Final Day of November, Final Visions of Fall

I realize the title of my post is sort of an oxymoron since I’ve redecorated my blog into a winter wonderland, but work with me.  As we bid adieu to the month of November, I wanted to share the last vestiges of fall photos I snapped willy nilly:

It’s been a quirky fall, with summer-like temperatures at the beginning, the leaves took a while to finally change (as you can see, some of the trees in mid-october still have plenty of green leaves while other trees were changing):

Yesterday’s balmy but windy weather, peppered with droves of rain finally stripped the trees of the final leaves that were still clinging to branches.  Old Man Winter is getting ready to move in.

Are you ready for winter?


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I’m linking up with Kristi at Live and Love…Out Loud for her Shades of Autumn Photo Challenge – nothing like waiting until the last minute, eh?

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22 thoughts on “Final Day of November, Final Visions of Fall

  1. How in the world did fall arrive here before it did in your neck of the woods? Either way, it’s a constant reminder that I am sooooooo not ready for the holidays! YIKES!

  2. Beautiful! I wish the trees got that gorgeous here in the fall. They just turn brown and dry up. But the weather is fabulous. I love that summer stretches out well into November in NC. BTW, speaking of pictures, I can’t wait to hear what you think of the portrait!

  3. We walked past some burning bushes last night that had just a fringe of bright red still clinging to them. It was very cold, and the juxtaposition struck me much as it does you.

  4. I am not sure I am ready for winter, but I sure am glad to see the record heat come to an end. Also, to get at least a chance for rain on a weekly basis.

    Happy WW! (Wordless Wednesday, or WORM WORM. Or, maybe both.)


  5. So glad you found me. This is our first fall in 4 years (because we were living in hawaii)… I’ve been enjoying it so much and its such a shame to see it go.

  6. It’s starting to get really cold, but I must say your pics deserve to be on cards or a calender. Girl, you do have an eye for a good picture!~ Happy WW.

  7. Ready for winter? I just got used to fall! LOL! Though, I have to admit, looking at your photos made me a little blue – I thought to myself, “Wow, this is the last day of fall in the year 2011. We don’t have much time left in 2011! 2011 is going to be gone and we won’t ever see it again…” Woah, a little too deep this afternoon! 😉

  8. It’s been the same around here with back and forth temperatures. We still have a few hanging on but I am hoping they drop in time for leaf pickup.

    Thanks for stopping by my WW.

  9. It has been a really strange autumn around here too. Warm one day, then the leaves changed and took their time dropping and suddenly out of nowhere we got a foot of snow yesterday. Old Man Winter is in Michigan whether we invited him or not!

  10. We had a weird November too. Sort of a reverse-March – in like a lamb and out like a rabid lion LOL. Brrr…

    My photography is available for purchase – visit Around the Island Photography on etsy and Society6 and bring home something beautiful today!

  11. Our leaves went from green to non-existent because the crazy ridiculous wind stripped them off the trees and sent them down the street. The hubby was happy because this was the first of the past 7 years he didn’t have to rake them!

  12. You can look at any photo, but until you actually look at it is so breath taking. Good thought and will for sure share your site. Thanks for the info.