Last Day of Summer, Winemaking and Barf – Random Tuesday Thoughts

Do you realize that today is officially the official last day of Summer?  Tomorrow is the first day of Fall.  Officially.  I love fall – yesterday’s weather was perfection with sunny skies and the temperatures only in the mid-to-upper 70’s.   Although with the temps dipping into the 50’s and lower each night, I really need to remember to bring my banana tree plants into the house – they’re starting to die off look a little stressed since they prefer the temps to be 60 and above.  Ooops.

Yesterday Princess Nagger had ‘early dismissal’ so she left at 8:00am and came home at 11:30am.  After she got her homework done, she decided she wanted to play a game on the Playstation instead of the Wii – but laughed at herself when she realized she was trying to get things to happen by whipping the controller around in the air.  Yes, I laughed with her.

Today Princess Nagger is on a special Field Trip with her Gifted Class – they get to check out some Iron Ore mines for their Archeology segment.  Princess Nagger had trouble falling asleep last night, she was so excited to be going to a real mine.  Imagine what her excitement level would be if she were going to a dinosaur dig site.

I’ve got a bunch of wine ‘working’ at the moment – I was busy Sunday and yesterday racking  gallons and gallons of wine, and this week I have wine to actually bottle now that it’s successfully bulk-aged to my liking.  It’s a patience-testing process, this winemaking, but it’s so worth it.  Especially since during the process of fermenting/racking/clearing/clarifying/bottling you want to sample it to make sure it’s progressing the way you want it to.  *hic*  You can see what I’ve got working on my Princess Nagger website.  I’d say ‘brewing’, but I relate that to beer, and I’m much more of a wino and prefer that over beer any day.  Unless it’s Corona Light with lime.  Then I’ll be a beer person.

My brain is a bit foggy (or foggier than normal) since the cold I chased away a week or so ago decided it wasn’t done with me yet.  At least I haven’t caught the flu bug that’s going around Princess Nagger’s school.  She wasn’t so lucky.  Last Wednesday night it was upchuck fun fest.  Poor Princess Nagger.  I heard a door slam at some point while I was in deep mode, then hubby burst into the bedroom exclaiming we have a sick child – scared the bejeesus out of me.  Apparently he had gone downstairs for a midnight ice cream snack, only to see PN standing in the upstairs bathroom doorway upon his return, and he stepped in some barf at the top of the stairs.  Better him than me.

We of course spent the next hour or so up the massive amounts of barf between PN’s room and the bathroom – and off her.  This is the first time in all her 7 years that she’s ever had upchuck flu.  I don’t count the spit-up moments of her as a baby – she wasn’t blowing chunks then.  I was finally able to empathize with all the parents out there who have had to deal with barf children.  I am now one of them.  She’s fine, now – it appeared to be a 24-hour bug that only kept her home from one day.  And so far she hasn’t shared it with either the hubby or myself.  Knock wood.

On that note, I’m going to wrap up this edition of RTT – another picture-less edition as I still haven’t downloaded them  off my camera.  I better get busy if I’m going to have something relevant for tomorrow.  Meanwhile, head on over to Keely’s – hopefully she won’t be talking about barf.

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29 thoughts on “Last Day of Summer, Winemaking and Barf – Random Tuesday Thoughts

  1. Just reading about barf made my stomach feel like upchucking, who would have thought you could catch it by just reading a blog! =)

  2. When dealing with sick kids no matter if they’ve previously been sick? insist on a puke bucket in bed! much better the washing sheets and floors and carpets. ick!

    YAY for wine!

  3. Poor PN. Glad the flu thing was over quickly. I’m always amazed at how quickly the kids bounce back. It’s a good thing it was last week and not this week. I can’t imagine how heartbroken she’d be if she had missed today’s field trip. I’m always here if you neen another opinion on the wine;)

  4. Well, living in Miami the news that summer is officially over kind of caught me off guard and means nothing at the same time. I don’t remember the last time we felt temperature in the 50’s, and yesterday it was in the scorching high 80’s as it is today (and it’s only 9am); as it will be all “winter” long with the exception of a week or two (not consecutively but cumulative) in December when it’ll get into the freezing lows of the high 60’s. We will all be walking around in boots and scarfs then.

    Sorry for the bitter comment. I am incredibly bitter you have seasons. Stop rubbing it in eh?! I’m melting over here!

  5. I hope PN has a blast at the mine.
    Okay, I just read the above sentence out loud….bad pun totally unintended. LOL!

    I can’t believe you’ve avoided the dreaded vomiting stomach bug child all these years! Glad she’s feeling better.

  6. Finally! Fall is coming! I am sick of the 90 degree weather! I love Fall! So cute the PN couldn’t sleep because she was so excited for the field trip. I hope she has a great time!
    Happy Tuesday!

  7. Why is it that those flu bugs always make themselves known in the middle of the night? They never happen at say 6:30pm or 7:15am, you know when they would be much easier to deal with (and clean up after).

  8. You are lucky you have not had to deal with vomiting in the past. My little one has gotten sick so often that she was trained to aim for the toilet by 3 years old.

    You should come to the Small Town to visit. We have a dinosaur park not to far from here and I would love to take PN there.

  9. while I could have done without the puke blow by blow description, I am now following your blog cause I love wine! DH makes beer but I’m a wine drinker at heart.

    Thanks for stopping by on my SITS Day!

  10. Glad PN is feeling better!
    Still feels like summer here (got to 100 degrees yesterday).
    Sounds like an interesting field trip. Wish I could go, but we are taking a family outing to a llama farm this weekend. My hubby isn’t as excited as I am.

  11. Oh bleargh. I hate the upchucks. You’re lucky that you made it this long without any! Hope everyone’s nausea-free for quite a while…

  12. I am so ready for summer to be OVER! Tomorrow is the first day of fall and here in East TN we are due to hit 90 flippin’ degrees! Puhleese, that is completely WRONG!

  13. blowing chunks – I always thought that was the most descriptive.
    Worst than the bedroom and hall is the car IMHO.
    I haven’t been over here for awhile. When did you redecorate the blog? Looks nice.

  14. Is the first day of fall usually on the 22nd? I’ve seen several blog people say that. But it’s actually not until Thursday! Hmmm, I need to check into this.

  15. O I am so ready for fall. It’s just been hot and that is it. I like a little spice in my weather, heeheh.

    We have early releases every wednesday, no fun. LOL we don’t have a playstation, but if we did, we would probably to the same thing.

  16. I think your wine making is fascinating. Sorry about the bug that PN got. Not fun at all. Glad she is feeling better. We have a very cool day here in California today, it feel good but for some reason the air kicked on! Hope the rest of your week goes well.

  17. Oh the joys of parenting… I suppose thats something that my husband and I have to look forward to..

    This is my first time stopping in so I havent had a chance to catch up on your blog but thats so cool that you make wine!! I love me some vino!!

    Hope you’re having a great week!