A Long Hot Summer

With the month of July fast coming to a close, it’s hard to imagine that a little over two months ago dealing with frost advisories.  Menopausal Mother Nature has been having a never-ending hot-flash turning this into the longest, hottest summer in quite a long time.  With the base heat soaring into the upper 90’s and the heat index reaching 100 to 110 for days on end, the humidity in the air is so thick you could cut it with a knife.

The oppressive heat limits time spent outside, enabling the grass to grow wild and the weeds to take over the flower beds enforce.  Random passing thunderstorms feed the weeds in their greedy plan to overtake the plants and flowers, as well as adding even more humidity to the already thick air.

Braving the stifling humidity, the grass is cut early in the morning before the blazing sun has a chance to add more heat to the air, and weeds are pulled with abandon to curtail their plans of a coup d’état.  Surely every pore from head to toe is thoroughly cleansed with the persistent outpouring of fresh salty sweat during the process to tame the wild yard.

Little relief is found indoors, with the window air conditioner working overtime to keep the temperature in the room below 85 degrees – a good 15-degrees warmer than desired, but a small relief just the same.  The upstairs bathroom turns into a literal sauna, as a quick shower to cool down and wash away some of the never-ending perspiration increases the humidity in the medium-sized room, and fresh perspiration is quick to follow.

A visit to a friend’s house on Saturday to the 2nd of his adorable daughter proved that his air conditioner for his second floor apartment mirrored the overworked efforts of cooling as ours did.  An impromptu decision to take a neighbor up on their offer to enjoy their pool was made, and we walked the few blocks in the blazing heat with excited children to give them a chance to cool off the fun way.

And cool off they did:

Nagger is actually she had some swimming lessons in first grade this past year – when they do that week of swimming in second grade, she just might be a little less apt to protest after this weekend of fun.

Has it been unbearably hot in your area, too?  What are you doing to keep cool?

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24 thoughts on “A Long Hot Summer

  1. It’s been pretty hot where I am, though the humidity is low. I haven’t been able to jump in any water yet, but I do plan on doing some river diving soon. Princess Nagger looks like she is enjoying the pool immensely.

  2. It’s been hot on and off here for the past few weeks. We try to take walks along the ocean whenever possible to help keep cool. If it’s too hot, we jump into the ocean!

  3. oh that pool ooks good…could take a dip now as it is already 88 and rising at 630am…it has been the hottest summer i remember…in a long time…

  4. I live in Houston, Texas. Unbearably hot is how we do things down here. We do have central air so we just don’t go out much. Winter is very nice though.

  5. Oh no I would die! I was just in Vegas this weekend and it was 110! It was terrible! Luckily here in LA its mid 70s! Hopefully we keep it this way! Hang in there lady!

    Stopping By From SITS! =D

  6. Now that sounded like the best plan to hit the pool. The kids look like they are having so much fun, makes me want to buy a pool 🙂

    Isn’t the weather just nutty lately. Some days we’re pouring down rain and freezing then the next day I’m dying of heat … lol this has been on crazy summer :).

  7. Its so hot here too….if you drove through my town you would know what house was mine, its the one with the crazy old guy(me) running through the speinklers…lol

  8. It’s been so hot here, we’ve been advised not to take the little ones on outings to places like the zoo because they’ll overheat! So, we’ve been in the pool. It’s the first time since we’ve owned out house that I haven’t cursed that aquatic money pit.

  9. It has been unbearably hot here! Too hot to even cool off in the river. Last night brought a bit of relief with Stormy Weather. ahhhhhhh

  10. Super hot here! But not abnormally so…it’s always over 100 every day of the summer. I can’t wait til winter when it’s in the 80’s! Kidding (sortof). My fiance’s A/C wasn’t working very well. It was miserable. Luckily a little freon and cleaning of the A/C coils fixed it right up.

    How nice to have a pool to cool off in! The neighbor was nice to offer it for the party. Princess Nagger looks like she is loving it! I bet she would get a kick out of swimming her feet in a spa and having sparkly toes too. 🙂

  11. We have been hitting the 80’s here and for us that’s hot. But we cool off nicely at night-down into the upper 40-lower 50’s. With the windows open things cool down. So no air conditioner for us. The boys have had fun at the park’s splash pad though.

  12. We only live a few blocks from the water so during the morning we get a fantastic breeze. In the afternoon and evening though, when we actually need it, it disappears. I spend a lot of the summer cursing.

  13. It has been miserable hot out this year, hasn’t it? And we are complaining about all that snow just a few months ago!!!

    Our entire lawn has gone to hell in a handbasket.

    And my entire summer plans hinge on befriending people who have pools or belong to a swim club! : )

    Glad those swimming lessons came in handy! Stay cool!

  14. Well the pool does look very refreshing. We are fairly cool today and our humidity is always low. A pleasant change from Florida! Stay cool!

  15. Oh yes, it has been SO HOT this summer! And am I complaining? Hell no! I need my heat! I don’t care how hot it gets as long as it’s not cold I’m ok with it :o)

    That pool does look nice though…

  16. It had been unbearably hot, then all of a sudden, there’s RAIN! Hooray for monsoon season! It couldn’t have come soon enough 🙂