School Pictures and Self Portrait

brought her home recently, and I must say they’re my favorite to date.  Especially when compared to years past, like Kindergarten:

Terrible photographer – she apparently said “Show your teeth!” when Princess Nagger was doing her usual closed-mouth at the time.  So Literal Girl literally showed her teeth.  They couldn’t tell her to say “cheese”?

The beginning of First Grade I totally spaced on Picture Day, that morning thinking it was a week out.  So I sent Princess Nagger to school in a sweatshirt and jeans – I got an earful from her when she got off the bus that afternoon about how everyone else was all dressed up except her.  Mom Fail.  At least that year they also did Spring School Pictures, so we didn’t completely miss out:

Second grade we ended up getting two sets of pictures – apparently the photographer didn’t notice Princess Nagger had pizza sauce on her face until sometime later:

They called her back out of class to retake the pictures that same afternoon.  After they cleaned off the pizza sauce, take two:

Third Grade this year?  Definitely the best yet:

My little baby’s growing up.   She recently brought home a self-portrait she did in art class:

I’m diggin’ the graphic T she made for herself, and the smile she drew makes me smile every time I look at it.  Just like her real smile.  Brilliant and beautiful. 


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22 thoughts on “School Pictures and Self Portrait

  1. Agree- this years pics are beautiful! She’s such a pretty gal 🙂
    Love her self portrait. When kids draw big smiles on themselves it’s a sign that they are very happy!!!

  2. That girl is beautiful in all the photos – even the toothy one! But I agree – this year’s is the best so far. (You are going to be in SO much trouble in about 6 years!)

  3. She is so beautiful! The first one–with the teeth–and the pizza sauce one cracked me up. These photographers must be so numb from photographing so many kids that they don’t notice anything. Or else it’s like a little inside joke to them: how many kids can they photograph with food on their faces? Also, her self-portrait is amazing! That is one talented little girl you have!

  4. Lol these pics of your little girl are so cute.

    At least the photographer noticed the pizza sauce on her face and called her back to do another take. From personal experience that doesn’t normally happen.

  5. Love the new picture. She looks so grown up and it’s nice to have her teeth back! Thanks for sharing all of them, that was fun. Her drawing is excellent.

  6. She looks great. This was the first year where Turbo didn’t have a weird smile. I like his third grade picture the best so far too.