I should start carrying

Do you ever have those days when you have tons of great ideas for blog posts, but when you sit down to actually write them, they’ve escaped your brain?  I’ll think up brilliant posts as I’m falling asleep, or random times during the day – when I don’t have anything with me or handy to write them down.  This is one of those days.  I really should start carrying.

Sunday I was ambitious and decided to rearrange the .  Part of that was instigated by a great deal on a stand from since the new TV hubby got us last Christmas-ish has been hanging out on a small glass-top bar table that was supposed to be temporary, but was beginning to look permanent.  And not cool.  So I turned this:

Into this:

It was a pain in the you-know-what, mostly because the instructions clearly stated not to use my electric drill to put it together.  And they had the instructions marked incorrect – parts B and C were switched (the two sections that are the ‘walls’ on either side of the middle open section) so when I got it all put together, the holes didn’t line up for the shelves on the ends.  Luckily I’m resourceful, so I was able to switch them without taking the whole thing apart.

We still need to get rid of the old TV (that still works, but we haven’t used it since we got the new one), it just sits silently nearby in the ugly old wall unit that’s seen better days in the 11 years since it was purchased.  Meanwhile it still holds all our games and movies until I figure out how to organize them effectively.

with the Princess Nagger:

PN:  “Guess what?”

Me:  “What?”

PN:  “I saw Zelda outside and guess what I caught her doing?” (Zelda is our tortoise who is strictly an that has no claws.  She likes to escape at every opportunity and go fishing at the pond).

Me:  “What?”

PN:  “She was trying to eat a mouse!”

Me:  “Ewwwww!”

PN:  “I know, right?  I think she has great internal instincts!”

Me:  “INTERNAL instincts?”

PN:  “Yeah, you know, she just KNOWS when there’s going to be a mouse around so she escapes from the house just to catch it!”

Me:  “INTERNAL instincts?”

PN:  “Oh whatever!!

That’s it for this weeks’ randomness – feel free to link up and do the random thing – be sure to visit the fellow rebelers and see what’s rattling around in their random brains.  Sorry I’ve been a sucky hostess and haven’t gotten around as regularly as I should – I’ll try to get around better.  You know what I mean.  Rebel on!

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We’re still rebelling while Keely is still hiatus-ing (and maybe, just maybe she might be making an illustrious return soon), if you have a smorgasbord in your brain and want to let it out, c’mon and join in the fun! Rebel On!

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26 thoughts on “I should start carrying

  1. ALWAYS remember to trust your internal instincts! So true. I wouldn’t ever remember anything if I didn’t write everything down in a note on my iPhone. I don’t know how I’d live without it! And good for you for putting that cabinet together. I’m the one who does that stuff around our house too!

  2. I’ve finally recently learned to start a draft and throw in my random thoughts when I think of them. Otherwise, I totally forget. Kids say the cutest things! Like your TV by the way. Someday I’ll own a TV that’s not centuries old.

  3. I totally understand about being unable to put together posts despite having stuff to write about. Sometimes, getting the creative process to flow is a bitch.

    Internal instincts — love it! Princess Nagger cracks me up!

    Oh, and no worries: you have not been a sucky hostess at all 🙂

  4. I am a carrier…. I am always jotting down notes, or sending myself emails about blog ideas. But, I am bad. I usually write 5 or more in a sitting, and then save them to post…. I know I say this every week, but I love PN! The things that come out of her mouth!

  5. I hate looking at the blinking cursor and realizing the brilliant things I had to say are gone. Just gone.
    That is a nice looking TV stand.

  6. The TV stand looks great! I love doing those kinds of build-it projects but at the same time, they can be really annoying. happy Tuesday!

  7. I LOVE putting together furniture. I may start the IKEA building process composing a hate sonnet to the Allen wrench, but by the end of the build, I’m impressed that that little L put two hundred pounds of MDF together.

  8. Totally with you on the blogger’s block. I have marvelous ideas when I’m driving down the road ~ or sitting in the doctor’s office. But nadda when I’m sitting in front of my computer.

    I have started carrying though. I have about 5 notepads in my purse at all times. Now if I could just remember to pull one out and write on it!

  9. I think you had great internal instincts to get that cabinet together. We also have a few TVS hanging round. I need to get ride of them before the province decides to make an appliance recycling tax. (Other provinces have done this)

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  11. I have written many posts this last week in my head. But I seem to only be managing to get the RTT done. However, without RTT, I’m afraid of how few posts I’d actually have.

    Nicely done on the entertainment center!

  12. I forget those “great” blog ideas all the time. I call them bloggy brain farts. Some assembly required always turns out to be more of a task then you think.

    Happy random!

  13. I had at least 4 good ideas yesterday driving on the way to my grandmother’s. I grabbed paper and a pen as soon as I got inside and remembered…none of them! Bleah! Why won’t my internal instincts help me remember?!?!?!

  14. I like internal instincts. I need to remember to trust mine and perhaps I will catch a mouse for my dinner. Keep paper and pen next to the bed and in your purse. Those are the most important places. I just have one list at the computer because I so seldom leave the house.


  15. I have to say it as well that I like inner instincts. I need to remember to trust mine and maybe I will catch a mouse for my dinner. Keep paper and pen subsequent to the bed and in your purse. Those are the most essential locations. I just have 1 checklist at the pc because I so seldom depart the home.

  16. What a great TV Stand! Kudos to you for putting it together. I’m terrible at things like that. When I buy something that has to be put together, hubby just rolls his eyes. He knows I’m going to attempt it but in the end it’s probably going to be his job LOL!

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