Wordless/Wordful Wednesday — The Last Day of First Grade

Monday was Princess Nagger’s last day of First Grade.  It would have been Friday, but they had one more Snow Day to make up from over the Winter.  So they had to go in for two hours.  Two hours on a Monday morning.  Just to complete the Board of Education ‘180 Days’ specifics.

Since flies by way too fast, I decided that not only am I going to take pictures of her on the first day of school, but starting this year, the last day of school, too.   It will be a great gauge on how much she grows during the year.

First day of First Grade:

Last Day of First Grade:

I suppose I should make sure I take the picture before she leaves, not after she gets home.  If I want a ‘true’ comparison.  I also took a picture of her getting off the bus, too – I the look she’s giving me:

Apparently having a paparazzi welcome home was a little disconcerting.  What I found interesting is she was just as reluctant for school to be over as she was for it to start at the beginning of the school year.

Only 11 weeks from today and she’ll be starting Second Grade.  I bet by she’ll be reluctant to go on that first day again.


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34 thoughts on “Wordless/Wordful Wednesday — The Last Day of First Grade

  1. Your wordless wednesdays are still very wordful!! LOL!!!!! I hope all is well.

    Princess Sweetie is looking great! She lived through first grade. I will have to scroll back through your posts to see how she did this year. Where’s the doggies?? I will go look for them.

  2. That’s a great wordless, Stacy! I thought about doing similar for my wordless, but I had a zillion pix of DS finishing fifth grade and precious few of the elusive DD finishing 8th, so I couldn’t figure out an equitable arrangement!

    So, I went with the ancient art of Chinese bamboo brush painting instead!

    Have a great day!

  3. Such a cutie! I love seeing how much they’ve grown from the first to the last day. I need to just remember to get a picture of mine on the last day. LOL

  4. Well, at least she didn’t pull a Sean Penn on you.

    She is just growing like a weed, isn’t she?

  5. She is so beautiful! I always love the comparison shots. My youngest is having a sweet 16 party and I’m doing a surprise slide show for her. So many first day of school photos! So much fun to see; you’re creating great memories!

  6. Cute pictures – It won’t be long before I am doing the first and last day shots too! I love that expression of her getting off the bus – “not now, mom!”.

    Your new blog look is fab!! 🙂

  7. Okay, it’s that look like I’ve had a bad day! Oh, maybe it’s that look of school is over now what do I do? Kids! Ya gotta luv em’!

  8. That’s crazy to have to go in for 2 hours…I love that you are taking pictures of the first and last – I am going to have to remember that for next year – bet it would make a great scrapbook page! 🙂 Have a great week!

  9. How cute! I love her expression in the last photo. That’s classic! This is such a great idea and when I read your post this morning, I ran and snapped a picture of my oldest daughter’s last day of school. Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂

    BTW…Love the new look and your new blog name. 🙂

  10. So much attitude in that last photo! lol. Our last day of first grade is today, I can’t believe he’ll be a 2nd grader already!

  11. She totally has the “what the hey” look down as she’s getting off the bus 🙂 I bet she won’t want to go back to school next year either…they never do!

  12. She’s just too cute. Look at those arms and legs, though! She’s growing so fast! Now that you have her all summer, we’ll get more pictures, right? What are her plans for the 11 weeks?

  13. Only 2 hours to meet requirements! That just seems crazy!

    Love the progression pics. She definitely looks more mature in the second one. Time flies by at an incredible rate!

    Happy WW!

  14. Great to have the before and after pics… a huge difference!!

    I’d love to see the picture that you try to take of her getting off the bus when she is 15 and ultra cool ;0))

  15. Adorable! I love the idea of taking first day/last day pictures …she grew so much, it’s astonishing! And the look on her face getting off the bus is totally priceless …

    We have two more weeks of first grade. We go to public school and they are keeping him FOREVER. And he goes back on August 30th … remember when summer was three months long?

  16. She is adorable, and is so big 🙂 Yay for vacation time!

    BTW I love the new look of the site and all the changes 🙂