Wordless/Wordful Wednesday – Dinosaur Store

loves it when Dada leave the van doors wide open.  She says it’s like her own personal play house.  He had pulled the van next to the barn where it was in the shade to detail it and wax it to get it ready for our trip on Sunday.  Princess Nagger took that opportunity to set up her Dinosaur Store:

After strong arming sweet talking me into buying each and every one of the dinosaurs (with money, and because we didn’t want to hurt the feelings of the dinosaurs that didn’t get chosen), I started randomly snapping pictures of her cute face, dirt and all:

Nothing like a day of fun with a goofy girl!  And Princess Nagger, too.

Side note: The friend in need that I mentioned in yesterday’s post has become a friend in need of a couch to crash on place to stay for a while during a difficult time – so I’ll try my best to visit everyone in between re-waterproofing my shoulders and getting ready for our that starts on Sunday.

Please bear with the sporadic nature of my hopping for a few days, at least I’ll have high speed internet connection during this year’s unlike last year’s hijacked connection, so playing catch-up whilst on will not be an issue.  Right, sis?


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49 thoughts on “Wordless/Wordful Wednesday – Dinosaur Store

  1. I just love her love for dinosaurs and her imagination when she plays.
    Those pictures are so cute.

  2. She is SO cute…and I have a place she would LOVE! We just got back from Disney and dined at The T-Rex Cafe down there. It was so amazing.

    I believe there is more than one, so give it a google.

  3. Only a few more days till you leave for your vacation. Princess Nagger has such amazing eyes. Nice pictures of the fun day in the back of the van.

  4. I like that second to last shot the best, her goofy eyes are too cute. Hope everything is ok with your friend.

  5. The magical world of “Backofthevan”. Who could resist the allure of the dinosaur gift shop? And the proprietess is such a sweetie.

  6. what dirty face?? wow, where can I find some of that invisable money!! and the bigger Q is…Is Princess Naggar taking all her dinos on vacation??

  7. How fun 🙂 I don’t blame her for liking to play back there – I would too. Perfect space to hang out! Enjoy your vacay!!

  8. Seems to me you might have a Paleontologist on your hands. Okay, I admit it I had to look it up. LOL Paleontology is the study of prehistoric life, including organisms’ evolution and interactions with each other and their environments. She looks pretty serious to me or maybe she’ll be in “Jurassic Park V” or maybe write the movie! Woo Hoo! Introduce me quick, so I can say I knew Princess Nagger when! Oh yeah, and she can direct the movie too because with a name like that EVERYBODY will listen to her the first time! hahahaha She’s just tooooo precious! CONGRATS on the vacation too, and what a good friend you are! I bet you have the softest shoulder in town!

  9. I just love that your daughter is into dinosaurs!! She’s such an adorable little character.
    Hey, don’t worry about us; you’ve got a very full plate!

  10. I’ve been a bit off in my blogging since summer started (and I have my constant sidekick with me). I love your new look!!!

    And I just love the dinosaur store. This kind of stuff just cracks me up. It is so fun seeing this imagination close up isn’t it?

  11. She is so cute and dinosaurs are just such great fun, all my kids absolutely loved playing with them for hours.

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