Dragon Trumps Zelda (maybe), Stink Bug Invasion – Random Tuesday Thoughts

As of last week Princess Nagger was still looking forward to being Princess for Halloween.  Up until yesterday she and I have been brainstorming about how I’ll be making the costume, and how there were only 20 days to get it done.  Until yesterday.  We went into the Halloween aisle at Wal*Mart looking for a better -type sword vs. the foam one she already has.  We were successful in that regard, but then we made the mistake of going down the costume aisle.  Princess Nagger decided she wanted to be this instead:

When we got home, she tried it on – lame cannot even begin to describe this atrocity.  The mask is pretty cool, the costume itself is OK for el-cheapo thin material, but the picture makes you think that the wings are all that…and they’re not.  Not only are the wings the lamest thing about this costume, but they’re thin material barely connected to a heavy large-gauge wire.  There are little pockets in the back of the costume to place the ends of the wire in, but the material is so flimsy and the wire so heavy, that they sag way below the shoulders and look nothing like the picture.  At all.  Major fail. Especially since Princess Nagger was most looking forward to sporting wings.

The costume is going back faster than you can say ‘lame ’.  But Princess Nagger now has it in her head she wants to be a – any – instead of Zelda.  Doing a search online for costumes, there aren’t many good ones out there, so we’re back to square one.  No way I’m making a costume.  I’d much rather convince her to go back to being Princess Zelda, since I already had that costume made in my head, so making it in reality won’t be a problem.  If she won’t revert to her original plan, I’m hoping at least I can convince her to dress as a girl, like Astrid, who totally trains dragons:

Maybe she can carry a toy dragon around to show that she trained it.  I’ll keep you posted on what the final selection is.

We’ve been inundated with stink bugs lately.  I hate them.  They’re annoying, and they really do stink.  Of course they don’t expel their stink until you kill them, you know, like vacuum them up like we’ve been doing.  Our poor Kirby will never be the same.  We didn’t have them out in Washington State, so it’s something new for me.  Apparently they’re attracted to fruity scents.  We’re all fruity, so that must be the problem.

Random conversation with Princess Nagger:

PN:  “Mama, do you know why I’m smart?”

Me:  “Because you were born that way?”

PN:  “No!  Because I’m dorky!!”

Yesterday was a long day – we went down to visit my FIL who looks every minute of his 88 years (as opposed to just a month ago, where he didn’t look a day over 78).  We started organizing his belongings in his little apartment at the retirement home – it was very surreal being there without his boisterous personality filling the room.  We’ll be going back down on Wednesday while Princess Nagger is in school to try to clear out as much stuff as possible so we can turn the apartment back over to the retirement community since my FIL will most likely never leave the Care Center he’s at right now on that same property.

He was in good spirits yesterday and was really happy to see the Princess Nagger.  She reverted back to her shy side and kept clinging to me the whole time we were visiting.  He tires easily, though, so we kept our visit short then came back later in the afternoon after we walked over to his apartment and took care of some stuff for him.  Even though we’ve been expecting this time to come (one of the reasons we moved out here from the West Coast 13 years ago), it still is difficult to fathom that the time is truly nearing.  Especially since he’s been on death’s door more than once before, and always bounced back.  He won’t be ‘bouncing back’ this time.   I’ll be a bit scarce during this time, but will be doing some major catchup as time permits.

After we got back from Maryland yesterday, the hubby headed off to work (even though it was after 5:00 when we got home, since the technical college has night classes, as Program Director he tends to stay late on Mondays anyway) and to finish off the sad day on a high note, Princess Nagger and I went to dinner and saw The Legend of the Guardians (in 3D of course).  Loved it!  She wasn’t even scared during the fight scenes, and said it was the best movie ever.  Now she’ll probably be pretending to be an owl for a week or so.  I found a Ga’Hoole costume online:

But she declined because she thought it was lame with the stuffed owl head sitting on top of your head instead of being a mask of some sort.  So we’ll keep looking.  Wish us luck!

That’s it for this edition of RTT –  head on over to see Keely, the coolest ‘Un-Mom‘ I know.

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24 thoughts on “Dragon Trumps Zelda (maybe), Stink Bug Invasion – Random Tuesday Thoughts

  1. I love reading your blog – it makes me laugh out loud and choke on my coffee (in an entertaining, non-dangerous way). Good luck with the costume 🙂 My son said he wants to go “just as a boy.” I am sure that will last until the day before Halloween, when he will decide he wants to be something really complicated/sold out.

  2. She may be dorky, which means she is not boring. That is what we tell our kids, usually it is associated with being wierd.
    If nothing else, rap her in aluminum foil and tell her she is fending off aliens. Your original Zelda costume sounds like the best option.
    So sorry to hear about your FIL.
    My kids want to see the owls too, we are just movie at home kind of peeps. So, we have to wait another 6mo..

  3. My kids always changed their mind 50 times about costumes. I usually ended up buying two costumes each year cuz either they had to wear it before Halloween and ripped it, or they changed their minds and just had to be something else.

    ‘Cuz I’m a dork’~ Hilarious!

  4. I’m so glad my kids are grown and I don’t have to come up with costumes for them any more! I love giving out the candy and seeing all the kids and guessing who they are, but I do hate coming up with costumes every year!

    I hope your FIL’s time left on this earth is peaceful. My mother passed on at 75, but she looked 90, and it seemed to have happened overnight.

    Love the dorky comment! That’s okay. Dorky people rule the world!

    Good luck on the costume hunt!

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  6. Good luck with the costume making. I remember trying to get the kids to settle on a costume. Not easy.

    Sorry to hear about your FIL. I went through that many years ago but still remember how hard it was.

    Dorky is the best.

  7. Oh, the annual Halloween costume hunt. I remember those days well. GOOD LUCK. (I’ll post a pic or two of the G Man’s on Thursday.)

    And I agree with Michele – dorky IS best.

  8. Sorry to hear about your FIL. That kind of stuff is never fun.

    You sum up the costume nightmare pretty well. LG didn’t even think about what he wanted to be until last weekend, when my niece (blast her) asked him. I had his costume mostly done. Now we’ll see if we can get him into it.

  9. This is the first year where Turbo has not really settled on a costume idea yet. Currently he wants to be a staked vampire. He may change his mid after seeing How to Train Your Dragon–we shall see.

  10. I’m sad that Zelda got the boot. I was looking forward to seeing what you’d make. I make nothing except debt, as evidenced by out whooping $140 on kids’ costumes this year.

    I hope you’re FIL is able to enjoy some comfort in the time ahead.

  11. My kid decided over a month ago that she wanted to be Minnie. She has changed her mind numerous times, but she will be Minnie. I got the costume, dammit. 🙂

  12. Jacob is going as one of the “Train Your Dragon” guys. He’s already wearing it daily. I have to find something cute for my 2YO that doesn’t involve a mask because we all know he won’t keep it on. I’m going to be Olivia Newton John.

  13. Winners (TJMax) sell inexpensive and classy costumes. My grands get them there, compliments of a Mother in the know. When we helped my Mum move into a nursing home and then again when we moved her from one in Ontario to one in BC, it was a tearful time for us all. She has adapted much better than we (the sibs) have to it all. She is content where she is and more importantly, she is safe and well cared for. Another life milestone…groan.

    Tag–you’re it. Come to Steadfast tomorrow, to learn the game. No pressure. Have a good week, Rosemary

  14. Good for you for taking the costume back. I love your idea about her being a Dragon Trainer! Love it! Can’t wait to see what she decides and you come up with! 🙂

    ~ Coreen

  15. It is so hard when a life is ending but it is wonderful that he has had a long life. My father is 87 and it worries me to lose him. Sorry about that costume, hope she makes a decision soon. We have stink bugs but I have never smelled them. We only get a few. Take care and God bless.

  16. Leo has in the past week changed his mind for his Halloween costume 4 times. Captain America, no, a fireman, no Iron Man, no Spiderman. Now we’re back to Captain America. Once the costume is bought though we are sticking with it.

    And good luck with your father in law. I’m sure it will be a very difficult time.

  17. I had Batmen flying around here last week. They still haven’t decided. I have some costumes from other years. Do middle school kids go out?
    hugs and prayers going out to your FIL.

  18. Good Luck on the costume hunt! It never ceases to amaze me how much they charge for thin pieces of fabric, claiming to be a full costume.

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