Wordless / Wordful Wednesday — Future Driver

Can you believe it’s already the first day of September?  2010 is flying by at lightning speed!  Speaking of time speeding by, it’s hard to imagine that just a little more than 8 years from now will be driving age.  She’s been getting great practice with her Barbie Jeep in the backyard – she’s come a long way from steering like a crazy girl and getting ‘stuck’ in the bushes and shrubs needing my hubby or I to help her get unstuck so she could continue weaving all over the Back 40.  She was getting some more practice in a week or so ago with the dogs barking at her like mad:

I’m still searching for that ever elusive ‘pause’ button – if you find it, let me know.


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31 thoughts on “Wordless / Wordful Wednesday — Future Driver

  1. unfortuantely there is no pause…we are giving away the boys power wheels 4 wheeler this week…it has som many miles on it i am sad to see it go…they are growing up…ack

  2. Let’s not start talking about driving yet. Handsome got his Escalade Power Wheel as a gift from his sister when she was born. It was no time before he was cruising the cul de sac. His sister isn’t as good of a driver…but we’re working on that:)

  3. No pause button, I’m sorry to report. Your “driving age” is 8 years away – I’m taking The Young One to get his learners permit next week.


  4. My kids always wanted one of those jeeps… but they’ve settled for the real thing now! Pause button? I’d be happy with a slow down button instead of going at warp speed!
    happy ww : )

  5. aww look at her go Wooo whooo. We had one of those for our daughter years ago. They do love vehicles don’t they.

    NO pause button I have a boy who’s 21 yrs old and the best I can is take pictures video and always schedule Mommy and me days. OH and make sure your in some of those photos!

  6. ROTFL… pause button… ya, sure! mine never had the pleasure of a motorized one, theirs were pedals powered. and wore out… Heck my oldest ( the one w/the 2 boys of his own) still loves his 2 wheeled bike! but of course his is the BMX style that does the ramps & jumps.. surprising the wife still lets him, maybe because he hasn’t broken anything major yet??? That little jeep sure looks fun tho! I can picture 2 little grandsons with fisticuffs over just one… and this gram has no cash for 2!

  7. It would be nice if life had a pause button, but unfortunately that is not the case. You just have to enjoy each minute as if it is your last.

    My granddaughter has one of those Jeep’s and she loves it!

  8. Those are cute pictures. I wish I would have had one when I was little. Actually I wish my kids had one when they were little. It looks like so much fun.

  9. Those are cute pics. It looked like you were capturing her unawares which are always the best pics-when they’re not posing. I wish I knew where that button was myself. My daughter is still in the driving stage where she runs over everything and gets stuck in her little car. Those are the best outdoor toys.

  10. Well, check her out! The cadillac of little girl cars! Too cute! Thanks for sharing. Also, thanks for stopping by, and your sweet comment. I do appreciate it, and hope you come back soon. Have a great week.

  11. thanks for stopping by my blog! and I would love to get my son a little jeep but I would be afraid of what he might do to himself with it right now. 😉 I love that the dogs started barking like he was trying to tell her to be careful. to cute.