Princess Nagger’s 9th Birthday – Part 1

Birthdays are a fun thing to celebrate.  Especially when you’re trying to make the final single-digit extra special for one .  On the eve of her , Princess Nagger and I made cupcakes for her class – she wanted to try the FUN da-Middles (we joked about the fudge filling looking like turds):

She had fun piling the sprinkles on, but I forgot to get a picture – except (sort of) the next morning while she was waiting for her bus:

She seemed a little quiet and preoccupied that morning, little did I know she was starting to catch a bug:

Since we have a of going out for a special , we let her choose where she preferred to go.   She said she didn’t care where we went, but that she was craving a juicy steak.  We decided to check out the newly opened – with ‘steak’ in the name, we couldn’t go wrong, right?

Princess Nagger was happy they had steak on the kid’s menu – and happily hammed it up for the camera while we waited:

Hubby and I were happy they had on the menu, until our dinner finally arrived at the table after a long wait.  While neither of us like bloody, we also prefer it not to be well done.  And bone dry.  Which ours was. 

Our server took them back to the kitchen, only to find out that the kitchen messed up when they were cooking the Prime Rib earlier in the day, and all the Prime Rib was well done.  The manager came over and apologized profusely, and in spite of our protestations, comp’d our entire meal.  Hubby made sure he gave our server a nice big tip, since it wasn’t her fault the kitchen messed up the Prime Rib.

After we got home, Princess Nagger played with her favorite present, the giant Angry Bird, then fell asleep on the couch with him:

I was trying not to giggle while I was taking the pictures, and was surprised that she didn’t wake up from the flash.  Earlier in the day I had made a pumpkin pie since that’s waht she wanted in lieu of a birthday cake (girl after my own heart), but with having a Parent-Teacher Conference immediately after school, followed by stopping home for her to open her gifts, followed by going out to dinner, we didn’t get a chance to do the whole candle/singing thing. 

The next morning when I went in to wake her up for school, I noticed she was hot to the touch, and she croaked out that she wasn’t feeling good.  So I tucked her back in bed and let her go back to sleep.  When she woke up a few hours later, she asked if she could have pumpkin pie – but she wanted to carve an angry bird in it first:

Here, you might be able to see the angry bird better in this shot:

I lit nine candles and Little Dude and I sang Happy Birthday to her before she made a wish and blew out the candles:

You can tell by her flushed cheeks that she was feverish – she spent the rest of the day in her Sponge Bob jammies and ended up home the next day before her fever finally departed and she started feeling more like her old self again.  We had to postpone her Angry Birds birthday party over the weekend, so she’s looking forward to continuing her birthday celebration in Part 2.

What do you like to do to celebrate your birthday?


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22 thoughts on “Princess Nagger’s 9th Birthday – Part 1

  1. Wow, I’m linking to you TWO DAYS in a row! I love the Angry Birds pumpkin pie! Princess Nagger is getting so big and pretty! All that gorgeous hair!

  2. Glad to hear she’s feeling better now. Happy belated birthday to Princess Nagger! That’s one big Angry Bird! I haven’t tried the Fun-da-Middles yet but I have a box that I plan on baking up soon.

  3. Aww, well, she deserves to celebrate their birthday TWICE since she got sick on it! 🙁 I’m glad to hear she’s feeling better! And those cupcakes looked delicious! Mmmm, chocolate! 🙂

    I hope you and your loving family have a great Thanksgiving!

  4. I’m so sorry she was sick on her birthday 🙁 That’s never fun. I like to get a big chocolate cake from Costco and eat it for days! That is the best way to spend it! And now that my little guy know the “Happy Birthday” song, I let him sing and sing. It’s so sweet! Happy WW!

  5. I’m so sorry she was sick on her birthday 🙁 That’s never fun. I like to get a big chocolate cake from Costco and eat it for days! That is the best way to spend it! And now that my little guy know the “Happy Birthday” song, I let him sing and sing. It’s so sweet! Happy WW!

  6. Great pics!! And you can tell she wasn’t feeling well. Poor thing!
    But she got her steak and her pumpkin pie!! So Happy Birthday Princess!!
    I love pumpkin pie!!

  7. Allana ALWAYS craves steak. She even has a shirt that says “I love steak.” I swear, her love for rare steak is because that’s all I ate when I was pregnant with her!

    My Emmalynn has a small black bomb Angry Bird. Poor PN being sick for her birthday. Can’t wait to see how part two turns out!

  8. Longhorn is my mom’s favorite restaurant, I usually go for the salmon salad and ask them to throw some strawberries in too.
    Can’t wait to see pix of the Angry Birds party!

  9. She definitely looks feverish in those shots – and that is indeed one Giant Angry Bird! Where did you get that monstrosity?

    Sorry to hear about the prime rib – I hate it when it comes out well done.

    Happy WW! (and Happy Thanksgiving!)


  10. Poor PN. I’m glad she’s finally feeling better and hopefully she’ll have a fun party. I’m looking forward to the pictures!

  11. Holy crap, that is a huge angry bird! Sorry PN wasn’t feeling well on her birthday but glad she is having a do over. And I love that she’s into steak meals, a girl with expensive taste!