what I’m getting.  Curious little eyes usually turn into blabbermouths.  No matter who the gift happens to be for, they’ll spill the beans to the recipient in their unabashed excitement.

Which leads to a minor conundrum for wrapping presents – it was easy after Princess Nagger started school several years ago, I had all day to leisurely wrap presents without worry of gifts being seen and blabbed about.  Now that Little Dude is on the scene, I have to limit my wrapping times to his afternoon nap.   A narrow window at best.  But it will get done.  Once I get the piles’o’boxes that are everywhere with all the gifts I’ve gotten so far organized, I can get busy.

Since we’re planning on spending the Christmas week in Iowa with my sister and her family, I’ll need to organize the Santa gifts first so I can wrap and ship them to have my sister hide them for me until Christmas Eve.  I figure that way neither kidlet will see the special Santa paper and bust me on being Santa so the magic can last a while longer. 

Which brings me to this weeks question(s):

Do you like wrapping presents?  If you give your kids gifts from Santa, do you wrap them in special paper that your kids don’t see until the presents are waiting on Christmas morning?

Have a great weekend!


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22 thoughts on “Wrapping Christmas

  1. I **LOVE** wrapping presents!! My kids don’t believe in Santa anymore, though. They know all the pressies come from us (and whoever else sends ones…) 🙂

  2. I love wrapping gifts! When the kids were growing up they each had special Santa wrapping paper that he left their gifts in every year. ;D

  3. I used to love wrapping presents but now I use decorative gift bags! Ha! Much easier!
    And yes, I used different paper for the kids pressies so I wouldn’t get busted.

  4. I love the look of pretty wrapped presents but to me, it’s such a chore. We have four kids and here’s what we do…we wrap the gifts that are from us (mom and dad) and put them under the tree as we get them. Then, we open those gifts on Christmas Eve night. The “Santa” gifts are not wrapped…but put under the tree while the kids are sleeping on Christmas Eve. When they wake up on Christmas morning, all their Santa gifts are waiting, unwrapped under the tree. My kids are teens now and they wouldn’t think of letting me change things. They still want all their Santa stuff unwrapped.

  5. We used to take a great deal of time to wrap presents when the kids all lived at home. Now, not so much. But Santa presents never came wrapped – he just left them under the tree.

  6. Well, I’m with you on the online ordering. I do still help Santa wrap his gifts. He sends me special yearly gift wrap to us for his gifts. I also get his gifts by special delivery yearly. This year I received a special door knob plate. It remind them I am busy helping Santa. Hopefully no one enters because I am beamed over to the Santa work shop to wrap. I love this job and no matter how old I get the feeling is the same;)

  7. Chanukah is really not about giving gifts, so we try not to many too much of it. There are often times that my kids get things right from a bag 😉

  8. I hate wrapping. For me, it is a special kind of hell. I do enjoy buying gifts and planning gifts for people but the actual wrapping bugs me (probably because I’m not any good at it). Santa doesn’t wrap the gifts he brings here. He sets them up in front of the fireplace.

  9. LOVE wrapping presents!! Our “kiddies” are now 31 and 32, but our family traditions are still the same 🙂 Christmas Eve has always been opening all the wrapped gifts from grandparents and family etc. Christmas morning is always our Christmas stockings and when the kids were little, that was also all of Santa’s gifts – and they were never wrapped! 🙂

  10. I’m a get it all done at once so I never have to look at another bow until next year kind of girl. All of Sprite’s presents get sectioned out of that bunch and get different paper so she doesn’t get clued in. And of course, I let her see me wrap the rest. This usually ends with her claiming she wants something we’re giving to someone else, but she’s understanding that it’s not hers. 🙂

  11. When I started college, I worked in customer service at Macy’s and learned how to wrap a gift properly. I have never had a desire to wrap a gift again, and so, I tend to use gift bags or a bread wrapper or crumpled up aluminum foil. When nothing is inside the foil, I say, Oops! I wonder where your gift went. I’ll find it and mail it to you.

    Which never happens. Foil is the best.


  12. Hey! A shout out to you and your sister. I live in Iowa also.

    I don’t do the Christmassie stuff anymore. I think I just made a new word…hehe

  13. When I was younger I used to work at a gift wrapping place for the holidays. I can wrap a present like no ones business! LOL! And yes, we use different paper from Santa.

  14. Oh I remember yes, I did wrap Santa presents with Santa paper and hid the roll under the bed so the kids wouldn’t find out. hehehehehe

  15. I don’t like wrapping. I’m terrible at it so mostly things are in gift bags. We never wrapped Santa’s presents. That way when the kids woke up they would have Santa gifts to play with until we got coffee in our system and sat down to open presents.

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