Spinning up some “Then” and “Now” fun – Halloween Style

Thank you to everyone for your well and warm thoughts on my post yesterday.  I really truly appreciate it.

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to participate in the Spin Cycle with all that’s been going on, and didn’t want to miss it again.  This week’s them is “Then and Now”, so since is just over a week away, I thought I’d look on past Halloween costumes for Nagger (even though I did it sometime last year, but it’s worth seeing again, especially the “Now” part):

First Halloween (2003):

Second Halloween (2004):

Third Halloween (2005):

Yes, I did indeed use the exact same costume 3 years in a row…I figured why not since she didn’t seem to mind, and since she’s always been petite so it fit her better each year – well, except the last year…that might have been pushing it just a smidge since it was a size 12-24 months.

Fourth Halloween (2006), she dressed up as from Teen Titans.  That was the only year I totally forgot to take a picture of her in her costume, but here’s the image from the package (I didn’t do the makeup on Nagger, either):

Fifth Halloween (2007):

Sixth Halloween (2008):

Last year she originally wanted to go as the Tooth Fairy, but then changed her mind when she discovered her Forest Fairy costume in the guest room from a couple of years back.  She decided she wanted to go as that again, since this time the costume fit much better than the first time around.

Seventh Halloween (2009):

This year her final decision is to dress up as Soren from Legend of the Guardians:  The Owls of Ga’Hoole.  The costume arrived Wednesday, and she was excited when she got home from school to try it on and pretend to be an owl.  Later that evening, I was giggling when noticed she had fallen fast asleep on the couch with the costume still on.  Of course I had to take a picture.  I was surprised she didn’t stir even though the paparazzi flash happened 12 times.

I’ll take a picture of her all dressed up and not asleep sometime next week.  But I thought this was a perfect representation of the “Now”.

Enjoy your weekend!

This Spin Cycle was brought to you in part by Jen, who “Then” was just another blogger I really enjoyed reading, and “Now” is a great bloggy friend and also Sprite’s Keeper.  Stop by and check out the other Spinners – check out their fun “Then and Now” fun!

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19 thoughts on “Spinning up some “Then” and “Now” fun – Halloween Style

  1. I totally TOTALLY LOVE LOVE this Post! How cute! I love her as a fairy! I swear if fairies were real they would look just like her. I love that owl movie too. I can’t wait to see her AWAKE in it. Now what’s this about yesterday! Now let me go look! Goodness you people always leave me out of everything – for goodness sakes! Sheesh! Day late and a dollar short THAT’S ME! Later my friend!

  2. She’s just so cute you could eat her up (what the hell does that really mean? I don’t want my food to be cute…)

    Anyway, I can’t say she gets cuter, because those first ones are adorable too.

  3. That lady pirate looks great. You really got your use out of the lady bug. She looks wonderful in all the costumes and looks like this year’s will be a hit too.

  4. She is DARLING! Ok, I have no idea what this Soren, Owl, thingy is but I’m sure it’s awesome! haha!

    Miss you! Love ya!

  5. My fave of hers is the pirate – really cool! The owl costume looks so comfy, like a Snuggly. She is snuggled into the owl head too. Good choice and less hassle for the Mama. My sister and I have been trading costumes. One was a frog costume and another was an alligator costume. We are from the south and attracted to amphibians, I guess.

  6. Every photo of your wee trick or treater girl is fabulous! I think we’ll take a walk down Halloween memory lane this afternoon! Thanks for the inspiration!

    (huge Halloween giveaway on my blog this week!)

  7. So, so cute! Thank you for sharing each year. It was so much fun to see her each year as she has been growing up. Her asleep on the sofa is a priceless picture. She obviously loves her costume.

  8. Oh.My.G*d., she’s so totally adorable. The sleeping shots send the adorable factor right over the edge.
    Glad that you’re doing better. xo d