Summer House Renovation Hubby’s Studio Pics: Wordless/Wordful Wednesday

If you’ve been along at least since January, you’ll know that we’ve been working off-and-on renovating our House (aka Summer Kitchen circa 1817) and I’ve been taking pictures and sharing them.  Hubby took some pictures this weekend and asked me if I wanted to share those as well.  So here you get to see the Renovation through the hubby’s eyes lens (and his on some of the pictures):

The latch-hook hangings were made by his late father.

Isn’t it turning out amazing?  I think so.


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40 thoughts on “Summer House Renovation Hubby’s Studio Pics: Wordless/Wordful Wednesday

  1. It is looking so terrific!!! Love those latch-hooked rugs…beautiful!! And a nice touch to the room!!

  2. It is turning out great. I am so jealous. I want a studio separate from the house.

    Cakewalk Sonar 8.5 looks a lot fancier than the Audition 3 I use to remaster audio files. Hubby’s a musician?

  3. Wow, 5* remodel and a place for musicians. LOVE it and those gorgeous rugs, too. The fan gives that special touch. I’ve heard good things with cakewalk. I use Garge Band. I just love before and after pictures. You’ve got some good ones here!

  4. The place looks great, I’m entirely jealous (I live in a house built for hobbits).
    Is there anyplace that’s NOT ideal for a drum set?? Ours is in the living room, across from the computer, so all you need to do is swivel around in your chair to play.

  5. Wow- the wood is amazing! Love the man-cave too 🙂 The fireplace looks brand new. You’ve obviously put some hard work into it all. Look great!!!!

  6. I am speechless! When can I move in??? ~hehe~ Wow, it’s looking fabulous. I’m so happy for you. Hubby use to use Cakewalk too now he just does it himself. You never told me there was a musician in the family! Totally cool. Check out those guitars. Better show my hubby this one.

  7. I love old houses too! In fact I grew up in one. I didn’t appreciate it then,but now I wish I had it. I love to visit old towns and marvel at the beauty of the oldness of them, the history, the colors, & just dream of living in one again.
    Oops,I’m rambling…
    Great house!
    Lori :0)

  8. I just LOVE old buildings and I love to see how they are renovated! Truly a cool project! I love the latch hooks! I used to do those things, and I’ve thought about getting Big started on a latch hook project…

  9. Stacy, that wood is gorgeous… I am SO jealous!!
    And my son would DIE to be in that recording room.
    Your late FIL would adore that you are using his rugs, how sweet!
    Your hubby has talent!