Random Conversation with Princess Nagger about Education

PN: “I hate !”

Me: “I know, but it’s a necessary evil.”

PN: “We’re learning some of the same stuff we learned in first grade last year. Except Pictographs. That’s new.”

Me: “Pictographs, eh? That sounds interesting!”

PN: “Yes, it is interesting. Always remember across first, then up. Mrs. M says to think of it alphabetically – A comes before U.”

Me: “That’s a good way to remember it. And if you forget and think ‘down’ instead of ‘up’, it still works alphabetically.”

PN: “Mama! You don’t follow a pictograph down, you follow it up! We always learn something new each year.”

Me: “You’ll find as you move up each grade level that you’ll be learning something new each year. That’s what ’s all about, to feed your brain.”

PN: “Feed my brain?! That’s funny!”

Me: “It’s true! Your brain needs to be fed with education. And when you grow up and become an adult, you’ll know lots of stuff and be able to pick out a career that you’ll actually enjoy. For instance, you want to be a Palentologist – that will be a great choice for you, since you love to dig in the dirt and especially love to dig for dinosaurs. When you’re out there digging for dinosaur bones, your ‘career’ won’t feel like ‘work’!”

PN: “Well, I hope I get some time off in my career!”

Me: “Of course you’ll get time off.”

PN: “I LOVE my future life!”

Things are finally settling down over here. Thanks to everyone for all your well wishes and patience during this difficult time. I’ll be back to ‘normal’ next week, and finally be able to have some time on my computer to visit my favorite bloggy friends! Meanwhile, have a great weekend and Happy Halloween!

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14 thoughts on “Random Conversation with Princess Nagger about Education

  1. Love the glasses for safety–she looks so intent. Good to hear that things are getting back to something like normal. Happy Halloween!

  2. haha at Michele’s comment, I hadn’t thought of that.
    PN has gorgeous hair, but you already know.
    Repetition is an important part of education. It’s good to be tested on stuff you already know, it sets the foundation for new stuff.
    Man, my comment is a babbling mess today. What I’m really thinking is I hope you and your family are alright. Hugs. xo d

  3. Actually I think conversations with children are sometimes most enlightening. In fact, sometimes we too can learn something for we always question the new things we learn, and children except without fault, and sometimes just because we said so. Isn’t that frightening. I guess we better make sure we are right before we converse with our mini-me’s. Have a safe and wonderful Halloween!

  4. PN is one smart little girl & future paleontologist and you’re one good momma 🙂 Happy Halloween Stay to you and yours!