Husky Voice and a Trip to the Dentist leads to a Lego Obsession

Did you all have a nice long weekend?  (sorry to my Canadian friends who did their whole shindig back in October).  I managed to decorate my blog for the holidays, but my fall decor is still steadfastly on my front porch.  Usually I switch out the decor over weekend, but I’m still nursing a cold.  At least I feel much better than I sound, I’ve had three people comment that I’m sporting a sexy husky smoker’s voice.  Sexy and/or husky I can live with – but the words ‘sexy’ and ‘smoker’ in the same sentence just doesn’t compute.

and I had our semi-annual yesterday for the whole teeth cleaning experience.  She was miffed that I scheduled it on the last ‘free’ day of her weekend, so I had to promise her a trip to Target afterwards to see what kind of ‘reward’ she’d be able to find.  She’s recently really gotten into Lego’s – they’ve come a long way from when I was a kid, now they have all these cool elaborate sets that actually build stuff, rather than the funky imaginative stuff us kids did.   A couple of weeks ago she started off with this:

Glove World - 169 pcs

Yesterday she upgraded to this:

Krusty Krab Adventures - 209 pcs

Next up she has her sights set on this one:

Good Neighbors at Bikini Bottom - 425 pcs

I think she’s hoping she’ll get it when we both have to return to the dentist on Tuesday.  Unless they have a wicked cool sale on Lego’s on that particular day, she’ll have to pick something else that my rapidly emptying wallet can handle.  Princess Nagger has only one cavity, which is a miracle considering she’s lackadaisical when it comes to brushing – now we have a timer to make sure she keeps the toothbrush in her mouth longer.

The dentist office we go to is awesome – everyone there is so nice, and do a great job quelling Princess Nagger’s fears (mostly) when they need to work on her teeth.  We both have to go back next week – I’ve been having pain in the same tooth they replaced the ancient filling a month or so ago…apparently they missed a spot.  The downside is that filling has be replaced again with all the drilling and excavating and numbness.  The upside is no root canal is necessary.

Princess Nagger fell asleep on the couch reading her newest edition of Diary of a Wimpy Kid (for the third or fourth time in a week).  She borrowed Little Dude’s fleece blanket to stay warm, and ended up having our cat Zelda cuddle up next to her:

Smart girl and smart cat.

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24 thoughts on “Husky Voice and a Trip to the Dentist leads to a Lego Obsession

  1. Yay for new legos. If my mom had bought me legos when I went to the dentist, I might have liked going a bit better. Isn’t it just terrible how we spoil our kids LOL. I was telling my mom today that she needed to buy Axle legos for Christmas. He loves trying to put lids on things or put things together. I think he would like them!

    Glad Princess only had one cavity. That timer idea is genius!!

  2. Sorry about the cold, but I do kind of love a husky voice. My voice is so low to begin with, that when I get hoarse people on the phone think I’m a man. Sad. Princess N is so sweet with her book. Jude loved the new Wimpy book too!

  3. My son was into Legos big time when he was young!! Now his son is into them big time. I think Legos’ are great! Good times for the kids!! Good seeing you…sorry I missed last week!
    Great Random….!!

  4. Leo has really been into Legos recently too but they are just so darn expensive. Hopefully for you and PN there is a sale on that selection next week!

  5. Love your holiday blog design! Hmmm…maybe you’ve inspired me for a little sprucing up. Have to see what I can manage to do with my limited web skills.

    PN looks so cozy there with Zelda.

    Happy RTT!

  6. Sorry about the cold, but I love when I get that husky voice. I sound so sexy as opposed to my normal high pitched squeek (ok, probably not that bad, but still). Good luck at the dentist. Poor Marc had to have emergency root canal in the midst of losing his dad…. Poor guy made the mistake of bringing me with him, and I ended up watching the whole thing and asking the dentist questions as he worked (Oh, I also took a picture of him)

  7. Our kiddos loved Lego’s, but our son loved them more. Ooo, I hated going to the dentist as a kid. My mom always took me to Diary Queen afterwards for a hamburger and shake. You know how hard it is to drink a milkshake with a novocane injected fat lip, right?Why do parents do this to their kids? I loved it, though. Anyhow, that’s one of my fond memories of my visits to Hell central. I would have sworn the dentist was Satan in the flesh, as a kid. Looks like PN is a real trooper compared to my whimpy days. Hooray for her! =D

  8. Elliot wants to like Legos so much but he’s still a bit young to really put the small ones together and he just gets frustrated. He has, however, been falling asleep on the couch lately. I kind of like it; I’m a couch sleeper myself. Happy Tuesday!

  9. Turbo has been obsessed with Legos for quite some time now. He actually got the Krusty Krab Adventures kit for his birthday a couple of years ago. He is now quite keen on the Alien adventures and longs for the really expensive City collections.

  10. Oh, those pictures of PN and Zelda make me want to cuddle up with a blanket and book. The weather here was absolutely miserable which made for perfect reading atmosphere.

  11. Oh, for the love of Legos! We have ten years’ worth in our basement for the boy, and maybe four years for the girl. The train table was repurposed (as were the train tables from 2 other families). It might be the biggest investment we have! Ha!

    Glad you’re feeling better! And I love the holiday flair!

  12. Love legos and when you combine legos with SpongeBob, it can’t get cooler. I’m glad I’m not the only one with an undecorated house!

  13. My oldest spent the entire car trip home from Grandma’s reading a Diary of a Wimpy Kid book. It was a 4+ hr drive. That was nice.

    When I was a kid I had a kitchen trash can full of Legos. Where do you suppose they ended up? All the Valentine’s I received in preschool – those my mom kept. But a million dollars worth of Legos? Those are gone.

  14. Legos. Sweet merciful heaves how I hate @#*$&% Legos. Last year we spent the entire day after day after Christmas putting together Legos. One set had 2800 pieces and the other 1600. LEGOS!!!! We talked him out of the AT-AT Walker, thank goodness. It is 2500 pieces that are almost ALL gray.

  15. My boys use a timer to brush, and I think it makes a huge difference!

    Yes, the Legos…sigh…they’re EVERYWHERE here…

  16. My brother still has his enormous Lego collection from when he was a kid. Something like 20,000 pieces. It’s the go-to thing when we visit. Kids and adults alike…