Final Costume Decision, Ship’s Bell, HDTV – Random Tuesday Thoughts

A final decision has been made for Princess Nagger’s Halloween costume.  Finally.  And Final.  She’s going to go as Soren, from The Legend of the Guardians:

She decided to overlook what she considered ‘lame’ with the stuffed owl head on top of her head, because the wings are what sold her on the costume – that her arms will actually be the wings.  It shipped from Warner Brothers yesterday, and the UPS tracking number says it will be here tomorrow.  Plenty of time before Halloween for her to practice her wing flaps and swoop around the house.  She’s so excited.

I have caught my fourth cold in the past 3 months.  Murphy and his Law have it out for me for sure.  I’m sure a lot of it has to do with not getting much sleep, the weather continuing to wildly fluctuate from hot to cold to hot, and spending every day last week visiting my FIL and clearing out his studio apartment since there’s no chance of him moving back in short of a radical miracle.  We didn’t go down on Saturday to visit, as my hubby had a gig to play, and I had bi-monthly grocery shopping to do.  Which I hate doing on Saturdays – that seems to be when all the rude and obnoxious people are out and about.

Hubby went down to visit his dad by himself on Sunday since there are signs posted in huge letters all over that place that if you’re sick, you’re not allowed past a certain point.  And Princess Nagger was too scared to go without me (plus she said she wanted to make sure I wasn’t lonely here all by myself).   He felt as if it was the ‘goodbye’ visit based on how weak his dad is and his emphatic goodbye to my hubby when he wrapped up his visit.  Along with that, rather than his usual “Say hello to the girls for me” instead he said “Say goodbye to the girls for me”.

We’ve been ‘expecting’ the ‘end’ for 13 years – I’m so glad that he’s hung in there all this time so he could form a stronger bond with his son, and get to know his granddaughter.  I’m thinking it was a good thing I caught another cold and couldn’t go down on Sunday – from what my hubby described of his dad’s condition, it’s probably best Princess Nagger remembers her Papa like this:

Teaching Papa Card Tricks

We emptied out my FIL’s studio apartment, right into our living room:

It’s sad when someone’s belongings are reduced to random piles.  We haven’t had the heart to go through any of it yet, but we’ll get there.  Meanwhile our living room will have to resemble a bad episode of Hoarders.

We are waiting for that dreaded phone call – since hubby missed almost all of last week at work, he can’t do the every day visits this week but is planning to drive down there this afternoon to check in on him.  I’ll keep you posted.  My FIL doesn’t want any fuss or fanfare when he does cross over – he just wants the three of us to bury his ashes in the cemetery plot he purchased years ago.

He does, however, want us to ring a Ship’s Bell eight times – the ringing of the ship’s bell could be used to warn other vessels in inclement weather, but their most popular use was to signal each half hour of a typical four-hour sailor’s watch duty. In fact, striking the bell eight times at the end of the watch gave rise to the term “Eight Bells,” which became an euphemism for saying a sailor had died (his watch was over).  My hubby and I are ordering an official brass Ship’s Bell just for the occasion – we’ll have it engraved with his name and keep it with his Navy photos and medals, and my hubby wants to get another one to have engraved and permanently mounted at his dad’s grave-site.

Let’s move onto something less sad, shall we?  Over the weekend the hubby brought home as a ‘surprise’  – a 40-inch HDTV.  I’d been trying to talk him into one for quite some time, but we’ve always opted to get something we need rather than something we want.  I think he finally started getting the itch when we were enjoying my sister and her hubby’s HDTV whilst in Iowa this summer.  Of course now that I rearranged the furniture to make everything fit since a friend gave us his couch and love seat, I have to do some more reorganizing.  Right now the new TV is on a bar table next to the old TV wall unit (and old TV).  I’ll have to start shopping for a new/improved wall unit or a simple TV stand so we can burn the old one that’s fared us well for 10 years, but seriously needs to go.  I smell a burn pile coming.

Meanwhile, Princess Nagger has been enjoying playing in the box the TV came in more than watching her shows on the bigger TV – but she does love how iCarly is larger than life.

Whenever I talk about visiting my family in Seattle, Princess Nagger wants to make sure we go to downtown Seattle so we can meet Carly, Spencer, Sam and Freddy in person.  I haven’t broken the news to her that they’re not actually in Seattle.  She’ll probably figure that out right around the time she figures out the whole Santa, Tooth Fairy and Easter Bunny scenarios.  Hopefully not for a long time.

Now that we officially have HDTV, we’ll have to upgrade our satellite service and get an HD DVR – we might end up just adding a box and moving the current box to a TV in the guest room, since I have 80% of the DVR filled with recorded stuff – some mine, some Princess Nagger’s.  If they swap the box, we lose the recorded programs.  That would not make a happy Princess Nagger.  She has every episode of Dinosaur Train recorded, along with all things Dinosaur, plus some random hours of iCarly and Cyberchase.  I think her recorded stuff actually takes up about 60% of the DVR at the current time.  She watched me set up stuff to record and figured it out all by herself.  It cracks me up when I check out the ‘list’ and see what she’s decided to ‘save for later’.

Fall colors are finally starting to show up here in our neck of the woods:

They’re slowly getting to the vibrant status that I love.  When we were down at my FIL’s retirement community last week, this stunning sight was awesome to behold:

I love fall!  That’s it for this edition of RTT –  head on over to see Keely, who looks great in fall colors and is the coolest ‘Un-Mom‘ I know.

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28 thoughts on “Final Costume Decision, Ship’s Bell, HDTV – Random Tuesday Thoughts

  1. First, love your second Fall pic! Second, that cold thing is indeed circling around. I beat it down a couple weeks ago only to wake this morning with it. ‘Tis the season!

  2. I love the idea of ringing the bell 8 times, and then engraving the bell as a memorial. Hopefully, people will be bold enough to ring the bell in the cemetery so that he’ll hear it in heaven.

  3. I knew a really hot Danish guy named Soren. Yum.

    Wanna see that movie!! Looks great.

    Still waiting for the good color to hit our trees here.

  4. Oh I miss the fall leaves – the colors are beautiful. Not much here in the south. Wow 40″ – bet hubby’s happy. 🙂 Hope you feel better soon. I understand the whole remember as they were not as they are philosophy. My kids only know my grandparents as old and decrepid. I remember differently and fondly.

  5. So sorry about your FIL . I love the idea of the 8 bells though. Might have to suggest that for my Daddy – another Navy man. Can’t wait to see pics of PN swooping! Sounds like a great costume!

  6. The eight bells sounds like a wonderful way to remember your FIL. We have a wanna be viking here at our house. Turbo loved How to Train Your Dragon. I’m going to have to get my crafty on to come up with his costume–Nick will help thank goodness. Loved you fall picture–here we get various shades of yellow. Aspens and cottonwoods only turn yellow–but the mountians always look sort of guilded in the fall. It is lovely.

  7. Sorry for your FIL! I had to go through this with my own father 3 years ago. Its really tough. Hope you feel better soon! I love the costume BTW. I’ve never seen this one. Really different. Following you from FMT

  8. Sorry to hear about your father in law. We are in the vigil mode for a close family member here as well. In her home the other day with family so many “things” brought back so many memories of days gone by!

    The leaves are starting to turn here as well. I hope to get out to a favorite local foliage spot of mine tomorrow. I do so love autumn!

    PNs choice of costume is great. Not sure what Tara will do this year. Once they hit the teens, a wig and a mask or face paint is sufficient!

  9. Oh my, so much in this post to cover! First, I’m sorry about your FIL, but very glad you all got much more time with him than you expected!! Second, sorry about your cold! I bet it was nice for your husband to have some time alone with his dad though.

    That costume is adorable! Can’t wait to see a picture of her in it! She is going to have a lot of fun with those ‘wings’ too!! 🙂 ~ Coreen

  10. Please please please let the fall leaves stick around until I get up there!
    That is a great thing that you are doing for your FIL. It will be something that you can talk to PN about as the years go by. She’ll remember the tradition and the respect as she gets older.

  11. I am so sorry about what you all are experiencing with the FIL… ultimately, our lives do come down to boxes of stuff and things being sorted and discarded…

    Peace to all of you in the days to come…


  12. Now you’ve done it–this post made me cry. No, wait, maybe it’s a cold coming on…well, no, it’s definitely tears. Glad I got to meet your hubby’s dad, and like you said, I’m glad he’s been around long enough to have a relationship with the family. Miss you, Sis. Love, K

  13. I’m very sorry to hear about your fil. 🙁

    PN’s costume is great. Gotta say, I do love those wings!
    Love the changing of colors into fall as well! My fave time of year.

  14. Stacy, I couldn’t tell you if you follow me or not…I do follow you though 🙂 I am so sorry about your FIL. That was just heartbreaking to read. PN’s costume is awesome…our granddaughter Olivia just adores iCarly too and has the DVR figured out (she’s 5).

  15. So sorry about your FIL. 🙁

    Isn’t HDTV fabulous? Yes, we also have a fancy TV to watch all the kid shows like iCarly in HD. lol That’s what happens when the kids rule the TV.

    I’m joining in RTT for the first time. I think I was long overdue. 😉

  16. Great costume choice! Very original and fun!

    My thoughts & prayers are with your father in law. 🙁 It just never seems fair, ya know? I love the idea of ringing the bell…it actually got me feeling all emotional…okay, onto a positive note…I promise to not call Hoarders on you. 😉

    Ahhhh a nice big HD t.v. You seriously will never go back. You’ll be so spoiled. We love iCarly here too btw!

  17. So sorry about your FIL.. prayers for you and your family.

    I have read a few of the Guardian books and would like to see the movie.

    Love to see Princess Nagger is still in love with dinos. she is such a cool kid.

  18. That’s a lot going on in your life! Love the costume!

    My thoughts are with you and your family. I hope everyone finds peace.

    Feel better…best way to do that is watch a lot of TV. That’s what always cures me at least.

  19. The colors are beautiful and I am hoping to see some when I travel to Chicago next week. Glad that the costume decision is over. Hooray with the new TV. We have two DVR boxes (well actually three since our daughter & SIL have one too now) and I think you should keep it too!
    You have been working so much with moving everthing that I am sure your resistance has been down. So sorry about your FIL. He sounds like he is ready but I am gratful that you had extra time with him. When my FIL passed he didn’t want any services. We took his ashes to Pelican Lake in Minn., those were his wishes. I like the story on the ship bell.

  20. I just have to say one more time, I’m so sorry about your FIL. I had tears in my eyes when he said, “Say good-bye to the girls for me.” I love the idea of ringing the ship’s bell 8 times for him.

    Congrats on your new tv!

    I hope you feel better soon!

  21. We LOVE our HDDVR. Yay for your new TV, that is happy news! And PN’s costume is adorable… we can’t do warm costumes anymore after last year’s cookie monster almost passed out from the heat.

    I’m sorry to hear that things aren’t looking good for your FIL. Let me know if you guys need anything.

  22. I totally love the idea of the eight bells! We have been doing the waiting thing with my dad too for many years. As him being an ex Navy man I bet he would love the bells idea too.

    Princess Nagger is going to look great as an owl.
    Hope these cold finally let up on ya.