Princess Nagger and the World’s Largest Origami Macaw

Princess Nagger has been having a lot of fun making origami critters lately – she taught herself how to do it by watching tutorials On Demand, and scads of YouTube videos.  Every-other-day she fashions a new one, with whatever scrap of paper happens to be lying around.  Like a piece of clear plastic:

Or the insert to a Happy Meal toy:

But her biggest accomplishment (literally and figuratively speaking) is the ginormous Macaw she created:

PN:  “It took a lot of paper and about 100-feet of tape.  Well, maybe only about 50-feet of tape, but it was a lot of tape.  I’m pretty sure it’s life-size for how big a Macaw is.  Or at least it could be the world’s largest Macaw.”

Pretty impressive, don’t you think?  I can fold a great nose-diving paper airplane, but origami?  I’m all thumbs.



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26 thoughts on “Princess Nagger and the World’s Largest Origami Macaw

  1. She taught herself to do this? She definitely has a natural talent for it, and I bet she even learned some math in the process!

    Happy WW!


  2. Ahhhh – I’d been wondering about the paper houses and swords. She is really quite good at it – I’m impressed!

  3. That’s quite creative! We hosted a Japanese exchange student when I was a kid who taught us some origami, but I don’t think I’d have the patience for it anymore.

  4. Wow, that must take a lot of patience! I would probably crinkle the paper up in frustration. What a smart and talented little girl you’ve got!

  5. That is incredible!! It’s refreshing to see a little one using their imagination and creativity! Cheers for Princess Nagger!!

  6. Really? That is so impressive! Both the huge Macaw and the clear plastic crane. That takes skills–and patience!

  7. Very cool. Chick has a question for PN – she’s getting into dino’s. Can you recommend a good book that will have Dino pics and facts that’s good for 5 yr olds? Thanks!

  8. Our daughter has also recently been doing a lot of Origami. She is yet to create one as large as the Macaw, though. Very cool.