Summer House Renovation Hubby’s Studio Pics: Wordless/Wordful Wednesday

If you’ve been reading along at least since January, you’ll know that we’ve been working off-and-on renovating our Summer House (aka Summer Kitchen circa 1817) and I’ve been taking pictures and sharing them.  Hubby took some pictures this weekend and … Continue reading

Bidules, Mail Abuse, Reno Updates – Random Tuesday Thoughts Rebel

I’m a rebel.  Even though Keely is taking a hiatus from hosting Random Tuesday Thoughts, I’m carrying the torch.  Just because.  Or, in this case, a sign of the fugly button.  Here’s hoping she’ll have just a short hiatus and … Continue reading

Dancing Crazy – It’s Friday… Wait! It’s Monday’s Music Moves Me

It’s Monday already? How’d that happen? Mother Nature froze us out this weekend, even gave us a dusting of snow yesterday morning. That proves that the groundhog really doesn’t know what he’s doing. The dude that officiates Groundhog Day must … Continue reading

Bathing Suit Shopping – Aloha Friday Follow Funfest

Last week Princess Nagger’s class started their annual 8 days of Swimming.   It started as just a few days in Kindergarten, then ramped up to eight days starting last year in First Grade.  I posted a conversation I had with … Continue reading

Wii Bowling and Champagne Making: RTT

Mother Nature is still up to her old tricks – with Sunday marking the first day of Spring, you’d think she’d get her act together and start sending us some warmer weather instead of continuing to freeze us out at … Continue reading