A Quick Update and Why I Don’t Run as a Rule

The hubby took the rest of the week off (as of yesterday) so we can spend some with his dad and take care of the chore of clearing out his dad’s apartment in the retirement home and make sure he’s comfortable in the hospital-ish portion of the same complex while trying to figure out if simply moving him to the Care Center at the home would be sufficient, or if he’d be more comfortable in a hospice to live out whatever remaining days he has left once the hospital-ish section decides he needs to be discharged since he’s chosen not to be rehabilitated, which is what they’re geared for (and the nursing staff is ‘programed’ for).  (Could that sentence be any more run-on?)

We’ve been down to visit him every day this week so far, my FIL has been in good spirits – even doing his usual joking (mostly at my hubby’s expense, where my FIL then throws me a mischievous grin and a wink).  It’s been nice to have the opportunity to chat with him, though he’s growing weaker on a daily basis.  We’re hoping he’ll hang in there through the weekend so we can take down there again for a visit, he loves seeing her in particular.

Yesterday we got most of the heirloom and sentimental items moved out of his apartment (still need to unload my van this morning before heading back) but we did a slight miscalculation on the return trip, allowing ourselves an hour and 35 minutes to get and be here for Princess Nagger’s school bus.  It usually takes an hour fifteen minutes – except yesterday it took the full hour 35 minutes.  And the bus was a minute early.

We were getting close to our house hoping the bus hadn’t had a chance to take the left onto our road from the side street that can make the driver a good 5 minutes before traffic is clear both ways for her to pull out.  But apparently she didn’t have to wait long, and as we got closer, I could see that the bus was already stopped in front of our house, with her lights flashing.  As soon as the hubby stopped the van I jumped out and raced across the street and started running down the side of the road.

I didn’t realize that we were about 10 or more cars, which can be a long trot to our house.  I had to stop running when I realized that my annoyingly large boobs were bouncing precariously close to popping out of not only my bra, but the loose tank-top I was wearing to keep cool while we were moving furniture and boxing up items.  I was worried that not only would I become some crazy woman spectacle for all those already annoyed by having to excessively long for the bus to move on, but that I might give myself a black eye.

I was hoping the bus driver spotted me (which she did, Princess Nagger said she got a good laugh at the spectacle of me running) so I waved at her and indicated it was OK for her to let Princess Nagger the bus so she could release the audience of drivers waiting impatiently, and was relieved when I saw PN down the sidewalk at the side of our house to the door.  I was still two-and-a-half houses away, and as the bus passed me I waved and blew the bus driver a kiss.  She was grinning maniacally, of course.  Just as I was passing our next door neighbor’s house (at a fast-paced walk, no more running for me), my hubby passed and sent out a wolf whistle in my direction as he approached the turn into our driveway.

Today we’ll be giving ourselves two hours for the return trip, so we don’t end up repeating yesterday’s spectacle.  Maybe I should be the one driving this in case we cut it too close – then the hubby can be the one to do the spectacle running.  At least he wouldn’t have worry about getting a black eye from his non-existent man-boobs.

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23 thoughts on “A Quick Update and Why I Don’t Run as a Rule

  1. It’s always a better story when laughing spectators are involved. Sometimes you just do what you have to do – boobs and all.

  2. Whatever happened to holding your boobs when you run? That’s what I do, creating a spectacle of my own, I’m sure.
    Funny story. xo d

  3. My boobs have become the victims of gravity – no matter how hard I ran, they couldn’t bounce high enough to give me a black eye, and I’m amply endowed too.


  4. I don’t run because I think it’s stupid. But I would probably need to get a decent bra!

  5. Oh boy..do I feel you on the running thing…some of us gals just weren’t equipped for a good run! 😉

    Happy Thursday!

  6. I’m not that big, but I still hate to run or even go up and down the stairs when the bra does not fit well. Nick just does not understand. Hope things turn out as best they can with your father-in-law.

  7. Very funny. Some of us don’t have the kind of assets that could hit us in the face…I guess there is a silver lining in everything.

  8. Boobs can be of use sometimes but exercise does not go well with them! I have to double up on sports bras if I want them to be secure!

  9. I was waiting for the wardrobe malfunction. I’m not very big and gravity has not been kind but still impromptu running is out.

  10. I don’t run because I’d probably have an asthma attack and collapse after ten feet.

    Glad you made it home mostly on time!

  11. LMAO Now I’m not laughing at you, but with you because you see I would have that same problem if I tried to run. I would give myself two black-eyes probably. Could you imagine running down the street together? ROFL We would be a spectacle. Thanks for the laugh. Just envisioning that made me explode into laughter. I never ran just for that reason. I’d probable break my bra! LOL

  12. Sorry it’s taken me so long to come around but I’m trying hard to get back to blogging. I’m so sorry to hear that your FIL isn’t well…

    As for the running, I read the title in my reader and thought: Gravity. Which is why I don’t run either. Black eyes are not a good look for either of us but I’m cracking up thinking of you bolting after the school bus!

  13. I honestly think the running should be left to children and athletes training for the Olympics. From experience, I’ve found it’s impossible to do it gracefully.

    Sorry to hear about the FIL’s health, but it’s good that he can have you both to help.

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