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Fall weather has finally arrived here in Small Town, PA!  Of course it’s raining until Thursday, but at least the 90 degree heat and humidity are now a thing of the past (at least until Spring) – which means the fall colors will finally be able to start showing up!

We had quite the rainstorm last Thursday – wild, windy and wet.  I kept checking the basement periodically since we’ve had flooding issues in the past, which is not fun.  Poor Small Town Mommy wasn’t so lucky.  Too bad she lives so far away or I would have gladly helped her clean up her basement since I’ve gotten quite adept at it with our basement flooding twice since we bought this house 7 years ago.  Not an enjoyable task, but at least I could have supplied her with enough wine to dull the pain.

Speaking of wine, I’m still in the throes of winemaking – it is that time of year, after all.  I got the apple wine from last year’s harvest all bottled, and it once again turned out extra yummy!  The Apple Cinnamon Wine turned out better than I expected, I thought the cinnamon would have more of a bite, but it’s a nice subtle finish instead.  Today or tomorrow I’ll be bottling the Blackberry Merlot, and next week the White Shiraz and the Mango Citrus Symphony the week after.  The Niagra grapes I got from a friend are fermenting nicely – I’m looking forward to seeing how that wine turns out eventually, too.  It can be a labor-intensive process (and tests your patience with some of the ‘hurry-up-and-wait’ modes), but it’s so worth it.

Since Princess Nagger’s school is always locked down tighter than any high-security building (you have to get three different clearances just to become a volunteer, and you can’t just ‘show up’ at the school if your child forgot something – you have to get ‘buzzed in’ and leave whatever it is at the office) every year they send out a special invitation for “Have Lunch With Your Child Day”. You RSVP on which day you can have lunch with your child, limited to 2 parents and no siblings, you show up 5 minutes before lunch, and leave immediately after, when they go out to the playground for their lunch recess (you can’t go out to the playground with them, you have to leave).

The hubby and I joined PN for lunch last year, and when the invitation was sent home last week, I was excited to plan accordingly.  But Princess Nagger has asked us not to come have lunch with her.  Whaaa? Apparently, after she had a mini-melt down last year when it was time for us to depart and leave her there, she has decided she doesn’t want to go through that angst again.  *sniff* She’s banning us from “Have Lunch With Your Child Day”.  I have to give her credit for being so ‘mature’ about it, though.  Certainly didn’t expect that from a 7-year old!

Speaking of Princess Nagger, while I was writing this post, she came out to the Summer House with her dry-erase board that she had drawn a calendar on and made a ‘scedule’:

See those triangular symbols on some of the days?  Apparently they’re the Tri-Force symbol – when I asked about it, she replied:

PN:  “This is our calendar schedule.  For instance, see the 4th here?  Well, today’s the 4th, so that means we’re scheduled to play Legend of Zelda.”

Me:  “Oh, we’re scheduled, are we?”

PN:  “Of course, Mama!  Wherever you see the Tri-Force symbol, that means we have scheduled times to play Zelda.  You need to hurry up and finish your blog post so we can keep on schedule.”

And so I am.  We have a ‘schedule’ to keep, after all.  That’s it for this edition of RTT –  head on over to see Keely, the one who put the ‘un’ in ‘Un-Mom‘, but I think she’s just trying to throw us off.  Because she’s not ‘un’ anything that I can tell.

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27 thoughts on “Rainy Days, Winemaking, Banned Lunch, Schedules – Random Tuesday Thoughts

  1. I wish you were closer too 🙂 I can use all the help I could get. I still can’t believe you make wine. I think that is the coolest thing. I love to cook but wine making requires so many supplies. The Small Town just started offering Have lunch with your child at the elementary school. Somehow, I missed it last year. I love the schedule. Make sure you don’t forget to play Legend of Zelda.

  2. My kids, being rabid Legend of Zelda fans, would love to adopt Princess Nagger. (I’ve been informed that once The Young One turns 18, the three of them are planning to get matching Tri-Force tattoos.) They would be more than happy to take over your Zelda-playing schedule.

    Oh, and I’ve calculated that it’s about a 6 or 7 hour drive to your house from my house. So, if I, like, show up on your doorstep this Saturday, what would it take to persuade you to crack open a bottle of that Blackberry Merlot and Mango Citrus Symphony?

  3. Well, isn’t that too cute. Thanks for stopping by. You’re such a peach! I noticed you didn’t have anyone on your earrings give-away. Well Girlfriend, nobody wants to be first, so I got the ball rolling for ya! I personally like them. Have a great day & stay on schedule for heavens sake! She’s such a cute nagger!

  4. Lock down is not so intense at Turbo’s school, but you still have to go through the office to access the classrooms. No Have Lunch with Your child here–I think you could ask to but there is not specific times for it. There is a Donuts with Dad and Muffins with Mom reading mornings a couple times per year here.
    Your wines sound so yummy!

  5. your kid is extremely bright. Wow! I’m impressed. Also, I wanted to know if I could take my 20 bucks out of my bank and just store it at your kid’s school. I think it would be just as safe and earn the same amount of interest.

  6. Since PN has banned you from lunch this year, you could surprise her with dinner out with mom & dad. That way she’ll still have a fond memory of the day. 🙂
    Your selection of wine sounds delish.

  7. hey there. visiting from sits. It would make me sad if my 7 year old banned me from lunch but we’ve got to get used to that. they eventually have to grow up (sniff). I’ve a great giveaway your princess may enjoy. Head on over to http://www.smallburst.com to check it out.

  8. Lockdown is much like that at LG’s daycare. Expected, though. I’ve stopped going to all of those days. So many kids get “picked up early” after the event, that LG would lose it when I left him there. She’s such a big girl to decide that, though.

  9. My boys totally schedule their own lives. The school does it with everything so they brought the concept home. They had their first week of Summer vacation all lined up in sections!

  10. Well, at least she does schedule you in Mom, even if it is to play Zelda! That’s so cute! I think having a have lunch with your child day is a great idea, I wish our school would do it.

  11. We are just now getting our fall weather here in southern California too! And I love it!!! That’s so cute of your little one. She sounds very smart. And F.Y.I….Zelda is one of my favorite games and I still love playing it even as an adult! Great post! I am following you from “Follow Me Back Tuesday”. Have a great day! 🙂


  12. I should learn to make wine. Of course, I can’t have any alcohol right now, so I wouldn’t be able to sample it. Scratch that. I shouldn’t make wine. I should get more candy!

  13. That is so funny that she made a ‘schedule’ to play Zelda! She is so creative.

    I’m sorry PN banned you from lunch. But you are right, such a mature decision for a 7 year-old.

  14. Wow, that is high security, especially for grade school. I guess it’s for the good of the children, right?

    That calendar is cute! I love that she scheduled you for Zelda play! And what a good mom you are for obliging.

  15. I remember flooded basements, not fun! We don’t have basements in California and I miss the storage. That Blackberry Merlot sounds wonderful. Love PN calendar, have fun playing Zelda!

  16. Sounds like your daughter’s school has better security than Obama gets..lol.

    Already a follower..but stopping in to show some (belated) FMBT love!