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Happy Friday!

From Kailani at An Island Life:
In Hawaii, Friday is the day that we take it easy and look forward to the weekend. So on Fridays let’s take it easy on posting, too. Ask a simple question…nothing that requires a lengthy response. It’s a great way to make new blogging friends!

It’s been awhile since I’ve had the opportunity to participate in Aloha Friday – I’m still getting back into the ‘normal’ routine of things after having been gone on my impromptu Bloggy Hiatus due to some unbloggables, so please bear with me.  It has been so freakishly hot this summer, this week has been no exception with the temperatures in the upper 90’s and the heat index over 100.  So my question for you this week is:

How do you keep cool?

Since our 1817 house wasn’t equipped with central air, we pretty much have to rely on window units – room, bedrooms and Summer House.  The living room still hovers in the lower 80’s and the rest of the house tend to climb to about 90 degrees or so (yes, that includes the kitchen and upstairs bathroom) so we pretty much live in the room to eat dinner and watch TV, or the Summer House, where all our computers are set up.  Our next house will definitely have central air – it’s on my ‘list’.  At least the window units in the bedrooms do the job on keeping those rooms for sleeping – I don’t know about you, but I cannot sleep in a hot room.

I’m looking forward to my favorite season, Fall, when we’ll have crisp sunny days.  I’m not a heat lover (unless I’m hanging out on a beach in the Caribbean), at least when the weather is cooler you can layer – when it’s hot, you can only take so many clothes off!  Nagger has been having fun with her Super Soaker – and I’ve actually encouraged her to tag me with it.  Our pool sprung a leak so we’ve been pool-less this year, so we’ve had to improvise.  How do you keep cool?

40 and Over


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34 thoughts on “Aloha Friday Follow – Staying Cool

  1. Hubby and I grew up with central air and we had it in our apartment. All of the houses in our price range were older without the possibility. We have window units that keep the humidity down and help some. Our living room still hovers in the 80’s since we do not have an AC in there, just the adjoining dining room.

  2. I’m ready for Fall! My livingroom is currenly 31.8C at 10am. It will get hotter. This is where my computer is living. The boys have been going to the basement to play the video games because it’s about 6degrees lower. I’ve been living the front door open and walking around almost naked which is hard to do when you have your front door open. LOL

  3. We live for central air. It is cooling down a bit here this week. 90 for the highs and 70 for the lows. We don’t see cool and crisp until January then 6 weeks later it is back to warm and humid.

  4. Our air-conditioning pretty much does the trick, but this morning it’s actually cool out, and this cool breeze is a bit brisk I may have to go get a sweater, but the sun is shining, so “Life is Good”!

  5. Oh man the pool popped ;(. We have the kiddy one I put my feet in but it so is not the same. I would love central air also, I work from home and my house is like a green house.

    I so need to see your improvise for the pool!

  6. We have a working AC and we keep the temp at 75F. We can’t be without cool air inside or my babies will get cranky, including me. I strategically open some blinds on some areas in the house for light, but keep the others closed to keep away some light (heat).

  7. What!? Stacy is over 40??? I thought you were 29!

    My in-laws had one of those old homes and fans were their best friend. I just don’t know how people did it in the old days.

    Have a great LD weekend!

  8. We have 2 window units that ran almost all month long. It sure raised our electric bill up. Now fall is here and not sure how we’ll do this winter.

  9. I am sure that this year has been worse then others because of the extreme heat. I miss having a pool, I guess I stay inside a lot! Have a wonderful weekend.

  10. How do I keep cool? I tried the pool but with 100+ degrees and the heat index several degrees higher – 100% humidity anyone? – it felt like warm bath water! I sit inside and crank up the a/c and pray the bill doesn’t put me into shock when it arrives. I’m visiting from Follow Friday 40 and Over – I think I’ll stay awhile and check out some of your postings!

  11. I forgot to mention that I really like the Aloha Friday. My fellow blogger friend, Momma’s Soapbox, and I started blogging twice a week about keeping the inner Aloha after she spent a month in Maui and totally decompressed. Now we want to KEEP that going – so this was neat – I’ll share your posting with her!

  12. I have window units for the days when the river breeze just isn’t cutting it and for sleeping at night. If we are home, we are in the river keeping cool. And of course, finding a shady spot to rest! Happy Friday!

  13. Just saw your recipe on vanilla extract. I am going to try this for sure. I go through a lot of vanilla. My family will thank you. I heard about you through Infertile Myrtle. Thanks again for the recipe!

  14. Our AC was on the fritz at the beginning of the summer and our house was about 84 degrees. After a few 105 degree days, we called to have it serviced. Luckily we didn’t need a new unit, but did spend quite a lot to fix it. Now hubs keeps it at 74 and I”m always freezing!
    Looking forward to fall too…can’t wait for the mosquitos to bug out!!

  15. i found you! thx for being my ONE comment on aloha friday and i’ve just found a few more cool friday memes–mahalo!

    our house is hot as well but we live in hawaii so we have ceiling fans in every room and louvre-ed windows. we also have AC but it broke and we’re trying to gimp along with it until next july. ceiling fans make functioning and sleeping bearable in each room. we also have a nice-sized lanai that we spend a lot of time on. i’m blogging from our lanai right now!

    stay cool, peeps!

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  17. My fave season is fall too oh and I can’t leave out Spring. My two faves 🙂

    We keep our thermostat at 80 and it does get cool enough. Sometimes I’m tempted to turn it down to 78 but remember what the bill would be like.

    It’s getting more tolerable anyway and soon we’ll only have memories of this oppressive Louisiana heat.

  18. I love old houses but its true they are hard to keep cool! Thank you so much for stopping by and visiting me on my SITS day!

  19. We don’t have AC either so I close everything up in the house to keep it cool. It’s hard!

    New follower from Aloha Friday…and I am an Over 40 follower too! Two things in common! 🙂

  20. Hello,
    Here from Follow Friday. It is nice finding out about your blog. I am now following you, and hope to visit often.