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Happy Friday!

From Kailani at An Island Life:
In Hawaii, Friday is the day that we take it easy and look forward to the weekend. So on Fridays let’s take it easy on posting, too. Ask a simple question…nothing that requires a lengthy response. It’s a great way to make new blogging friends!

Since Princess Nagger was home with a nasty flu bug yesterday (finally, after 7 years, I was able to truly empathize with all my bloggy friends who have blogged about barf.  Seriously, PN hasn’t had a flu bug…ever.  Until now.  Not a fun thing to deal with – now I can truly say ‘been there’ when I couldn’t before.)  At any rate, I’m a bit frazzled after the upchuck clean up from the middle of the night into yesterday – but she’s feeling better, so (hopefully) she’ll be going to school today, so long as she has no fever or other symptoms of the bug. (fingers crossed)

She has mentioned recently that she’d really like to join Girl Scouts (and since she’s only in 2nd Grade, they’re actually ‘Brownies’.)  I’ve been trying to find out more info, since that’s not something I did as a kid (aside from one year of Awana, which is similar but not).  So my question for you this week is:

Were you a Girl Scout (or Boy Scout) or Brownie when you were a kid, or were any of your kids Girl/Boy Scouts or Brownies?

I’d love to know what’s involved since I’m totally clueless.  I want to encourage Princess Nagger to participate in anything she shows an interest in, but want to make sure it’s something she won’t decide she doesn’t like after a few times (and after money has been spent) like last year’s attempt at Summer Day Camp.

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33 thoughts on “Brownies/Girl Scouts – Aloha Friday and Fun Follow Friday

  1. When I was a teen, I was in the Explorer’s Post, which was actually a co-ed branch of the Boy Scouts (go figure). We paid dues, went out on hikes, and volunteered at the local nature center. And sometimes we smoked a little weed when the counselors weren’t around.
    My youngest daughter was a Brownie. She had a vest, a manual, paid dues, went to meetings, sold cookies, got patches for her vest, got sick of it, and quit. Have fun with that.

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  3. Can’t help you there. BUT I can’t stand fundraising so I know any organization that has a huge fundrainser (hello, it’s the only thing I know about said organization) wouldn’t be right for us.

  4. yes I was in girl scouts and my daughter was in until she entered high school. I was a leader for about 5 years. I really like the girl-scouts. however there has been so many changes that now It is hard for me to continue to be that leader. I think it was a good thing for my daughter to be in.

  5. Yes, I was a Brownie, and kept going with Girl Scouts until I was in High School. My mother was our troop leader for many of those years. We looked into Boy Scouts for our oldest, but did not opt in. Most of the activities that they do are on Saturday. As my son gets older he will be going to Synagogue on Saturday to prepare for his Bar Mitzvah.

  6. Yes, I was a Brownie, and made it up to a Junior. My mom still has my uniform. We had a great troop leader for many years but unfortunately she retired and I lost interest. We went to camp, amusement parks, horseback riding, studio tours, volunteered, fashion shows, hiking and did a lot of other activities. Be prepared for dues, meetings, uniforms, volunteering and fundraisers! Those were the days…

  7. I was a Girl Scout from kindergarten until high school. I made great friends, went on trips, camped, and all in all had a great time. I quit when HS socializing got in the way (not a good reason at all…) Everything I know about camping I learned as a scout (and PB, too!)

    I would say your experience completely depends on the troupe you’re in. If you have good leaders who really want to make it an experience, it’s great. If you have a random Mom who’s only doing it because there won’t be a troupe with out her, it will be boring.

    Dues should be minimal, and if the rules haven’t changed, the only things you NEED to buy are the vest and hat. You do have to do cookies once a year, but keep in mind that many people wait in wide eyed wonder for the girls to start selling.

  8. I was a brownie. But, one girl in the troupe died of leukemia and another girl in the troupe got nutty (and as an adult wound up murdering her adoptive parents! totally unrelated to scouting of course) so they dismantled the group. My kids did it when younger but, it was just one of those things that had to give with schedule restraints.

    Have a great Friday!

  9. Visiting from An Island Life! I was a Girl Scout, from K – 12 grade. I LOVED it. I would love to see my son do boy scouts but he’s only 2 and I don’t plan to make him or anything. I loved selling and mostly eating Girl Scout cookies!!! Thin Mints!!!!

  10. I was a Girl Scout and I remember liking it a lot. My daughter was never interested. Maybe she/you could sit in on a few of their gatherings and she can make her decision from that.

  11. Yes, I did Brownies, and my mom was the troop leader, all the way into Girl Scouts. At first, I loved it, very creative, then it became rote as my interests changed over the years. We finally stopped in middle school.

  12. I was in girl scouts. I dont remember when I started of anything. But I would guess I was in it for maybe 5 years. I havnt started my kids in anything like that yet. They have a lot going on with the sports they play..

  13. I was a Brownie. My daughter was a Brownie & now is a Jr. Girl Scout this will be her 5th year in it. She really loves it. And it doesn’t really cost us that much. Her troop requires $25 for the annual dues, and then every thing else they do is covered by the troop. From any money they raise. So all the field trips, etc, are paid for by the GS troop.

  14. I’m not sure why, but I never did anything with the Brownies or Girl Scouts. I remember wanting to but my parents chose to not get me involved. Hmph. lol

  15. My daughter was in Brownies, but to tell you the truth I cannot remember what was involved except for those patches she had to do stuff for, and I’d make sure that uniform was cleaned and pressed, and then I’d go to work.

  16. I was a Brownie and all I remember is that we coloured a lot and sang constantly. Oh, and I learned the whole alphabet in american sign language. Which just confused me because we live in Canada.

  17. I was a girl scout and I loved it, some of my favourite childhood memories are from experiences gained during that time. I would definitely recommend it to help your daughter learn a lot of great things and for the experiences!

    Hope you are having a lovely weekend!

    🙂 Hazel

  18. i was a girl scout all the way up until the 6th grade when i decided i was waaaay to cool to do it… now my daughter hasn’t really shown an interest and being she’s a 6th grader i doubt she ever will. it was ok i guess…

  19. I was a GS and MJ was too, she doesn’t want to do it anymore though. She was in Daisies and Brownies. I was in Juniors. There is a difference between all three when it comes to the ages and attitudes of the girls.
    If PN likes campouts and trying to earn badges with a bunch of girls, then every Feb. selling GS cookies. Then it will be for her. My MJ wasn’t a fan of the camping or the group of girls (it seemed like they all had attitudes and were selfish). Some groups can be a little catty. Depending on the group she is in and if she has friends already established inside the group will make a big difference. Good luck. She can do it for a year and see.

  20. I was a Brownie and a Girl Scout and am actually a Brownie and Cadet leader now. I would love to have PN in my troop but it would be kind of a hike for her :). Girl Scouts are great for building self esteem and female empowerment. If you want more info, definitely email me.

  21. Was in Scouts and now passing on the love of Scouts to my daughter…. The great thing about it is you can make your troop what you want…. Girls like Crafts…. Then do that…Girls like to Hike and explore…. make it about that. I find it is really adaptable. Give it a try!~

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