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Happy Aloha Friday!

From Kailani at An Island Life:
In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that we take it easy and look forward to the weekend. So on Fridays let’s take it easy on posting, too. Ask a simple question…nothing that requires a lengthy response. It’s a great way to make new blogging friends!

Today is polar opposite from last Friday – we had 90+ degree temperature then, today we’ll be hovering in the mid-70’s.  Perfect Fall weather!  Since the stores have already been stocking up on their fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving decor (freakishly earlier each year), my question for you this week is:

Do you decorate for Fall/Halloween/Thanksgiving? And if so, when do you decorate?

I love our front porch, it’s a fun one to decorate.  I started decorating specifically for Thanksgiving about 6 years ago (we’ve been in our house for 7 years now).  As Princess Nagger has gotten older, I’ve started decorating earlier and incorporated a few Halloween-ish type decorations like some cute scarecrows (and if we actually remember to do some carving, jack’o’lanterns will be added this year.  But no promises.  I’ve bought no less than three of those carving kit/knives/stencils for fun, but put them in a ‘safe’ place and forgot about them.  I still haven’t found them.)   And some cute ghosts and black cats in the living room.

Since we usually have company for Thanksgiving, I always want to make our front porch look nice for the occasion, and decorate the first floor with a fall theme as well.   But before I started adding some hints of Halloween to the decor, I always decorated a week or two before Thanksgiving, then changed out the Fall/Thanksgiving decor to a Christmas theme the weekend of Thanksgiving.  Now I decorate earlier so all that work can be enjoyed for a longer period of time – and Princess Nagger loves sitting on the hay bales and admiring the scarecrows and pumpkins while she waits for the bus.

I’m getting the ‘bug’ to decorate early this year – blame it on the stores already having the fall decor bursting forth from their overly stocked shelves.  Or maybe it’s just because I love Fall so much.  Do you do any decorating for Halloween, Thanksgiving or Fall in general?  If you don’t, why not, and if you do, when do you start the whole madness?

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27 thoughts on “Aloha Friday Follow – Fall Decorating

  1. I have a fall wreath that I put on the door and I have a fall layout that I arrange on my island (the island countertop gets changed for all occassions). That is about the extent of my decorating for fall. I don’t do halloween, I used too but we never got any trick or treaters cause they all went to the mall instead of door to door.

  2. I too love fall, and these past couple mornings really have me in the mood. I was glad to see that the 5 day forecast doesn’t have much above 80 degrees, maybe the awful heat of this summer is finally out of here!

    I love to decorate, and can’t wait until 10/1 to start burning those fall scented candles… I’m working my way up with an apple candle right now, but have to wait for all those “harvest” and pumkiny scents! Our decorations outside here are “low” key living in an apartment.

    Walgreens has all their stuff out, on Wednesday night the school supplies got “pushed” out of the way to the back of the store to make room for the decorations and halloween candy.

  3. nice. i remember your pictures from the decorating last year…we don’t we should though…we do go to the pumpkin patch though…and the corn maze…

  4. giggle! i’m too young for the 40 blog hop.. but time is catching up. I just pulled out my orange and spider web on black dishtowel today. I’m excited to decorate for Halloween this year. I’ll have to find all the boxes I threw stuff in last year.

  5. Hubby and I were talking about decorating this week too. Not putting up decorations this but just talking about what to put up and to start earlier this year. This is such a fun time of year.

  6. I do decorate for Fall but I try to hold off until middle October because I use live plants and pumpkins. I am so disappointed that all the stuff in the stores… it was still summer when I first saw them…meaning we hadn’t started school!

    I am popping over from 40 plus Follow Friday!

  7. We do pumpkins and asters. Three kids always meant 3 pumpkins, so everyone got one to carve. Now that the kids are grown, I don’t carve any but still end up with a pleasing arrangement of 3. For Christmas, we are pretty much minimalists: a few lights outside and inside the front room showing outside, wreaths on our double front doors, and a garland over the entry. When it snows (it often doesn’t in time for the holiday) the snow makes for its own decoration and pulls everything together.

    I like decorating, but I have a really big issue with all that stuff hanging around after the holiday is over. It’s all gone here by the first of January.

    Like your blog. I found you on the Over Forty Follow. Come visit us onboard Steadfast sometime. 🙂

  8. I love decorating for Halloween! I wish the stores where I live had fall decorations out. They still have school supplies where all the decorations should be.

    I hope you show us some pics of your decorated front porch!

  9. Hi Stacy.
    What happened to AF? I’m bummed.
    I did put my nifty Sams’s Club fall wreath up already.
    I’ll probably get a few pumpkins too. 🙂

    take care

  10. I am sooooooooooo a holiday person. I decorate for almost every holiday there is. Halloween I put it up the first day of October, same for Thanksgiving and Christmas. The first day of the month & before every decorating day I do the thorough housecleaning too. That’s what I call what you call Spring Cleaning.

  11. I’m a lame decorator and it KILLS me every year because I used to be so good at it. I keep hoping I’ll get back to it when I have more time.


  12. I just put a few decorations out. I know that someday when I have grandchildren I will decorate more. I do like the Fall colors.

  13. I just try to keep my house clean…no time for extra decorations. I do Christmas and then we take them down around July.

  14. Fall is my absolute favorite…in every aspect. I always want to pull my fall decorations out in early September, but feel like I’m rushing things if I do it before Thanksgiving.

  15. Girl! You know I decorate for all of those…4th of July, Easter and Valentine’s Day, too!! :o)

    LOVE your new profile pic. :o)

  16. The only decorating I’m doing is putting a fall centerpiece on our table. For the holidays, I will be doing the lights since Sprite is starting to notice those things and wants our house to glow too. 🙂

  17. I used to put up some stuff indoors, but the last two years the fall has been a little hectic 😉 I’m thinking this year might be the year to take it up again. Like you, I have a great front porch to decorate. And I have a house guest coming in October. Might be time to branch out. You’ve inspired me. Take pictures!

  18. i don’t decorate for halloween or thanksgiving although i enjoy both holidays. but i live in hawaii where the weather doesn’t change a whole lot with the seasons so seasonal decorating feels weird. i do decorate for christmas though. 😉

    happy aloha friday and have a great weekend!