Pet Food and Rolex the Ambassador: Aloha Friday Follow Fun Free-For-All

I want to preface this post by saying my heart goes out to those in Alabama and surrounding states that lost their homes and loved ones during the horrendous tornadoes this week.  I’ll definitely be keeping y’all in my thoughts … Continue reading

Easter Egg FAIL, Basket Win, Angry Birds Addiction: Random Tuesday Thoughts Rebel

We’re still rockin’ the rebel at week five. Keely’s hiatus is still droning on in full swing, she started her new job yesterday and Alfred got an internship, so that means they’ll be on ‘human’ schedule vs. ‘zombie’ schedule.  Be … Continue reading

Hold It Against Me – Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not? Monday’s Music Moves Me

8ZVEWAJ952GY Did you have a nice Easter?  Princess Nagger was quite pleased with the haul the Easter Bunny left her.  Luckily she got a new Wii game that enabled her to burn off some of the sugar rush, since Mother … Continue reading

Be Kind to Earth Day – Aloha Friday Follow Fun Free-For-All

Happy Earth Day and Good Friday for those that celebrate!  I have the honor and privilege to participate in a special Be Kind To Earth Day celebration with TheMotherhood. The Mission: To encourage people to promise to do at least … Continue reading

Desperate Convert, Easter Basket Search, Booster Law: Random Tuesday Thoughts Rebel

Still a rebel at week four. Keely’s hiatus is still in full swing, I think she wants to admire the awesome picture that the uber-talented Michele painted for her.  I’m hoping she’ll be taking up the reins soon, because my … Continue reading