Cat Fishing – Wordless/Wordful Wednesday

Princess Nagger likes to keep her fish bowl on the coffee table so she can ‘admire’ it any time she wants to.  I noticed that the water level kept mysteriously getting low on a regular basis:

It didn’t take long for the mystery to be solved.  I caught our new-ish cat in the act:

She was drinking the fish water straight from the bowl.  I think she was trying to get it low enough so she could scoop the fish out without getting her paw wet when she tried to fish the fish out of the bowl before I shooed her away.  After I changed out the water and filled up the bowl again, she gave me a look like 0;Great.  Now I have to get all waterlogged by drinking all the water again before I can my snack.  Thanks.1;   Hopefully the fish won’t become a snack anytime soon.


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47 thoughts on “Cat Fishing – Wordless/Wordful Wednesday

  1. OMG! The camera caught the culprit in the act! lol too funny! I just stopped by from SITS to say hi. Hope you’ll find time to do the same.

  2. Watch out for that cat! I had 4 fish in a bowl on my desk when I was a kid and not only did my cat snatch them all, she left them as a gift for me-in my bed!

  3. Beautiful Tortie! She’s like one of my kitties!
    Poor fishy. Hopefully your Tortie won’t have an ‘accident’ and show her displeasure at having to drink so much water again.

    Can’t you get a cover for the tank? A mesh thing? The cat will give you evil looks for a while but the fish will love you for life – which will greatly extend!

    My WW is Stephen J. Cannell

  4. LOL! We have a betta too and surprisingly our cats haven’t tried that. We do put him up on the refrigerator when we leave, in hopes the cats won’t make him a snack.

  5. Busted! Hope the fish sticks around for a while. That cat is resourceful and looks persistent. Let us know how things turn out.

  6. She is not going to be able to admire the fish for long! I am surprised the fish hasn’t had a heart attack…do fish get heart attacks? Maybe hypertension?

  7. Get a piece of screen at your local hardware store, cut it in the shape of a circle and fasten it to the top of the bowl.
    Cute story. xo

  8. That’s why I don’t have a fancy water filter for my cats water bowl. They’ll drink any water they can find no matter how nasty it may be!

  9. That is AWESOME!!!!!! Hahaha! I have a crawfish in my tank, so I think my cat would be in an out VERY quickly! She’d come out with battle scars!

    Have a great WW!

  10. Yah, we learned early on that we couldn’t have little edible critters in our house with 3 cats. They wouldn’t last long sadly!!

    ~Mimi @ Woven by Words

  11. lol. Silly kitty. Thanks for sharing and for linking up again. Hope you have a great rest of the week.

    xo, Supermom Alysha

  12. I love this post and pictures!! We had a cat that did that too! I thought he was ‘getting’ the fish snack and kept replacing the fish. When I went to do a deep cleaning and moving my son’s dresser out, I found 2 pitrified fish there. Guessing our cat was just ‘playing’ with them. Oh my…

    Thanks for sharing and bring back some memories. lol

  13. Here Kitty Kitty! SMACK! TOO FUNNY! yawn! it’s getting late, and I didn’t even realize it. Our bloggers today are very interesting & I’ve been gone most of the day. Having surgery done on the ol’ back I found out today. Hopefully this will do the trick and no more f@#$%! pain!

  14. nom, nom, fishy tasting water, cool a new treat… whats this?? entertainment while I drink??? Hey… Mom, why you take my new water??? Argg, Now I gots to start all over…. I feel kinda sloshy…
    I am surprised the beta did not get panicked & die! I guess it is a brave one. How about trying a hair net over the top of the bowl? I bet it is cheaper than specialty things from a pet store!

  15. Did you ever stop to think that maybe, just maybe she was just thirsty and that there was no ill intent at all? Too funny.

  16. Honestly, I just think she likes drinking it 😛 Every time I clean my aquarium I have buckets with water standing around, and my cat ALWAYS comes to drink from it. Dunno if it tastes like fish or if she’s just stupid 😛